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Interview with Daniel Judah- Part III, Growing up Judah!

By Boxing Reporter and Writer Chris Cercola



Eric Harding… man… I beat that dude… another thing… The promoters… That fight right there, was an excellent fight. They said after the fight, that Eric Harding was on steroids or whatever… I don’t know if it was true, but it seemed like it, ‘cause dude wasn’t cut up, and ripped like me… like, his punches seemed hard, but I’m like, yo… he’s like, his arms are all flabby… but there’s something about him… But word got back to me, after the fight. “Yo, his your urine had come back dirty, it came back dirty you know… and he was taking steroids he was using HGH”… that’s what they said… he was taking that. I wanted to reverse the decision but my people didn’t stay on top of that, ya know… I woulda freakin’ took that spot, I woulda have fought Chad Dawson…you know… I would’ve fought Chad Dawson, you know… and back when he was coming around, after he beat Eric Harding, that’s when he fought for the title, he fought Thomas Adamek, and he beat him in the next fight.


I won the fight with Darnell Wilson… I won the fight. My arm came out, my arm popped out… and I got KO’d they called it a KO… I mean how the f— you gonna call it a KO… what happened to a no contest or whatever… and they was like, “Well there’s rules here in DC… in Maryland!”… so whatever, and they were gonna put it on my record as a KO… Yo… I was beating his ass… I was beating Darnell Wilson’s ass… and you know, we was just exchanging punches… whatever… and as we was throwing… my arm had came out… so, it came out before as I was an amateur. I had surgery, and after I got surgery, the doctor told me it was never gonna come out again, and keep doing the rehab stuff with the weights and stuff like that, so I had stopped, and when I had got the fight with Darnell Wilson, it had came back out because… I guess I was just slacking on that, just not building the muscle up… whatever… It probably took me a couple of months, probably six months… something like that, just to do the weights with my shoulder, and continue to do it… you know what I’m saying… Even to this day, I still make sure I do the weights with my arms, so it won’t come back out you know, it makes me feel stable…

Yusaf Mack was a difficult fight… It was very difficult. In the beginning, I was winning the fight, and I would say after the third… or second… I don’t know what the hell happened it’s like, everything just went out the window. All the hard work, and training and everything just went out the window… I didn’t listen to my dad at all. It was an okay fight, but that wasn’t my best performance you know, at all… at all… and that, was for a belt, so that was a little embarrassing because it was for the USBA…

Even though it was in Brooklyn, the promoters… I was not getting along with them. We was not cool at all… Me and the promoter, and me and my pops, we don’t like him ‘cause I believe… we ain’t trying to put him out there, and put dirt on his name. I’m just saying we never seen eye to eye with him, so that’s a minus… Right now I don’t got a problem with him, but probably to this day, I know he still don’t like me… was one of those guys that would always come to Gleason’s and he would just see me and my brother my father and he would try to slide in, and my dad wouldn’t give him no room to slide in. It won’t be no room, so he felt kind of left out. Then, he felt like he was doing something good when he put together the match with me and Yusaf Mack, but I already knew that I was going against the odds you know… what I’m saying with him being a promoter, and me fighting Yusaf Mack, it was like a 50-50 chance with Yusaf.

And I had just got out of a contract with the other promoter, and that was bad… they was like, I want you to fight so-and-so, or whatever… it was over some money issues or whatever… just keep telling me some things that he was going to do, and that he wanted to do, but he wanted something back, like some money or whatever… If you asked me, that shit was a set up in Brooklyn, as far as trying to get me either knocked out or embarrassed… and it happened… I was embarrassed. I lost… My hometown… I was mad…

For Ballogou, I had a great training camp, I had great sparring, great training by my dad… everything went well. Nothing went wrong, nothing at all… I was trying to knock Jaffa out and, I believe that… yo… if I threw a little more punches, he would of been out, if I had a little more time, he would’ve been out… but that fight was just right. It wasn’t too soon, it was just right, it was on point…

I didn’t need the Glen Johnson. The second fight… I didn’t need that… My manager at the time, he wanted to prove to the world and prove to himself that I can beat Glen Johnson. I told him, I said, I just won the IBF Continental belt… I was like, ”Listen, I won the belt, let me just get another tune-up or whatever, and after one or two fights, we can just go ahead and fight someone else, with another name, we don’t need Glen Johnson again!’, ‘Yes Danny, I want to do what I want to do!”… It was like, This guy ain’t listening to me!”… but the whole thing with Glen Johnson the second time… I wasn’t sparring, I didn’t have no sparring partners, I didn’t have no sparring partners… all I was, really… Really, just jacked up… I was so just caught up whether I could beat him off of heart you know… not being smart… we don’t need to fight Glen Johnson… But I stayed doing what my manager said for me to do, you know what I’m saying… I was staying in the gym, but I wasn’t getting no boxing, but I’m like, “Why are we fighting this this guy, and we not getting no boxing… what the heck is going on?”… He wasn’t listening, he didn’t listen ‘cause he never had nothing like that in his life, so it was something new to him too so… I don’t know…

I rushed the Sillakh fight… I took the fight, I was in training camp, but I wasn’t getting no boxing, and I started boxing like… probably the last week of the fight… and you know, that caught up with me, and with Ismayl, that shift, that sparked me off… with Ismayl, is when he got caught… when I caught him, before he stopped me… they was like, “Yo, it was due from a head butt”… we never hit heads! Never hit heads! It was due from me punching him in his face, and the referee was on whoever’s side, and he decided to stop the fight… because I feel Ismayl hit me in the back of a head a couple times. And you don’t have your balance, and you know, you try to get yourself together, pull yourself together… but like… those punches in the back of the head… they hurt, and sometimes, you lose your balance, and I fell over, whatever… and the referee just waved it off and I’m like, “Yo, ref! Why you waived it off for… I got up, what’s the problem?’… ‘Oh no son, you don’t want to continue!”… and I’m like, “Yo ref… that’s that bullshit… you see Ismayl cut, so you didn’t want the fight to go on so long!”…

With Mariqi, they jerked me… for that one… I beat Mariqi, I was fighting against the promoters! He signed with them, and they just gave Mariqi the fight… Mariqi did not beat me. The promoter, they beat me. They beat me, you know…

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