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Interview with Daniel Judah- Part IV, Growing up Judah

By Boxing Reporter and Writer Chris Cercola

Man, this dude from Chicago, Cedric Agnew was head butting. Listen, I’m glad that fight was televised on TV ‘cause yo… that fight was damn good! Fought down in Dallas Texas… Oh my God… that fight was perfect! All I know, I went in there, and I’m winning the first and second round, this dude head butt me! First of all, he head butt me throughout the whole fight! Cedric Agnew was losing the fight with me, he was losing the fight… and I put that on my mother, he was losing the damned fight with me, and it was for his belt… the WBC Continental… whatever bullshit belt he had! He was losing the fight! He wasn’t dictating the fight, I was dictating if the fight throughout the whole fight you know what I’m saying! This guy… he ain’t got no experience, he ain’t been in with anybody, he easy! When he was coming in, he was coming in with his head… he came in underneath me. I got a cut under my chin, I got a cut under my chin… he head butted me, and then he punched me when he head butted me. I was already dead so then he hit me with a right hand, and the referee just waved the fight off. I was like, “Yo, he head butted me first’… ‘Nothing was going on.”… there was blood everywhere, and the ref just stopped the damn fight. They gave Cedric Agnew the fight.

It don’t be the fighter man… it be the God damn people behind the God damn fighters… the promoters… it be the promoters… the managers, that’ll fuck shit up for the fighter.It be the fuckin’ promoters man… it’s the promoters! Look, they can’t even get the fight with Pacquiao and Mayweather together. Why? ‘Cause every buddy wanna eat off that. You got fuckin’ Bob Arum, he wanna eat, he want money… he want crazy money, but Bob Arum… you not the fighter! Why you getting paid so much money? You let these dudes fight, you take your cut, they take they cut, and everybody go they way… and let the fight happen, but…You know what man… these fuckin’ promoters, and fuckin’ referees, and officials! They the ones, not the fighters.

Boxing should have some guys who know the business, who know how to make change to get itself together. You can’t come in here, and not understand the sport of boxing… You don’t understand basketball, don’t understand hockey, and you wanna still be a official… They should get some guys from back in the day, and keep them around still! These guys don’t know nothing about boxing! All they know, is that if he gets hurt, this, that, and the third… I’m gonna count him out… and a awful lot, if it’s a close fight, they gonna give it to the guy that’s signed to the promoters company or whatever, and that’s not cool… I don’t know man, they need an all-around… Get rid of the new people, and stay with the old guys from back in the day, that have judged, that have refereed… you know what I’m saying… stay with them guys…

I’m gonna tell you… why I lost them fights man… I’m gonna tell you a lot of things… that’s gone wrong… I had a case going on… I had a case… I was facing gun charges, and when you got something playing in the back of your head… playing in the back of your mind and whatever, you can’t do some proper things… you can’t do it in a proper manner, proper way… you know what I’m saying… So that stuff right there… lingered on for me while, I was still fighting, you know… it just hurt me ‘cause, I definitely wanted to go out there, and I wanted to win those fights, without a doubt… but… there was a distraction and the distraction was with me going to court… I was indicted you know…

Facing like 70 years going to jail… ya know I’m saying… and that definitely was a distraction, where, I can’t perform right in the ring actually. I would say I got the gun charges back in ’08, and in all that time right there, it was just crazy… Even when I fought Jaffa or whatever, I didn’t train right, I didn’t eat right, can’t sleep right… I’m worried about the right shit… but then I’m worried about the wrong shit… because, I wasn’t thinking about my opponent. I had up lot of stuff on my chest, that I wanted to get off, and I was trying to do the right thing man, that’s it.

I’m back in church… I go to church man. I thank the Lord man! Everything… ‘cause without him… this wouldn’t be possible… it wouldn’t be possible at all. It’s not about my lawsuit, it’s how I come back, you know… it’s how I come back and try to write the naysayers off… try to write them off…

Last two weekends ago, Zab put on a great show man! He got great talent! He got great heart! He got great combinations, and he’s just a great guy… Brooklyn showed Zab a lot of love… they love that boy! People respect that boy, you know what I’m saying… not for what he did Saturday… but just, all in all… Zab is a good dude, he a good guy and you know, he definitely gave back to Brooklyn… Zab wanna give back to Brooklyn, and he definitely did, showing everybody… knocking the guy out!

I say he’s still one of the best guys out there pound for pound. I believe that Zab could beat Manny Pacquiao… I believe so. I’m not just saying that because he’s my brother or whatever… I know, when Zab come out there, and he fight the way he did two weekends ago, he would beat Manny Pacquiao, and he would beat Floyd Mayweather, trust me, in a rematch…

Floyd is just too much I believe… he’s too fast for Cotto. When Cotto needs his feet… he’s gotta plant the feet for power shots or whatever… Floyd… not gonna be there… you know, Floyd ain’t gonna give him the time of day to stand there, and try to pound him out or whatever, and try to get slick with them you know… Floyd’s gonna do his thing. Get in get out, be outside, be inside, or whatever… throwing punches, he’s just gonna run around all over… The thing about Floyd… he got that ring generalship, it’s he got good ring generalship… and that’s how he wins all his fights. He got good speed and he got good ring generalship.

My plan for this year, I was planning, if things go right… this is boxing but, keep getting fights, and keep winning, keep winning, and take things slow, take things easy, take things slow, take things easy, and just get the right fights… I’m coming back as a light heavyweight, and I’m coming back fierce! I’m coming back with an attitude, you know… My first fight coming up, is gonna be May 5th. It’s gonna be in North Carolina, and it’s gonna be a good opening for me I think…

These light heavyweights man… the one thing about these light heavyweights, the one I like a lot, the one that I see that would be a problem for me, I believe is Tavoris Cloud… you know, styles make fights, and I like his style, but I know his style and my style… it will be a good fight between me and Tavoris Cloud, it’ll be a good fight… and it definitely… He would definitely bring the best out of me. Put it like that.

I’m tired of seeing Bernard’s face… really and truly. I believe that the first fight, it looked a little phony to me when Bernard said he hurt his shoulder. I know when a person hurt they shoulder, the bone sticks out as mine did against.. You know like-mine did in the Golden Gloves, then when I fought Donnell Wilson, it stayed up… it was out completely I believe… I didn’t see no bones stick out with Bernard. When he got slammed on the ground or whatever, I believe Bernard was just scared to fight Chad at that time. He wasn’t really prepared, and you know, he was just trying to make something out of nothing, just trying to make an excuse.

I hope Chad beats the hell out of him! I’m tired of seeing Bernard’s face. I mean he’s a old… I give him respect or whatever, but at the same time I don’t, ‘cause he’s in my weight class. I just wish Chad would just beat the hell outta him because, if Chad don’t do that… shit, I’m gonna do it! I wanna do it! I want to have a couple of fights… I would love to fight Bernard Hopkins! I beat Bernard, and I’m back on track! I believe that Bernard… I mean he’s just old, give it up! You almost 50 years old, or whatever… like, come on!

Chad is just way too big, he’s way more bigger… than Bernard. He’s the real deal as far as the light heavyweight’s… I believe, this next fight, he’s gonna knock Bernard out. Chad’s gonna knock him out… yeah… I believe so… I don’t want the winner… not yet, not just yet. I would like, at least four or five more fights… and all by knockout, and then we can fight Bernard… I just wanna get the wins and I will fight the winner, or fight the loser… it don’t matter to me… I’ll fight either or!

I’m back in the new Judah Brother’s Boxing Gym, training hard! Back with my dad… and things are going well… We still doing little construction in the back area… What we can do, is put some more bags up. Or we gonna do a little basketball court in the back… it’s a nice area, and a good location, and it’s good for the area, you know what I’m saying… This is gonna be a good year…

Real Combat Media wants to thank Daniel Judah for taking the time to give this interview.  We highly respect this fighter and are very honored for him to share his boxing career. It was a very enlightening interview to say the least.

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