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A Team Combat League doubleheader got off to a powerful start last Saturday, May 11 at the Osceola Heritage Park in Orlando, FL, as the Sam Arnold-coached Atlanta Attack (now 1-1) blazed their way to a four-knockout dominant victory over coach Marc Gargaro’s Boston Butchers (now 1-1-1).


The power punchers had their way from the outset, as Atlanta’s Javon Woodard got his squad off to a great start in the first fight of the Launch Rounds, by stopping Boston’s Duke Micah for a 10-7 early lead.


Two fights later, Boston returned the favor when Alejandro Paulino left Atlanta’s Sean Charleston face first on the canvas with a series of pulverizing hooks. Scored 10-7, the sensational KO victory left Atlanta with just a single-point 27-26 lead after three.


“He caught me early and we got in a brawl,” said Paulino, post-fight. “I’m a harder puncher, I guess. My team was yelling for me. They know I’ve got knockout power with both hands. I knew it would be a KO. He’s a good puncher too, so I knew it was going to be exciting. All respect to Sean Charleston.”


After more Launch Round action between Ariele Davis and Amelia Moore, won by 10-9 by Moore, another shootout was had between always exciting Boston heavyweight Demek Edmonds and Atlanta’s Brandon Glanton. Edmonds started strong, but the resilient warrior Glanton eventually worked his way back into the fight with a superior work rate and took the round 10-9.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end William Gholston was in attendance and gave his thoughts on the action during the first intermission. “This is amazing, said Gholston. “It’s like a boxing Royal Rumble! I’ve never seen anything like this. This is a great introduction for me. It’s exciting!”


The teams exchanged 10-9 rounds to begin the Middle Rounds before Atlanta’s Doctress Robinson and Boston’s Michael Valentin got the action heated back up by slugging toe-to-toe for three straight minutes, with Robinson prevailing 10-9. Atlanta heavyweight Devon Young then scored the first of his two impressive knockouts on the night by first lighting up and laying down Boston’s Fardi Pashazade with a single, fearsome left hook. The impressive knockout brought the team scores to 149-149 to end the middle rounds.


With three Money Round matchups canceled due to earlier stoppages, Atlanta broke the night open with two more consecutive knockouts.


First the Attack’s Money Powell lived up to his name, coming up big in the late stage with a one-punch shock KO against Boston’s game Francis Hogan; then Devon Young returned to score his amazing second KO in one night by taking out normally durable Demek Edmonds of Boston.


The six points acquired by the two stoppages put the night out of reach and allowed the victorious Atlanta Attack to even their team record to 1-1.


“It felt good to get the team the victory,” said a happy Devon Young after the show. “I just came to do what I do and handle business. There are levels to this. You can’t just get in here. I respect my opponents, and this is a great night for boxing. Shout out to everybody on my team!”


“It was easy work,” added happy Atlanta coach Sam Arnold. “Everybody knows what Atlanta brings to the league. We’re going to do that to everybody. Devon and I had a few long talks in the back, and I knew what he was going to do to everyone tonight.”


Young and his two knockouts were voted first star of the night. Rashidi Ellis was voted the second star and Javonn Woodard was voted third. The Fight of the Night was awarded to the all-out blitz round between Robinson and Peixoto.

In the second half of the doubleheader, coach Herman Caicedo’s Miami Stealth moved their overall record to 2-1 with a solid 229-221 points win over coach Raul Rivas’ hometown Orlando Vipers (now 2-1).


Miami’s Opeyemi Adeyemi and Orlando’s Miy Sean Mason got the night off to a great start with an intense back-and-forth round where both men had their moments to shine. The judges saw the competitive one-round scrap 10-9 for Adeyemi.


Miami’s Victor Abreu dropped Orlando’s Jeremy Adorno for a count with about a minute left in their competitive round two matchup and took it 10-8 for Miami.


In a surprising outcome, lesser-known Cuban prospect Yordan Barrera knocked out respected contender Jahyae Brown with a booming left hook to put the Miami Stealth up by five points at 58-53.


And then, in a sensational “punch fest” of a round, Nestor Santana of Miami and Michael Polite Coffie of Orlando brought the crowd to its feet by exchanging heavyweight bombs for the full three minutes of their first matchup of the night. Santana came out swinging haymakers ferociously but appeared to lose steam in the middle of the round, allowing Coffie to pay back much of the punishment he’d absorbed earlier. The judges saw the thrilling and close round 10-9 Santana.


After seven straight 10-9 rounds to start the Middle Rounds section, six of which were won by Miami, Cuba’s Gustavo Trujillo won his heavyweight fight against Orlando’s Mike Hilton by brutal two-knockdown KO. Trujillo brought an end to the battle with a short left-hook high on the head that sent Hilton to the canvas.


The heart-stopping knockout put Miami up by a formidable 156-143 entering the Money Rounds.


Heavyweight Michael Polite Coffie was able to reverse his earlier loss to Nestor Santana to start the Money Rounds by not allowing Santana to get off to such a quick start. Coffie did enough to secure the 10-9 round by outworking his tiring foe.


Orlando then proceeded to run off six straight victories in the Money Rounds, but Miami’s strong performance in the Launch and Middle Rounds made anything short of a knockout fest pointless.


To their credit Orlando swept the rounds that usually matter, but they had already ceded the battle by getting rolling too late. The final score was 229-221.


One of the breathtaking heavyweight wars between Nestor Santana and Michael Polite Coffie, who won one fight each, was voted Fight of the Night. Orlando’s Darrius Jackson was voted third star of the night on the strength of his two wins, one over Jimmy Brenes and one over Claudio Marrero.


Miami’s Yordan Barrera took second star with his shock knockout over Orlando’s Jahyae Brown and heavyweight Gustavo Trujillo grabbed the first star of the night for his thudding KO over Mike Hilton of Orlando.


“That was a big victory for me,” said the victorious Trujillo. “I wanted to get that KO for my team and continue to build points and help my team secure the win.”


“Both squads were terrific, thank you so much,” added Team Combat League President, Dewey Cooper. “I know you’ll be back Orlando, but tonight it goes to the 305. These guys are scary. I can’t wait for future matchups. Team Combat League is the best boxing format in the world, and I hope all you guys enjoyed the entertainment tonight!”



Through its innovative event structure, Team Combat League (TCL) has disrupted the professional boxing industry. With a roster of 12 teams competing out of major U.S. markets, TCL combines rising talent with seasoned veterans in a format that lends itself to non-stop action. Weekly events feature male and female boxing across a series of weight classes in one-round contests within a tournament format culminating in the Money Rounds where winning and losing is determined by overall team performance.