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DeMarcus Chop Chop Corley in His Own Words: Tito Bracero You Are Afraid of Me!

By Robert Brizel, Head RCM Boxing Correspondent

In a Real Combat Media interview exclusive, former World Light Welterweight champion DeMarcus ‘ChopChop’ Corley, who beat up and knocked down Gabriel ‘Tito’ Bracero three times en route to winning Bracero’s North American Boxing Federation Light Welterweight title at Roseland Ballroom in 2012, has called out Bracero, promoter Lou DiBella, and DiBella Entertainment for an immediate rematch in 2014. Further, Corley stated, it is he, and definitely not Bracero, who deserves the right to fight Danny Garcia for the World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council Junior Welterweight titles. Corley suggested the vacant NABF title could be available for a 12 round rematch with Bracero, a bout he claims would fairly serve as a title eliminator for Garcia.

DeMarcus Chop Chop Corley Beats Gabriel Tito Bracero in January 2012 at Roseland

Chop Chop Corley: “One hundred percent. Tito Bracero is afraid of what I’ll do to him again!”

Real Combat Media: “You want a rematch with Bracero, and then you fight Danny Garcia?”

Chop Chop Corley: “I would love to beat Bracero up and then fight Danny!”

Real Combat Media: “How many rounds for this fight?”

Chop Chop Corley: “12 rounds. Of Course, if he has a title, we’ll fight for a title. Or it can be an eliminator, the winner to get Danny Garcia.”

Real Combat Media: “In your first bout in January 2012, you had Bracero down in rounds two, three and five. How come you didn’t finish him? How did he survive?”

Chop Chop Corley: “I did not apply enough pressure to finish Bracero off. I just wanted to punish him because of my last fight. I was really pissed after I fought Ruslan Provodnikov in Russia. I won over 12 rounds, and didn’t get the decision.”

Real Combat Media: “If you wanted to, could you have knocked out Bracero that night?”

Chop Chop Corley: “I could have knocked Bracero out, if I wasn’t fighting out of anger.”

Real Combat Media: “Did you know about the infamous incident which occurred at Roseland Ballroom ten years before you fought Bracero there? James Butler sucker punched Richard Grant in the jaw. Do you think Butler got robbed of the decision at Roseland. Frequently boxers get robbed of the decision when fighting in another promoter’s territory. Do you think that’s what caused his actions?”

Chop Chop Corley: “Yeah. One hundred percent yeah.”

Real Combat Media: “Butler was angry at that time?”

Chop Chop Corley: “Yes.”

Real Combat Media: “Can Tito Bracero punch? Does he have any power?”

Chop Chop Corley: “None at all.”

Real Combat Media: “Did DiBella Entertainment approach you about a rematch with Bracero?”

Chop Chop Corley: “No, not ever. I inquired with matchmaker Joe Quiambao about fighting a rematch, and Joe told me, we’re not looking to give you a rematch, we’re looking to build Tito up. I told Joe I could beat Bracero in a rematch. The thing for Joe was, he told me DiBella Entertainment was not interested in giving me a rematch with Tito, they were just interested in building Tito up as a club fighter.”

Real Combat Media: “If that all Tito Bracero is? A club fighter?”

Chop Chop Corley: “That’s all Bracero is. He has following in New York City and Puerto Rico, but Bracero’s never gonna be a world champion because he can’t fight.”

Real Combat Media: “What can you do with Danny Garcia that Bracero can’t?”

Chop Chop Corley: “I can bang with Danny Garcia. Tito can’t bang with him.”

Real Combat Media: “It would depend on Danny. If Danny just wants to go in and knock Gabriel out, Bracero wouldn’tlast three rounds.”

Real Combat Media: “Are you saying Danny Garcia versus Tito Bracero is a joke?”

Chop Chop Corley: “Garcia versus Bracero is a big joke. One hundred percent a big joke. If you do the polls, who would you rather see Danny Garcia fight, Tito Bracero or Chop Chop Corley? I would win the polls easy, eight percent to twenty percent.”

Real Combat Media: “You’re saying people don’t want to see Bracero?”

Chop Chop Corley: “He’s not an interesting fighter. I exposed Tito. They should have never taken that fight with me. Bracero was a young 18-0 prospect. I exposed Bracero, showing everyone he’s not on a level to be in there with a world champion, and I was 37 years old then.”

Real Combat Media: “Chop Chop, you are 39 years old. What will you do with Bracero now?”

Chop Chop Corley: “It’ll be worse now (for Bracero). I’m much stronger. I have a strength and conditioning coach. I’m fighting at 135 pounds now. Fighting Bracero at 140 pounds is easy for me. For 17 years I fought at 140 pounds.”

Real Combat Media: “In a 12 round bout against Gabriel Bracero in March 2014, with a six week training camp, what will you do to Bracero if given sufficient training time to prepare for the bout?”

Chop Chop Corley: “I will knock out Gabriel Bracero in six rounds in the rematch, and it doesn’t matter what weight class we fight in.”

Real Combat Media: “Will Tito Bracero win a round in the rematch with you?”

Chop Chop Corley: “Only if I let him, and I won’t. Only if I took a few rounds off, like I did with him in the last fight. I won’t let him win a round this time. I’m at that point in my life where I have to make a statement to everyone.”

Real Combat Media: “Is Lou DiBella afraid to match his fighters against you?”

Chop Chop Corley: “I wouldn’t say Lou DiBella is afraid of me, but I would do to his fighters like I did to Tito! Lou DiBella wants to avoid me one hundred percent. We were going to fight another of his fighters, Danny O’Connor. My people tried to make the match. They said no. O’Connor (who had already lost to Bracero) lost to Vivian Harris anyway. One judge in the Harris win scored it 100-90 for O’Connor. The judge was trying to protect the promoter’s fighter, but the other two judges didn’t go for it and O’Connor lost anyway. Now they have O’Connor fighting some stiff named Andrew Farmer whose 17 wins all come against winless fighters or fighters with losing records. One hundred percent DiBella Entertainment is trying to protect the promoter’s fighters.”

Real Combat Media: “Chop Chop, why do you want to fight a rematch with Tito Bracero next month?”

Chop Chop Corley: “The reason I want this fight with Bracero next month? It would be a great seller for Tito to try and redeem himself for the beating I put on him the first time, but only this time he will get stomped in front of his Puerto Rican fans. Like Puerto Rico. I have nothing against Bracero. I just love to fight!”

Real Combat Media: “Will you do enough damage this time to end Tito Bracero’s career?”

Chop Chop Corley: “I think so. He’ll be done after I give him another beating like the last one, and he’ll have no reason to fight anymore. Lou told me Bracero did time in prison, and he was just trying to help Bracero straighten out his life.”

Real Combat Media: “In fact, you were signed with Lou DiBella after you beat Bracero.”

Chop Chop Corley: “I signed a three fight option with DiBella, that was the only way I was going to (get the opportunity) to fight Tito. Lou sent me to Belfast, Ireland, to fight Paul McCloskey, and I knocked him out in the tenth round. He came to fight, but I set traps for him. When I took the title from Tito, it was the North American Boxing Federation Light Middleweight title. They wanted me to fight Dierry Jean in Canada, who was the number one contender for the NABF title. That didn’t happen because me being the champion, I felt they should come to me in the U.S.A. I have been in that situation too many particular times already when they didn’t give me the decision. I won every round against Ruslan Provodnikov in Russian in 2011, and they gave the 12 round decision to him.”

Real Combat Media: “You feel you can beat Danny Garcia? You were in sparring camp with him. You know him well.”

Chop Chop Corley: “Danny? Yeah. I was in camp last April with Danny. “

Real Combat Media: “You have Danny Garcia’s style figured out well enough to beat him?”

Chop Chop Corley: “Correct. Danny’s good, but he doesn’t have the work ethic to beat a fighter like Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Timothy Bradley. They work harder than he does.”

Real Combat Media: “Are you interested in fighting Gabriel Bracero, or are you just looking for a win for the chance to fight Danny Garcia?”

Chop Chop Corley: “I would say both! I really want to fight Danny Garcia, but it isn’t about the money. I can beat Tito Bracero again. I would love to fight Tito for the vacant North American Boxing Federation Light Middleweight title.”

Real Combat Media: “Chop Chop Corley, what do you have to say to Tito Bracero?”

Chop Chop Corley: “Tito, the reason you are afraid of me is because you know what I am capable of doing to you, and if I don’t get to fight you at 140 pounds, I’mgonna fight Omar Figueroa at 135 pounds for the World Boxing Council World Lightweight title. Omar’s ducking me also. After I beat Omar, I’ll fight you, Tito. And I still want you before or after Garcia. Tito, you can run but you can’t hide. It’s just a matter of time.”

Real Combat Media: “How did you hurt Floyd Mayweather Jr. when you fought?”

DeMarcus Corley versus Floyd Mayweather Jr., May 2004 WBC Eliminator Bout Boardwalk Hall Main Event in Atlantic City

Chop Chop Corley: “The game plan was to get Floyd to exchange with me. I was stronger than him. That was Floyd’s first fight at 140 pounds. I almost knocked Floyd out! The game plan was working until Floyd got smart. He started boxing me, and stopping exchanging blows. I never expected to win. We knew going into the fight if I didn’t knock him out, I wasn’t gonna beat Floyd on a decision. No way.”

Real Combat Media: “Can Bracero’s trainer, Tommy Gallagher, change the game plan against you the second time around?”

Chop Chop Corley: “I know old man Tommy Gallagher. The second time around, it wouldn’t work, because I’m not the same man who beat up Bracero in 2012. I’m more approached with my boxing skills now, I’m like wine. I get better with time. I rhyme!”




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