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Awinongya Reality Show and N’Jikam in Works

By Robert Brizel, Real Combat Media Correspondent




Best Trainer Joseph Awinongya in YouTube, Will County Boxing Gym


Chicago area boxing trainer Joseph Awinongya, best known as the trainer of USBA Middleweight champion and world contender Osumanu Adama of Ghana, will also be working with former interim World Boxing Association and World Boxing Organization World Middleweight champion Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam of Cameroon.


Middleweight N’Dam N’Jikam, previously fighting out of Pantin, France, won his first 27 professional bouts in succession before losing a 12 rounder to 27-0 Peter Quillin October 20, 2012, for the vacant World Boxing Organization Middleweight title at Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. N’Jikam got poor direction from his corner, and went down to the canvas six times, twice each in rounds four, six and 12, losing 115-107 on the judging scorecards of Julie Lederman, John Stewart and Don Trella.


Without the six knockdowns, Peter Quillin would still have won 115-113 on the scorecards, meaning N’Jikam would have had to win one more round to draw the bout, which he did not. However, without the six knockdowns creating the six 10-8 rounds, the chances of N’Jikam winning at least one of two of the six knockdown rounds 10-9 (If the knockdowns did not occur) would have mean he would have had a better chance of winning. Susceptible to Quillin’s overhand left hands coming in, N’Jikam wasn’t hurt, rising from the knockdowns unscathed but with bruised pride.


N’Jikam’s problem was neither he nor his corner could make style changes or any change in the game plan nor recognize the left side defensive weakness Quillin identified and exploited throughout their 12 round championship encounter. To succeed, in addition to quality training and sparring with Adama, N’Jikam will have be able to take constructive criticism and revise his defensive technique off the jab.





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N’Jikam won the interim World Boxing Association Middleweight title in 2010 with a 12 round decision over Avantil Khurtsidse in Paris, France. He defended it once by 12 round decision in France over Giovanni Lorenzo, then won the interim WBO Middleweight title by 12 round decision over Max Bursak.


Reality TV Show in the Works


Awinongya will also begin filming a new boxing reality series in his Joliet gym featuring amateur and professional fighters, including 16 year old 138 pound 2016 Olympic hopeful Larry Anderson. In an repeat of the Geraldo Rivera-Al Capone type mystery where a safe was blown open on television, Awinongya’s reality show will also feature the blowing open of a large old standing heavy safe which has been sitting inside the gym for over a decade, but which has never been opened. “We all want to know what’s inside the safe,” noted Awinongya with humor.


Awinongya co-stars in the boxing movie “Dreams’, and can be seen online from 2:08 to 2:30 in a movie trailer clip at


Cruiserweight boxer Joseph Awingonya was born in Ghana in 1974.  Nicknamed ‘The African Assassin’, he fought his first nine professional bouts in Italy, Germany and Netherlands from 1994 to 1997. He continued his boxing career in the United States, where he fought in Florida, Illinois, Nevada, North Carolina, Washington, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Awinongya was undefeated in eight consecutive bouts between 1999 to 2002. In July 2007 at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, Awinongya lost a disputed eight round decision to 11-0 cruiserweight prospect and future world champion Steve Cunningham. Awinongya went onto a successful career as a trainer, establishing his boxing gym in Joliet, Illinois.


Awinongya’s Will County Boxing Gym is a feeder gym for prospects from Ghana and other African countries, who wish to move to the United States and continue their boxing careers. Awinongya’s Will County Boxing Gym in Joliet, Illinois is open to the public. It can be found online at







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