Heavyweight Madness! Father of Champ, John Fury, in the Middle of Kingdom Arena Hell

Editorial By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Boxing Correspondent

Nobody knows the true extent of the work his son Tyson Fury has put in for the titular heavyweight unification bout with Oleksandr Usyk better than his papa, heavyweight boxing veteran John Fury. According to Mr. Fury, he’s witnessed his son’s hard work, and he could not be more happier. John Fury feels his son will deal with Usyk easily. According to John Fury “The way he’s gone about things (preparing for this title bout), you’re going to see the best Tyson Fury ever.”

On Monday, May 13, 2024, John Fury head butted Stanislav Stepchuk, a member of the Usyk entourage wearing the team Usyk tracksuit, for entering his personal space and disrespecting his son in the lobby of the Riyadh Hilton Hotel. The confrontation when the Usyk camp began shouting Usyk’s name at the Fury entourage, chanting John Fury described as madness to IFLTV. “I was sitting there minding my own business, and launched the head butt when some little idiot came into my (personal) space.”

John Fury did later issue an official apology, telling Seconds Out that ‘(my) sincere apologies to everyone involved (in the pre-fight media buildup). It’s just the way we are. Emotions and tensions are running high (before my son Tyson Fury’s heavyweight unification bout with Oleksandr Usyk).”

Why all the pre-fight bloody madness?

According to John Fury, the guy was “Coming out with all that rubbish. He’s in my face, trying to be clever. Coming into my space (shouting) Usyk, Usyk . Nobody’s bothering with them. I was only chanting my own son’s name. I’m going to stand up for my son. At the end of the day, my son is the best in the world, and I want people to respect him, and give him the credit that he deserves (as the world heavyweight champion). He’s (my son Tyson Fury) the best in the world, and when people start saying this and saying that. When I was among them all I could hear was madness. Some little idiot came forward in my space. He got what he got (what he deserved, from his viewpoint) and that’s the end of it. We live for blood and guts (Fury walked away from the bloody scene screaming aloud).”

Coming onto Saturday evening’s mega bout confrontation, clearly there is bad blood between the Usyk and Fury camps. Hopefully only one world heavyweight champion will emerge, though a mandatory rematch will most certainly extend the bad vibrations between the two opposing camps. It isn’t like George Foreman versus Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes opening his mouth during his reign, or Iron Mike Tyson in his prime versus the world. Fury eschews a certain confidence, as does Usyk. Both combatants have done the work. Usyk’s home country, Ukraine, remains at war, so he may internally in his heart feel he has a great deal to prove. Mike Spinks rose form light heavyweight to heavyweight. Usyk has moved from world cruiserweight champion to heavyweight champion where the real money is.

By size, Usyk is like Tomasz Adamek versus Vitali Klitschko in 2011 in Warsaw, excepting Tyson Fury is much bigger and weighs more than Vitali. Technically, Usyk has the technical boxing skills and power of a Rocky Marciano, excepting the well-chiseled Marciano did not go up in weight as Usyk did. Usyk’s invasion of the heavyweight division from cruiserweight is a dramatic transition. Fury is not the sort of skilled boxer Usyk is, yet the two divisions have a wide disparity.

John Fury has every right to love and defend his son Tyson, as well as all of his children. Saudi Arabia has gained valuable momentum and has done much to promote the sport of professional boxing of late. It remains an eyesore when bad publicity scars an otherwise exceptional boxing match on paper. In the end, Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk will demonstrate more calm and composure than the members of their entourage. A clear knockout would seemingly settle matters. John Fury, like his son, is an emotional brawler. This personality trait could prove Tyson Fury’s undoing, or his salvation if he can outwork Usyk and keep his emotions in check. Clearly his father cannot, though the pre-fight hype might just serve to sell the mega bout around the world.

If ever a picture was worth a thousand words, or a million words, daddy ‘Gypsy’ John Fury’s bloody face says it all. The original ‘Gypsy King’, 8-4-1 with one knockout, Haslingden, United Kingdom by way of Tuam, Ireland, still has an ego which will not shake. A fight is a fight is a fight. John Fury’s presence in the Saudi Kingdom is not a social call, and the members of the Oleksandr Usyk camp know it now. John Fury’s fight with the Usyk camp appears to be a bloody draw.

While John Fury can fight for his son’s reputation and image, he cannot fight for his son’s title and legacy. That will take place in the ring on Saturday night, May 18, 2024, in the main event. As for the five versions of the world heavyweight titles, in theory, the winner takes all. On that note, John Fury’s bloody face definitely put the fight on the map. The world has taken notice now. Call it heavyweight madness. In the buildup before the heavyweight title bout, the father of the champ (as he sees it), John Fury, somehow remains in the middle of Kingdom Arena ring of fire heavyweight hell.