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Randall Bailey Interview: ‘I Will Fight Claressa Shields and Knock Her Out!’

By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Boxing Correspondent

In a Real Combat Media international exclusive, former world super lightweight and welterweight champion Randall ‘The Knock-Out King’ Bailey, age 45, who says he is still in the gym and ready to go in Atlanta, Georgia, has accepted the challenge of undisputed and undefeated female World Middleweight champion Claressa Shields to fight men and is willing to fight her in 2019 in a three minute per round 10 or 12 rounder in 2019 as soon as arrangements can be made. Bailey stated he will knock Shields out in the first round. Bailey called Shields out on Facebook, a startling decision which triggered this interview.

Bailey, 46-9 with 39 knockouts, has several decades of professional experience, and has fought in 18 regional and world championship bouts and titular eliminators during his career. Bailey has held the World Boxing Association, World Boxing Organization and International Boxing Association World Super Lightweight titles, and the International Boxing Federation World Welterweight title. He has fought a who’s who of name fighters and champions, from Miguel Cotto to Jeff Horn. Promoter Lou DiBella has called Randall Bailey the hardest puncher in professional boxing.

Bailey’s trainer for several years during his career was John David Jackson, the current trainer of Claressa Shields. A critical reason for Bailey accepting the Shields challenge is Bailey feels there is nothing Jackson can teach Shields he cannot expect or prepare for, given Bailey knows all of Jackson’s training techniques. Bailey intends to Take Shields to school, and provide her with a one orund educaiton on the difference between male boxers and female boxers. In a legal sense, though, boxing authorities may not allow SHields to crossover and fight men inside the professional boxing area. The legality of that possibility in all sports remains gray, in terms of can a woman fight a man, can a woman compete on men’s sports teams, and vice-versa. The late Dr. Renee Richards, who changed sexes, crossed that bridge in professional tennis in the legalistics of transgender. As to whether a woman can compete against men, it has been done in professional chess, but not in professional contact sports.

Robert Brizel:Randall Bailey, first of all, how are you doing, champ?”

Randall Bailey: “Great, great, great.”

Robert Brizel: “Are you still in the gym? Do you have any plans (to fight again?)”

Randall Bailey: “I’m always in the gym. I don’t have any plans (to fight again at the moment). I train at a gym near my house.

Robert Brizel: “Your manager was the late Sy Stern. You guys were really close. How much did Sy mean to you, and do you think of him often?”

Randall Bailey: “Yeah, I always think of Sy (because) Sy was a significant part of my career.”

Robert Brizel: “At various points during your career when you were with Sy Stern, you were inactive.”

Randall Bailey: “That was just out of his hands. That was the boxing business.”

Robert Brizel: “The night you beat Mike Jones, old Sy climbed onto the ring apron (apron)and celebrated with you guys (your corner), jumping, laughing, crying. He (Sy) was as happy as you were.”

Randall Bailey: “Yeah. That was like a dream come true for him.

Robert Brizel: “Randall, what did you make of the whole thing with Jarrell Miller (testing positive for an illegal substance and losing his world title shot and payday) and Athony Joshua? Did Jarrell make a bad move?”

Randall Bailey: “That was definitely a bad move. First you call the guy all kinds of names at the press conference, and then you aren’t going to be there to fight him.”

Robert Brizel: “You called Claressa Shields out on Facebook. Tell about that.”

Randall Bailey: “Somebody posted about her., and I answered with I pretty much know her whole arsenal, because I was trained by her trainer John David Jackson for several years, I‘d say from about 2009 to 2012, and I know his whole arsenal (of training methods and techniques).”

Robert Brizel: “So, there is nothing which Jackson is going to teach Claressa Shields which is going to fool you?”

Randall Bailey: “Nothing. I know the whole (John David Jackson) arsenal.”

Robert Brizel:Randall Bailey, are you calling out Claressa Shields?”

Randall Bailey: “No! She (Claressa) is calling out all male fighters to get into the real game. If she’s bringing her stuff up into the male game, then it’s all fair game. If she calling out for the male game, she gonna get it. She’s got to be willing to state (on) what conditions (she will fight a male opponent). What’s different?”

Robert Brizel: “You will be the first fighter (to agree to fight her). Do you want to fight Claressa Shields for real?”

Randall Bailey: “I’ll give her a shot. I’ll even let her wear head gear!”

Robert Brizel: “Randall, how much money would you expect to earn for a fight like this? How much money do you think male fighters, champions and ex-champions, will want for this fight (to fight Claressa Shields)?”

Randall Bailey: “I don’t’ know! I’ll just do it (fight Claressa Shields) for fun, because I like the fight, and she (Claressa) will get a good understanding of what it’s like to be at the top of the real game, not female boxing.”

Robert Brizel: “Most female fights are two minute rounds, although a few are three minute rounds.”

Randall Bailey: “She said she wants to fight three minute rounds with men. She (Claressa Shields) don’t want to fight a man for three minutes (three minute rounds)”

Robert Brizel: “Do you think that’s going to be a difficult transition for her?”

Randall Bailey: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Most definitely. When I see her fights, she (Claressa) is not getting hit the way a man hits, the way a man hits another man, to the body, to the head. There’s a big difference (in fighting styles between male boxers and female boxers).”

Robert Brizel: “You’ve earned your reputation not as a technical fighter, but as a power hitter.”

Randall Bailey: “Nah, nah, nah. There are male fighters out there with experience who are not champions (far from it) who will knock her (Claressa’s) block off. There’s a difference between men and women.”

Robert Brizel: “You mean when it comes to boxing, records can be very deceiving.”

Randall Bailey: “Yeah! Definitely.”

Robert Brizel: “You’ve been in with guys with bad records who have taken you to hell?”

Randall Bailey: “Yeah.”

Robert Brizel: “So, you know the game. Claressa Shields is now about 160 pounds. What weight will you fight her at?”

Randall Bailey: “It don’t matter. She’s a woman. She’s a woman.”

Robert Brizel: “So, you would agree to fight Claressa at 160 pounds middleweight?”

Randall Bailey: “whatever weight she wants me to come in at?”

Robert Brizel:” And how much money would make the fight right for you to take it?”

Randall Bailey: “Whatever she and the promoters want to give me!”

Robert Brizel: “So you are not so concerned with the money to fight Claressa?”

Randall Bailey: “I’m alright. I’m chilling!”

Robert Brizel: “You want to show the whole world a female fighter cannot compete with a male fighter?”

Randall Bailey: “There’s a difference. Yeah, man!”

Robert Brizel: In a three minutes per round fight, at 10 or 12 rounds, how long do you think Shields will last before she gets seriously hurt, tired, or both?”

Randall Bailey: “One round!”

Robert Brizel: “One round?”

Randall Bailey: “One round!”

Robert Brizel:Claressa Shields has a long reach and a tall height. Do you think her reach (might give her) some advantage?”

Randall Bailey: “One round!”

Robert Brizel: “You are going to take out Claressa Shields in one round?”

Randall Bailey: “One round.”

Robert Brizel: “You are saying if Claressa Shields fights you, she’s not going to hear the bell at the end of the first round.”

Randall Bailey: “It’s a woman. It’s a woman!”

Robert Brizel: “Are you saying this in a chauvinist way, or in a professional way?”

Randall Bailey: “I’m saying it in a professional way, not in a chauvinist way. I mean, it is what it is. Women should not fight men!”

Robert Brizel: “You want to show the world…..”

Randall Bailey: “No! Not me, not me, not me. She wants to show the world she can fight men. She (is) calling men out. Men didn’t call her out.”

Robert Brizel: “Do you think this is partly caused by Claressa Shields being the most talented female fighter out there in the world, and there’s no money and no competition left for her among female fighters?”

Randall Bailey: “She said that. I haven’t heard nobody give her accolades for saying it (she wants to fight men). She’s in a different area (state of mind). Leila Ali was a mover. Christy Martin was a warrior. They did their thing very well (as female fighters of distinction during their respective careers).”

Robert Brizel: “Where do you think Claressa Shields is (compared to the fighting females greats of the past). Do you think Claressa Shields is an improving fighter?”

Randall Bailey: “If you look at the talent in her division (middleweight), the middleweight females are not doing too much skilled fighting.”

Robert Brizel: “Have the skills of Claressa Shields improved to the point where she is ready to fight a man? Or, (is it) as Shawn Porter says, she should work her way up with four, six and eight rounders (against men), to see if she can really compete against men. Your view.”

Randall Bailey: “No, I think she (Claressa) should keep fighting women.”

Robert Brizel: “There’s obviously new or little money for Claressa Shields to fight women, but she has attracted box office attention.”

Randall Bailey: “She can get endorsements. Claressa Shields has no place in the ring with a man. It’s just my thought. She has no place being in the ring with a man.”

Robert Brizel: “And you want to be the man to shut her up?”

Randall Bailey: “I don’t want to be the man to shut her up, but, I mean, if she’s up with it (willing to accept my challenge) then I’m pu with it (I’m willing to fight her).”

Robert Brizel: “And you would be willing to fight her this year? For her titles?”

Randall Bailey: “Yeah (I’ll fight her). Not for her titles.”

Robert Brizel: “A female can challenge for a male’s titles, but a male cannot challenge for a female’s titles?”

Randall Bailey: “She cannot fight a male heavyweight. She cannot fight for a male title. It will never happen.”

Robert Brizel: “You would be willing to fight Claressa Shields, three minute rounds, in a 10 or 12 rounder?”

Randall Bailey: “Tell Claressa to call me. We can make it happen.”

Robert Brizel: “John David Jackson trained you. What do you think John David Jackson would make of you fighting Claressa, being both her trainer and your former trainer? How do you think John David Jackson is going to react to this strange new development?”

Randall Bailey: “He (trainer John David Jackson) will probably say, hell no!”

Robert Brizel: “Do you think that once our interview runs (in the press). Claressa is going to run with this (Shields versus Randall Bailey) to USA Showtime, and Dmitriy Salita, her promoter?”

Randall Bailey: “I doubt it.”

Robert Brizel: “The bottom line is, Claressa Shields has run her mouth off.”

Randall Bailey: “Listen to this. This is gonna end it right now. I didn’t stop boxing by choice. I stopped boxing because of politics. That’s the difference. I didn’t stop boxing because guys were pounding my head in. I stopped fighting because of the lack of fights promoters were willing to give me (before) to fight their fighter. So, that’s the difference. They did not even want to pay me a little bit. They did not want me in the right with their fighters. “

Robert Brizel: “So what you are saying is, aside from set up fights against journeyman, they (the big promoters) did not want to fight you (against their fighters) because they didn’t want to take a chance.”

Randall Bailey: “Exactly.”

Robert Brizel: “Do you think Claressa Shields is willing to take a chance (by fighting you). Are you willing to fight Claressa Shields? Yes or no?”

Randall Bailey: “Yes.”

Robert Brizel: “What would you expect you would receive a fair payday for such a fight?”

Randall Bailey: “If they have the confidence to beat me, I’m sure (Salita Promotions) would make me a fair offer. But if they (the major promoters) don’t want to put their male fighters in with me, they sure (I believe) won’t want to put their male fighters in with me.”

Robert Brizel:Claressa Shields says….”

Randall Bailey: “I know what she says.”

Robert Brizel: “If Claressa Shields is willing to fight you, and you are willing to fight her, the promoter (Dmitriy Salita) agrees, and USA Showtime agrees, then you will fight her in 2019?”

Randall Bailey: “If they agree, I agree.”

Robert Brizel: “Thank you very much, Randall Bailey! This story is going to get you more publicity than you got in your career!”

Randall Bailey: “They’ll think I’m a woman beater (if I beat Shields).”

Robert Brizel: “ (Former) World champion Randall Bailey says he will fight Claressa Shields and knock her out in the first round.”

Randall Bailey: “And afterwards, they (the critics) are all gonna say I’m right. They are gonna call me a woman beater.”

Robert Brizel: Let me put it this way. Regardless of the fact of whether it (the proposed bout) involves a woman or a man, Claressa Shields is calling out all men.”

Randall Bailey: “That’s true. She (Claressa) is calling out all men.”

Robert Brizel: “During your career, when anyone has ever called you out, you have accepted every challenge.”

Randall Bailey: “I sure did.”

Robert Brizel: “You were never in the ring with Floyd. What would you think if I told you of Floyd Mayweather Jr. fighting Claressa Shields in Las Vegas. Is that a crazy publicity stunt?”

Randall Bailey: “Not far fetched. It could happen.”

Robert Brizel: “Because Floyd could make a lot of money?”

Randall Bailey: “But you know what? Claressa will have to beat a man first.”

Robert Brizel: “So, you think for Claressa to fight Floyd, she would have to beat someone like you first prove herself.”

Randall Bailey: “Yeah. She would have to beat a man first (to earn the right to fight Floyd).”

Robert Brizel: “And you, Randall Bailey, are going to be the roadblock which shows the world Claressa Shields is not as good a fighter as she thinks she is, at least in terms of fighting real men who know how to fight.”

Randall Bailey: “Exactly.”




Robert Brizel - Head Boxing Correspondent
Robert Brizel - Head Boxing Correspondent
Robert is the Head Boxing Correspondent for Real Combat Media Boxing since 2013. Robert is also a photographer and ringside reporter for the RCM Tri State region which includes NJ, NY and PA. Robert conducts exclusive interviews, provides historical boxing articles and provides editorial ringside coverage of major boxing events. You can contact or follow Robert on Facebook and by email at