Roy Jones Jr. Promotions Recap From Las Vegas

By Lita B. Kaufman, Real Combat Media Las Vegas Boxing Correspondent-Ringside

Las Vegas, NV (August 11, 2018)– What an awesome Fight Night at The Red Rock Casino Hotel and Spa. Roy Jones Jr. and his gracious team executed an outstanding event. There was literally standing room only with the walls lined with eager boxing fans in this packed house.

Three World Champions, Roy Jones, Jr., Buddy McGirt and Jesse James Leija graced the corners of some of the fights giving sage advice to their charges.

Although the card advertised five fights on the card, there was an additional one which broke out in the audience after the last fight ended at thirty-one seconds into the first round, but we will get to that later.

There were two highly anticipated fights Ornelas vs Tabugon which was a bloody mess and Castaneda vs Gutierrez. The most exciting fight of the night and in my opinion and the best execution of offense and skill was displayed by Sulaiman Segawa vs Hector Lopez, Jr. If you missed his performance I highly suggest you watch it when you can.

The co-feature, although the first bout of the evening was the Lightweight bout between Hector Lopez, Jr. and Sulaiman Segawa. Lopez, Jr. endured incredible punishment to the lower body the entire fight at the hands of Segawa however it was a blow to the head that ended the fight at the end of the sixth round for Lopez, Jr. as he was unable to see out of his right eye injured earlier in the fight. Lopez, Jr. showed incredible heart and tried tirelessly to get to the inside and backed Segawa into the corner several times especially in the fourth round when he came out blazing to no avail. With thirty seconds left in the sixth round there was a beautiful display of fortitude in both warriors as they both vied for the knockout. I would keep my eye on Segawa no pun intended. Segawa wins by 6th round TKO.

The first televised fight of the night was an eight round Super Middleweight bout between Shady Gamhour and Even Torres. Gamhour was the larger man and it appeared that he would likely prevail and win the fight which he did but he was highly favored by the ref who scolded his opponent repeatedly much to the discern of the booing crowd. In the first round, there appeared to be a knockdown of Torres which I will need to back to the tape to review however my colleague indicated that his finger did not touch the canvas. Most notable in the second round was a heavy exchange of blows between the men with Torres dominating with hooks to the head of sometimes stunned Gamhour and well-placed body shots. Torres was hitting with such vigor he was propelling himself off the mat. At times he appeared to be swinging wildly however he hit his target almost every time. This was a split decision and I would like to see a rematch of this fight. Gamhour wins by split Decision.

Super Lightweights Kendo Castaneda and Jesus Gutierrez faced off against each other next. The entire fight was an incredible display of the spirit of warriors as the men went toe to toe the whole eight rounds. The most remarkable event from this fight was when Gutierrez when down ever so gently but knocked down none the less at about ten seconds in the first round when Castaneda got him with a body shot. He rebounded from the second round throughout the rest of the fight however Castaneda received a well-deserved unanimous decision winning the fight. Castaneda wins by Unanimous Decision.

The headliner, crowd bringer and most anticipated fight of the night was the WBF Silver Intercontinental Title Fight between hometown favorite Max Ornelas and Filipino Raymond Tabugon. This was an eight-round Bantamweight bout which went the bloody distance with doctors checking the eyes of both men several times through the fight. The first round the men were feeling each other out however things heated up in the second and continued throughout the entire rest of the fight. This went to the judges who had Ornelas winning by unanimous decision. Great battle. Ornelas wins a Unanimous Decision.

Lightweight Daniel Robles did not get to showcase his skills during his Pro Debut as this fight did not go the four-round distance. He knocked down his opponent Jaime Gomez twice in the first round and did not get up the second time. The fight ended as a KO at 31 seconds of the first round. Daniel Robles wins 1st rd. TKO.

Although not scheduled, there was an altercation in the audience which required security to remove a rowdy boxing fan. I am not sure if he was part of the camp of either of the Robles or Gomez team as I did not get a good look at him, but things did get loud and rowdy.

That’s boxing for you! Expect the unexpected.

Lita B Kaufman has written for Real Combat Media since 2012 and can be reached by email at




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Lita B. Kaufman
Real Combat Media Las Vegas Boxing Correspondent
Lita B. Kaufman has covered events for Real Combat Media Boxing in the Florida and Las Vegas regions since 2012. Lita has done photography, videography and is also an experienced boxing writer. Lita graduated from Roy Englebrecht Promoter School in 2012 and has worked as a referee and is a boxing official for amateur boxing events. You can follow Lita on Instagram at @pugalistic_vegan_broker and readers can contact her at