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Luis Palomino MMA Interview: I Will Knock Justin Gaethje Out in Rematch!

By Robert Brizel, Real Combat Media MMA Correspondent in Las Vegas
In a Real Combat Media international interview, World Series of Fighting world ranked lightweight contender Luis ‘Baboon’ Palomino, of Miami, Florida, stated he would win by knockout and make a highlight reel out of Justin ‘Highlight’ Gaethje in their main event lightweight rematch at Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, on September 18, 2015, in the World Series of Fighting 23 on NBC Sports network.
Gaethje currently holds the World Series of Fighting World lightweight title.
Palomino, now 23-10, 13 knockouts, must prove his experience and ring savvy can defeat Gathje, now 14-0 with 11 knockouts, Arizona. The bout will be a rematch of their WSOF 19 match in which an immediate leg sprain injury when the bout started left Palomino fighting hurt, and ultimately getting stopped late in the third round due to lack of mobility, and inability to use his legs to defend. Palomino, now healthy, spoke with confidence and expertise describing how WSOF 23 will unfold.
Robert Brizel: “On September 18, 2015, Luis, you will be fighting a long awaited rematch with Justin Gaethje for the World Series of Fighting World Lightweigt title. Your thought on the previous match with Justin.”
Luis Palomino: “In the first fight, there was an accident at the beginning of the fight. In the first kick we (me and Gaethje) threw, I injured my right ankle. It took away fifty percent of what I am. I had no lateral movement, I could not kick, and I could not check (stop) his feet.”
Robert Brizel: “Did he know you were hurt and try to take advantage of you?”
Luis Palomino: “I doubt it.”
Robert Brizel: “Were you in pain?”
Luis Palomino: “Yes, very much. I could not use my right leg. It was just a really bad sprain. It took three weeks to heal.”
Robert Brizel: “And how is your right leg now?”
Luis Palomino: “I’m one hundred percent (right now) and in a lot better condition.”
Robert Brizel: What will you do think Justin will do differently this time versus the last time you fought him?”
Luis Palomino: “Justin is going to utilize more of his wrestling skills.”
Robert Brizel: “Do you think you will on the floor more often in the rematch?”

Luis Palomino: “No.”
Robert Brizel: “How will the kicking in the rematch differ than before?”
Luis Palomino: “In the first fight, there were only kicks from his side. Now (in the rematch) there will be kicks thrown from both sides.”
Robert Brizel: “Do you think this fight will go the distance, or will you knock Justin out?”

Luis Palomino: “I believe I will knock Justin Gaethje out!”
Robert Brizel: “What have you learned from Justin Gaethje’s fighting style? How does he fight?”
Luis Palomino: “Very aggressive. Justin is always pushing forward.”
Robert Brizel: “How will you counter Justin in the decagon and break him down?”
Luis Palomino: “I have a lot more technical skill than him. I’m gonna pick him apart.”
Robert Brizel: “How much does winning the World Series of Fighting World Lightweight title held by Justin Gaethje mean to you?”
Luis Palomino: “Everything! I have two featherweight and two lightweight world titles won in different shows. More and more people will be watching to see who I am, as the World Series of Fighting is on its way to becoming the biggest (Mixed Martial Arts circuit) in the world.”
Robert Brizel: “You were ringside with me, and you saw Stitch Duran, the famed cut man, working World Series of Fighting 22. Would you like to have Stitch Duran as the cut man in your corner for your rematch with Justin Gaethje next month?”
Luis Palomino: “Oh yeah! I would be really excited to have Stitch Duran in my corner. It was an exciting feeling, being ringside with Stitch at World Series of Fighting 22. I would be very excited to have him with us (working my corner) for the next World Series of Fighting Show in Phoenix.”
Reader’s Note: The champion has first choice of a cut man. As world champion, Justin Gaethje has first choice to pick Stich Duran as his corner cut man on September 18, 215, in Phoenix, Arizona, for World Series of Fighting 23. Palomino can only have Stitch Duran in his corner if Gaethje picks a different cut man.
Robert Brizel: “Why is Stitch Duran so loved by everybody?”
Luis Palomino: “Apart from being the humble person he is, his work speaks for itself. This is the reason why Rory ‘Red King’ McDonald versus 170 pound champion Robbie Lawler in Ultimate Fighting champion 189 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena this past July 11 was allowed to continue. That is just one example of all of his fights, in which he’s been able to keep the fighter and the fight going when other cut men could not. Stitch Duran is the best of all cut men in the business (and a big TV draw). The World Series of Fighting needs to keep him on the team!”
Robert Brizel: “How has your training and conditioning been coming along?”
Luis Palomino: “I have been working a great deal of my Cardio for this fight. I know it will be a long haul. It was a fast pace the first time, and it will only get worse the second time.”
Robert Brizel: “Do you think Justin will fight dirty?”
Luis Palomino: “I don’t think so. He’s not dirty.”
Robert Brizel: “Do you think Justin will try takedowns?”
Luis Palomino: “Definitely.”

Robert Brizel: “How’s your nutritional plan?”
Luis Palomino: “I have a nutritionist who tells me what to eat.”
Robert Brizel: You were ringside for RousimarPalhares versus Jake Shields. Do you think your rematch with Justin Gethje could involve any head butts or eye gouging like Palhares versus Shields did in last weekend’s main event?”
Luis Palomino: “I wouldn’t doubt there will be head butts. As I move forward, we will have contact. I can only seeing eye gouging as accidental in a match like this.”
Robert Brizel: “Make a prediction for your lightweight world championship rematch bout with Justin Gaethje in the main event on World Series of Fighting 23.”
Luis Palomino: “I will knock Justin Gaethje out by kayo before the end of the second round!”
Robert Brizel: How are your trainers preparing you to accomplish this feat?Are they the best?
Luis Palomino: “Cesar Carneiro is my striking trainer. Samuel Valvede is my JiuJitsu instructor. They are the best! They really work. They put it all together. We are a perfect team!”




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