Richard ‘The Boxing Prophet’ Solomon’s Picks Of the Week (3/6/15)

By Richard Solomon, RCM Boxing Radio Co-Host

Richard’s love of boxing preceded his love of solid food. Doctors report he came out of his mother’s womb throwing a jab. As a child he would only ever count from 1 to 10, and his favorite superhero didn’t wear a cape- he wore leather gloves that were A Thrilla In Manila. With his uncanny ability to predict fights, his parents gave up dreams of him becoming President and set their sights higher: Boxing Prophet.

His claim to fame: telling the whole world in Feb of 1990 that James Buster Douglas was going to beat Mike Tyson. Through jeers and laughs he stuck to his prediction. Rich was an overnight sensation. A folk hero in his town. The prophet was born. His parents wept.

For every 10 fights Richard predicts – he guarantees 8 out of 10 are correct. He prides himself on not only picking the winner of the fight, but also whether it’s by decision or knockout – being so bold as to even pick the exact round.
Richard went to Adelphi University and holds a Master’s degree in Special Education. He teaches preschool children with learning disabilities and special needs. His kids are fighters and Richard genuinely appreciates and nurtures that spirit in them.

Richard started his career on Adelphi radio in a weekly sports talk show and went on to co-host other boxing radio shows during his career. He is now the RCM Boxing Radio Co-Host since April 2013.

Keith Thurman (24-0, 21KOs) vs. Robert Guerrero (32-2-1, 18KOs)
Keith Thurman has been one of the sport’s hottest fighters over the past two years.  He has looked like a potential superstar.  However, he’s never faced an opponent like Robert Guerrero.  The “Ghost” is a multiple-division champion who has won some thrilling wars.  Guerrero is an experienced fighter, having competed at the world-championship level for nearly a decade.  He has tricky versatility, with the ability to box technically and brawl aggressively.  Thurman is a dangerous puncher with fight-ending power in both hands.  But, he’s also a skilled boxer, capable of adjusting to the unique problems his opponent presents.  Guerrero has been through some brutal wars in his career.  At the age of 31, he has a lot of miles on his odometer.  He is a former featherweight, while Thurman is a bigger, stronger man with more dangerous power than anybody Guerrero has previously faced.  As I stated before, Thurman has never faced an opponent of Robert Guerrero’s quality, so there are definitely questions about him coming into this fight.

Against Leonard Bundu in his last fight, Thurman had some minor difficulty dealing with Bundu’s idiosyncratic style.  Guerrero should attempt to confuse Thurman with a variety of looks.  Maybe, box technically on the outside, but mug Thurman when they get in close.  I fully expect to see Guerrero skirting the rule book in an attempt to frustrate Thurman and make him lose focus.  Thurman, on the other hand, needs to stay patient and look for his spots.  He has a definitive power edge over Guerrero and that can put him even in a hurry.  Thurman knows he is fighting a southpaw.  Guerrero will look to slip his own lead foot to the outside, so he can take away Thurman’s straight right. Guerrero might have to time his own straight left when Thurman is trying to get off with his big lead hook.  Thurman needs to touch Guerrero early and force the veteran to respect his power.  But Guerrero is a warrior, so Thurman should be prepared to deal with the “Ghost” standing up to him with a lot more confidence than previous opponents have.  This is a tough fight to call.  Guerrero is an experienced star.  He’s a physically and mentally tough warrior.  But, I believe that Keith Thurman is the real deal.  I would be a fraud if I jumped off the bandwagon, right when he faces his first major test.  He’s the younger, more powerful fighter.  Thurman has the skills and intelligence to press those advantages.  It will be a hard-fought bruising kind of war.  My Pick: Thurman wins by Unanimous Decision.

Adrien Broner (29-1, 22KOs) vs. John Molina (27-5, 22KOs)
Broner is the favorite here, but Molina is a live dog.  He should look to take advantage of his length by throwing hard jab-cross combinations straight down the middle in order to catch Broner coming forward.  Molina will look to pivot on his lead foot and slide back onto his rear foot, while throwing the straight right to keep the space of the exchanges at long range.  Molina has to throw a lot of punches at Broner and as many as possible from outside of Broner’s range.  It’s no big secret that the key to winning the fight for Broner is his activity level.  Broner really needs to forget about “Putting On A Show” and be prepared for a real fight.  I hate when Broner tries to copy Floyd Mayweather’s sharpshooting style.  Broner should instead play the busy, fast-paced young warrior.  He is a quick, agile fighter and should use feints and head movements to slip inside on Molina.  Once he’s in range, he needs to unload with multiple-punch flurries.  Broner should not expect Molina to go away easily.  He needs to be ready to grind out a tough win.  Molina has a long frame for the junior welterweight division and uses it to generate dangerous power.  He’s an experienced fighter who comes forward with determination and puts himself in position to win.

  Broner is a three-division world champion.  He has good boxing skills and explosive speed and athleticism.  Sometimes, Molina does not show a lot of variety in the pace of his punches and opponents can often time him and dictate the pace of the fight. He’s athletically below average for a world class fighter.  Broner, let’s not forget, got pummeled by Marcos Maidana in December 2013, because he failed to throw enough punches to keep the aggressive Argentine off of him.  Broner did not seem physically and mentally prepared to grind it out against an opponent whom he could not overwhelm with his physical gifts.  Let’s get to the bottom line: I won’t be shocked at all if Molina manages to pull of the upset win.  He is a dangerous fighter and Broner has shown plenty of signs that maybe he is not fully committed to the sport of Boxing.  If he comes into the fight taking Molina lightly or he is fat and out of shape, Broner will be ripe for a loss.  Laugh at me if you must, but I always believed in Broner.  Sure, he can be a prick outside the ring.  Truth be told, half the time, I can’t understand what the heck he is talking about!!!!  Picking Broner to lose here means I am writing him off as a serious star.  I’m not prepared to do that. Not jut yet.  The kid has some sick skills.  This is a crucial moment in his career and he has to rise to the occasion.  I think he will not only win, but make a statement.  You know what they say: Haters Gonna Hate!!!!  Lol.  My Pick: Broner wins by a 9th Round TKO.

Here are my other picks for some important fights taking place this weekend: Abner Mares (28-1-1, 15KOs) over Arturo Santos Reyes (18-4, 5KOs) by a 7th Round TKO.  Zou Shiming (6-0, 1KO) over Amnat Ruenroeng (14-0, 5KOs) by Split Decision.  Glen Tapia (22-1, 14KOs) over Daniel Dawson (40-4-1, 26KOs) by a 5th Round KO.  Jose Felix Jr. (28-1-1, 23KOs) over Raymond Sermona (17-4-5, 8KOs) by an 8th Round TKO.The Boxing Prophet’s Record (73-10)

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