Adrián Estrella and Micky Roman record victories in Sinaloa

On Saturday night undefeated power puncher, Adrián “Diamante” Estrella, won by TKO in 10 one sided rounds against teak tough Philippine, Adones Aguelo, at the MultI Purpose Center Los Mochis, Sinaloa, topping the card “A Homeland of Champions.”

WBC International Champion Adrian, who’s won 19 of his 21 fights by KO and is still developing into a more rounded and complete fighter, was appreciably more mobile, using an accurate bread and butter left jab to establish some powerful main course combinations plus uppercuts. Although Adones had posted ten defeats up to this bout he had also notched 15 KO’s and was dangerous. Adrian had to tread carefully in the first rounds, as physically shorter Adones wasn’t intimidated, was prepared to go forward and did land some hard right hands to the head.

But Adrian admirably stuck to the task and slowed his rival with some crunching body shots and some rapid combinations to the head. Adones survived a torried ninth rounds, but in the tenth Adrian unleashed a massive, sustained and unanswered barrage. A left hook to the liver started the slide, uppercuts to the head, a big right hand followed by another power driver to the right side of the ribcage overwhelmed the brave visitor, who was visibly wincing with eye watering discomfort some minutes after the referee had saved him and the fight was all over.

Estrella, who looked purposeful and in marvelous shape, again stressed his interest in fighting WBC super featherweight champion, Takashi Miura. In this fight, he displayed digging power, patience, much better ring craft and the determination to overcome a very tough rival.

On the undercard, Micky Roman, defeated Adrian Verdugo via disqualification in the sixth round . The lightweight bout was broadcasted to al Mexico by Televisa Deportes.

As usual, shorter Micky was all action, constantly trapping Adrian on the ropes, slamming away at mostly the body, but also the head, when the opportunity presented itself. Adrian tended to start rounds at distance using his reach advantage to box quite well. But he was soon backed up and taking punishment. Heads accidentally clashed several times, prior to Adrian completely losing his temper and charging in head first.

The Referee deducted two points and then the entire bout with the only course of action possible…a disqualification.




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