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 By Pattee Mak, RCM New England Correspondent-Ringside

Mashantucket, CT (January 24th, 2015)–   I was curious to hear and see more about Season 2 of the boxing reality TV show “KNOCKOUT”which will be shown on NUVOtv. So I ended up at their meet and greet to chat with the trainers and fighters at Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut. While I was there a few other well-knownNew England fighters showed up by the name of Vinny Paz (50-10-0) and Peter Manfredo, Jr. (40-7-0). So let’s get right to the key players.

Let’s start with the Host. A recognizable boxer who is none other than Roy Jones, Jr. (59-8-0). The trainers, Floyd Mayweather Sr. (28-6-1), “Sugar” Shane Mosley(47-9-1) and “Iceman” John Scully (38-11-0).

According to Iceman John Scully: “There are three trainers and nine boxers on hand for the show. The trainers are myself, Floyd Mayweather, Sr. and Sugar Shane Mosley. The boxers are young pros from all across the country. Basically myself, Sugar and Floyd have three boxers each. We each have one boxer each in the featherweight, lightweight and cruiserweight divisions. We each have three boxers that we train, one in each weight class, and one boxer in each weight class gets a bye to the final bout.The other two box off for the right to fight the guy who gets the bye”.




The fighters are from three different weight divisions and are as follows:

Featherweights are Rocco “So Cal Kid” Santomauro (12-0-0) from California vs. Johnathan “Thunder” Arellano(15-5-2) from California. He replaced Juan Carlos “Twin Dream” Velasquez from Las Vegas, Nevada and the challenger,Mike “The Machine aka Mike Mike” Oliver (26-5-1) from Hartford, Connecticut.

Lightweights are Hylon “Kid Cosmo” Williams Jr. (16-1-0) from Houston, Texas vs. Jose “Chico” Arambula(8-0-0) from Chicago, Illinois who will then face Challenger Jason “The All American Boy” Litzau (29-3-0) from Saint Paul, Missouri.

Cruiserweights are Raphael Murphy (10-0-0) from Harlingen, Texas vs. Dimar “El Animal” Ortuz(10-0-1) from Chicago, Illinois. The winner will then meet up with Keith “Machine Gun” Tapia(12-0-0) from Bronx, New York.
I asked Raphael Murphyhis thoughts, “First it’s a great honor to be a part of the KNOCKOUT TV show. Very excited to show my skills to the world. I’m taking full advantage of the training from John Sully. He’s a great trainer. I’m looking forward to winning this show with Scully!! Also a great experience for being able to train and work with some of the biggest name in boxing. I’m pumped up!!”

When I spoke to Paz I asked him the following: “5x world champ, youare present here today during one of the tapings of the show KNOCKOUT. What do you think about another reality TV show and the concept of the show?”“smile emoticonI think it’s GREAT for Boxing!! Bottom line! I want to see Boxing make a comeback! And THIS is a step in the Right Direction!!”
I asked Rocco Santomauro who he was fighting and what he knew about his first opponent: “Being on the KNOCKOUT season 2 show has been nothing but a complete blessing. It’s a golden opportunity for someone like me who has had soo many fights fall through in the last couple of years including a long layoff. I’ve been in the gym for quite some time so it was definitely something I had to take advantage of especially when they mentioned big celebrity boxing names like Floyd Mayweather Sr., Sugar Shane Mosley and John “The Ice Man” Scully. These are all guys I’ve been watching and hearing since I was a kid… Had someone told me when I was 12 years old that I’d be working with them for an opportunity like this on NUVO TV, I’m not too sure how I would of reacted ha ha ha. I have to look at it that way in order to truly be grateful for this moment. I’m very grateful and that’s why I’ve taken the time I’ve spent out here so seriously. As for my opponent, my original Juan Carlos Velasquez went home early. I have no clue why. But in his replacement they’ve brought my long time childhood rival Johnathan “Thunder” Arellano who I know very well. It’s going to be a fun match but VICTORY in my mind is clear and I will do whatever it takes for me to be a successful Daddy to my little girl. Daddy’s coming home a winner no matter what! My sacrifices this year are for her and no one or nothing else.”

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