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Frank De Alba Wins UBF All America Title in Reading, Kayos Tough Mexican Badres

By Robert Brizel, Head RCM Boxing Correspondent – Ringside

*Photo Credit: Robert Brizel

Reading, PA (July 1st, 2014)– In the main event of an amateur and professional fight card in Reading, Pennsylvania, promoted by Marshall Kauffman’s King’s Promotions, Reading southpaw Frank Santos De Alba won the vacant Universal Boxing Federation Super Featherweight All America title with a well-earned fifth round knockout over rough tough Pablos Badres of Nogales, Mexico.

De Alba, now 13-1-2, five knockouts, tried to get Badres, now 7-10-1, two knockouts, out in the first round. Badres, an experiencedrugged Mexican veteran, refused to go despite giving away substantial height and reach advantage to De Alba. Instead, Badres forcefully fought his way inside, taking De Alba’s best shots. Badres had the right idea, but lacked to the talent to back up the game plan. De Alba put four rounds in the bank before landed a body shot to the beltline which knocked Badres out. Badres, who took the full ten count in the fifth on one knee at 1:54, cried low blow when he went down, but the punch appeared clean and legal at ringside, confirmed by Pennsylvania State Commissioner Gregory Sirb.

Result: Frank Santos De Alba KO 5 Pablo Badres, Super Featherweights (1:54)

De Alba wins vacant Universal Boxing Federation Super Featherweight All America title

Referee: Gary Rosato. Noted referee Rosato refs all six professional bouts in Reading.

UBF Regional Official: Mike Melendez

Notables in attendance include HBO commentator Harold Lederman, trainer Nazim Richardson, and former world cruiserweight champion Al ‘Ice’ Cole.

Professional Undercard Results at Santander Arena in Reading

Danny Lugo Win Majority Decision 4 Pat Kehoe, Welterweights

Rolando Chinea TKO 2 Robert Ramos. Light Welterweights

Gilbert Sanchez Win 4 Miguel ‘El Gallo’ Martinez, Light Middleweights

3-4 Sanchez scored a mild upset of the 1-0 Martinez, who is trained by martial artist Sensei Danny ‘Pa Encima’ Rivera. Rivera shouted clear instructions to Martinez to throw body shots, then come back up top. The fighter did not listen to his corner the last three rounds.

Christian Molina TKO 1 Jordan Morales (debut), Light Welterweights (2:42)

Antonio Dubose Win 4 Benjamin Burgos, Featherweights

Burgos took a beating in rounds one and two against Dubose, yet somehow survived.

Reading Amateur Bout Results, Two Minute Rounds

Fighters represented Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey

Nick Hernandez Win Split Decision 3 Jesus Perez, Light Middleweights

Perez appeared to win the bout. One of three controversial card split decisions.

Darrel Lee Win 3 Ronnie Bullock, Welterweights

Frank Dawson Win 3 Garcia Ramos, Lightweights

Antonio Perez Win3Jose Torres, Minimumweights

LinetteDueno Win Split Decision 3 Kayla Hracho, Female Featherweights

Joshafat Ortiz Win Split Decision 3 Chico Acosta, Junior Lightweights

Steven Ortiz Win 3 Mike Monroe, Super Middleweights

Alexis Villasenor Win 3 Angel Perez, Minimumweights

Montana Perez Win 3 David Amaro, Minimumweights

Natalie Dove Win Disqualification 3, Kaleeya Vasquez, Female Minimumweights*

*Originally a Win 3 for Dove. Vasquez forgot to have a supervising official sign her hand tape on both hands. Amateur rules require it, so Vasquez was disqualified after the fact.

Daryl Binford Win 3 Rocco Guzman, Minimumweights





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