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It’s Not David Tua! Samoan Heavyweight Prospect Natu Visinia Wins Decision at PacPlex

By Robert Brizel, Head RCM Correspondent – Ringside

Photo Credit: Robert Brizel

Brooklyn, NY (May 19, 2014)– Samoan heavyweight Natu ‘The Truth’ Visinia is a David Tua lookalike. At 10-0, eight knockouts, promoter Sal Musumeci hopes Visinia will become the next David Tua to shake up the heavyweight division.

In the main event of a seven bout card at PacPlex Sports Facility in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday evening, May 17, 2014, Natu Visinia, of Lakewood, California, won a unanimous six round decision over agame but outmatched cagey and frisky veteran Jon Bolden, 6-9, with five knockouts, New York City, New York.

Visinia came forward in the style of the late great Rocky Marciano, throwing power punch bombs, and never taking a backward step. Visinia appeared a bit rusty as he was inactive for a year. At 279 pounds, heaviest of his career, it was difficult for him to chase Bolden on his bicycle. Bolden, tall and lanky and in fine condition at 225 pounds, moved side to side and kept moving for his life. Though Bolden used his straight jabs to the head meticulously to try to keep Visinia at bay, Bolden spent the entire fight running away in retreat like a frightened Bugs Bunny, which cost him the rounds on the judge’s scorecards. When Visinia landed power shots with Bolden on the ropes, Visinia’s incredible power was obvious.

Samoan heavyweight contender David Tua, who finished his career in 2013 with 52 wins, five losses, and two draws, with 43 knockouts, and lost a 12 round decision to Lennox Lewis for the world heavyweight title, debuted at 201 pounds. Tua fought his second bout at 204 pounds. From his third bout to the end of his career, Tua fought between 210 and 253 pounds. Tua fought his last professional bout against Alexander Ustinov at 237 pounds.

Visinia, who debuted fighting at 272 pounds, and has fought as low as 268 pounds, is too heavy at 279 pounds. To succeed as a force in the current heavyweight division, he requires a strength and conditioning coach to bring him down to 250 pounds or less. Visinia has great power in his hands, and as such has great potential, but in attempting to walk his opponent down, he was unable to cut off the ring due to his weight. The bout went round and round in circles, when Visinia should have ended the mismatch in three rounds or less. Visinia played the part of the fox, chasing the elusive quarry, and Bolden played the part of the rabbit. Coulda woulda shoulda Visinia just didn’t want to chase the rabbit all night.

Complicating matters, the wily Bolden used a trick from the Muhammad Ali rope-a-dope dirty tactics playbook in Kinshasa, Zaire, in 1974, sneakily leaning on and holding Visinia behind the head in an attempt to wear him down. Bolden got away with it for most of the bout, until referee Ricky Gonzalez finally warned him to stop in round six. In some venues, Bolden would have had points taken away and would have eventually been disqualified. Visinia was not worn down by the ‘trick’, but combined with Bolden’s extreme proficiency as a track runner, Visinia, who fought the bout cleanly, was forced to settle for the decision.

Result: Natu Visinia Win 6 Jon Bolden, Heavyweights

Scoring: 59-55, 58-56, 58-56 Visinia. Referee: Ricky Gonzalez

Bolden warned by referee Ricky Gonzalez for holding behind the head in the sixth round

On the undercard, New York City light middleweight Delen ‘Sniper’ Parsley, inactive for a year, knocked down 1-0-3 unbeaten Marcus Beckford with seconds left in the sixth and final round to clinch the decision. Beckford a higher level fighter than his 1-1-3 record.

3-3 cruiserweight Lamont Capers scored a minor upset with a four round majority decision over the previously unbeaten but much shorter 4-0 David Valykeo.

Former New York City Golden Gloves finalist Kherani Kessoon won a four round decision in his lightweight pro debut over game Cesar Gonzalez, who came off the canvas twice in the first round to battle back in rounds three and four, in a great display of heart and courage.

Unbeaten 10-0 heavyweight prospect Keith Tapia of the Bronx (no relation to area light middleweight contender Glen Tapia) landed numerous power shots and put on relentless pressure on game Tobias Rice, stopping him in the fifth round. Rice fought back bravely till he took a beating on the ropes and referee Pat Sullivan stopped the contest. Rice was down in the first round.

Boxing celebrities in attendance included former world champions Juan LaPorte and Junior ‘Poison’ Jones, heavyweight Derric Rossy, light middleweight Boyd Melson, and light welterweight Shemuel Pagan. Ring announcer David Diamante provided the commentary. Noted cut man Big George Mitchell did a fine job working the corners.

Cruiserweight David Sparks, and super middleweight Obafemi Bakari, both won their professional debuts with impressive four round decisions.

Undercard Results at PacPlex Sports Facility, Saturday Evening, May 17, 2014

Referees: Pat Sullivan, Ricky Gonzalez, and Pete Santiago

Results indicate unanimous decisions, unless otherwise noted

David Sparks (Pro Debut) Win 4 Martinez Williamson, Cruiserweights

Obafemi Bakari (Pro Debut) Win 4 Henry Beckford (Pro Debut)

Kherani Kessoon (Pro Debut) Win 4 Cesar Gonzales, Lightweights

Gonzales came off the canvas twice in the first round to box competitively.

Lamont Capers Win Majority Decision 4 Dave Valykeo, Cruiserweights

Keith Tapia Win TKO 5 Tobias Rice, Heavyweights (2:53)

Tapia now 10-0. Rice was down in the first round.

Delen Parsley Win 6 Marcus Beckford, Light Middleweights

Marcus Beckford down near the bell ending round six. Brother of Henry Beckford.




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