Invicta Atomweight Champion Michelle Waterson Interview

By Zach Heim, RCM MMA Correspondent

Currently the Atomweight Champion of Invicta FC, Michelle Waterson has a lot going on.  She is a full time mother and a full time fighter which each on there on is a big job.  While training at one of the best mixed martial arts gyms in the world with Greg Jackson she still finds quality time with her daughter Araya.  I got the honor to talk with Michelle and ask her a few questions.

RCM:What is it like training with the best in the sport in Greg Jackson?

Michelle:I love it!! It’s like family there and I’m surrounded with the top fighters in the world. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world.

RCM:What was it like walking out to the cage for you FIGHT with Jessica?

Michelle:Just in the zone!!! I knew that all my hard work had build up to this one moment!

RCM:How did and does it feel to be the champion?

Michelle:It feels amazing!!! A dream come true. And now I need to hold on to the belt.

RCM:What advice would you offer to a young person that wants to get into the sport?

Michelle:Take it day by day! You learn something new each day and you will ALWAYS learn something new. Some days are harder than others, but you just have to dust yourself off and try again!!!

RCM:What has been your favorite or most memorable fight?

Michelle:I would have to say my lose verses Alicia Gumm because it was an all-out blood bath war, and of course my fight with Jessica penne because to me it was turning point in my journey.

RCM:What fight did you learn the most from?

Michelle:I always learn the most from all my losses.

Michelle’s Championship Victory over Jessica Penne





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