My Dream: Adama Trainer WasfiTolaymat Interview In Monte Carlo

By Robert Brizel, Head RCM Boxing Correspondent

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In a Real Combat Media international exclusive, WasfiTolaymat, manager of middleweight title challenger Osumanu of Ghana, and Cynthia Tolaymat, promoter of Adama, answered prefight questions before the 12 round main event World Boxing Association World Middleweight championship bout between Adama and the champion, Gennady Golovkin on Saturday, February 1, 2014.

Five bouts are scheduled for the card, which will be held at sale de etoiles, in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The card is sanctioned by the Federation Monegasque de Boxe. Prince Albert II, reigning monarch of Monaco (also known as Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi) will be among the luminaries in attendance. The card will be televised by Germany SAT1, Australia Main Event, Hungary sport 1, France Ma Chaine Sport, and Al Jazeera Sport.

Real Combat Media: “When did the OsumanuAdama corner get to Monte Carlo?”

Manager WasfiTolaymat: “Last weekend. We flew in on Delta Airlines to Paris, (where) we changed airplanes to Air France for Monte Carlo (Monaco).”

Real Combat Media: “Where are you training in Monte Carlo?”

Manager WasfiTolaymat: “We are using the same gym (as Gennady Golovkin’s camp). We go in earlier than them to the gym.

Real Combat Media: “You were happy with Adama’s weigh-in yesterday.”

Manager WasfiTolaymat: “Adama and Golovkin both weighted in at 159 and a half pounds. We arrived at 158 pounds. Yesterday Adama was at 157 pounds. I told him, if you win this (the world middleweight title) I will let you fight at 154 pounds. We could do it.”

Real Combat Media:Floyd Mayweather Jr., Erislandy Lara, Saul Alvarez, or Miguel Cotto?”

Manager WasfiTolaymat: “If we win this championship, we could fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. at 154 pounds if he agrees. Always we wanted to fight at 154 pounds.”

Real Combat Media: “Adama signed a three fight option with Golovkin’s promoters if he wins.”

Manager WasfiTolaymat: “It’s a three fight deal, but the terms are negotiable.”

Real Combat Media: “Did you meet with the Monte Carlo ring officials? You did not go to Australia for Adama’s International Boxing Federation world middleweight title bout with Daniel Geale in 2012. Are conditions better for Adama in Monte Carlo than they were in Tasmania?”

Real Combat Media: “The conditions are 100% better than before. Adama never felt better than his current physical condition. All of the officials, judges (Stanley Christodoulou, PhillippeVerbake, and LeslekJankowiak) and the referee (Luis Pabon) are professional people. I met the WBA official and the IBO President (ED Levine) and they are all good people. We met with Gennady Golovkin. He’s an honest clean guy. We took photos together. After the weigh-in we had a meeting, our team and the Golovkin team, his promoter Tom Loeffler, and his trainer Abel Sanchez, they are very good people.”

Real Combat Media: “There is no animosity or hatred between your camp and Golovkin’s camp?”

Promoter Cynthia Tolaymat: “Golovkin’s camp is one of the nicest good camps we’ve dealt with, very professional, very good people. No animosity, no hatred.”

Real Combat Media: “Cynthia, then what happened when you went to Australia with Adama?””

Promoter Cynthia Tolaymat: “Australia was good, the people there were good. This (Monte Carlo) seems to be better. There’s a very good undercard too, we’ve met with the undercard people, also good people.”

Real Combat Media: “Explain the accommodations.”

Promoter Cynthia Tolaymat: “The accommodations are nice, the food is nice, we’re well taken care of. All of the fighters are at one hotel, and all of the opponents are in another hotel. Everything is real close (to the fight venue at Salle des etoiles), it’s no problem.”

Real Combat Media: “Have you seen the ring Adama will be fighting Golovkin in?”

Promoter Cynthia Tolaymat: “We have not seen the ring. They flew it in from England. Nobody has been in to see it (before the actual fights taking place tonight). This is really a smaller venue which holds 1000 people, basically watched by the wealthy and rich elite who live in Monaco.”

Manager WasfiTolaymat: “They are getting 1500, 2500 Euros a ticket. That’s thousands of dollars. This venue is not for ordinary fight fans. The people who live in Monte Carlo are rich, and it is for their benefit.”

Real Combat Media: “Will there be officials in the dressing rooms and in the corners?”

Manager WasfiTolaymat: “Yes.”

Real Combat Media: “Cynthia, is Adama’s confidence level higher with Wasfi present? Wasfi was not in Australia when you flew over with Adama and his trainer Joseph Awinongya for Adama’s previous title bout with Daniel Geale, a 12 round decision loss.”

Promoter Cynthia Tolaymat: “Adama has more confidence. He is more confident with Wasfi here. He looks at Wasfi as his father, not just as his manager, watching out for him. Having Wasfi next to him here, it makes a difference.”

Manager WasfiTolaymat: “I have the suitcases for the championship belts, to bring them back home. My dream is for OsumanuAdama to win the World Boxing Association and International Boxing organization World Middleweight championship belts, and I will bring the WBA and IBO world championship belts back to the United States, back home to Chicago (Illinois).”





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