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Mike Melendez Interview: George El Terrible Sosa Will Knock Joseph Judah Out!

By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Boxing Correspondent


In an exclusive interview with Real Combat Media, Pennsylvania matchmaker, trainer and corner man Mike Melendez, who will be in the corner of New Jersey welterweight George ‘El Terrible’ Sosa on Saturday night, July 20, 2013, at Coppin State University in Baltimore, Maryland, predicted his fighter Sosa would knock out Zab Judah’s brother Joseph Judah, in a scheduled six rounder. Sosa, 7-4, has knocked out every opponent he has beaten.


Real Combat Media: “Why can George Sosa win this fight?”


Mike Melendez: “Because George has got punching power, and this guy Joseph Judah does not. Judah has been beat by a lot less competition. George has lost to all top fighters who have a combined professional record of 44-1.”


Real Combat Media:Joseph Judah is Zab Judah’s brother. Do you think this fact can get him any favoritism with the judges?”


Mike Melendez: “No. As a matter of fact, in Baltimore, Maryland, they know the fight game. They are not impressed by a name. They just want to see a good fight.”


Real Combat Media: “How do you account for Sosa’s knockout loss to Samuel Vazquez?”


Mike Melendez: “The loss to Vasquez was just due to the fact we had to wait a long time to before the fight began. We had the national anthem, the National Guard , then they brought him in (Vazquez) on a hummer. It was as if we were standing around in an ice ring for a half hour before the fight began. That’s just the facts.”


Real Combat Media: “Did George Sosa win or lose the decisions he did not get?”



Mike Melendez: “A lot of people actually thought he beat Emmanuel Taylor. I think he got robbed. Tomorrow night we are just going to come in and prove George is for real. We had Wilkins Santiago out on his feet. Twice. By the time Sosa’s fight with Javontae Starks was over, Starks’ forearm was so sore he had to put ice on it. The way it goes down with these fights it (the decisions) could have gone either way.”


Real Combat Media: “Are you at a great disadvantage with fighters like George Sosa, bringing your fighters in against the promoter’s fighter in the promoter’s so-called hostile territory?”


Mike Melendez: “Absolutely. That’s always the case. Usually the fight coming out on the ‘A’ size (the promoter’s fighter) is favored over the ‘B’ side. It’s an automatic presumption the fighter brought in on the ‘B’ side is going to be used as a stepping stone, that’s just the way it is.”


Real Combat Media: “Mike, what’s your prediction in George Sosa versus Joseph Judah?”


Mike Melendez: “We feel we (George Sosa) will knock him out Joseph Judah. I think Joseph Judah is all hype. Look at his record. Joseph Judah got beat by two guys that were just ‘C’ fighters at best. I think Joseph Judah is overrated.




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