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Guy Robb Interview: Boxing 360 Rising Prospect


By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Correspondent


Real Combat Media brings another exclusive interview with the best in pro boxing.


Among the most exciting West Coast prospects rising up at 122 and 125 pounds is Guy Robb of Sacramento, California. Robb, who is 24 years old, has a professional record of 11-1 with four knockouts. Last month, Robb, a former Goossen Tutor Promotions fighter, signed with Dr. Mario Yagobi’s Boxing 360.  In an exclusive interview with Real Combat Media, Robb, who lives with his girlfriend and three year old son, talked about his plans to become a world champion in the 122 pound Super Bantamweight division. Robb is trained by Ray Woods (the father of the late Diego Corrales), is managed by Repo Ric (also the manager of Roman Morales).


Robb had 24 amateur fights. In 2008, Robb was a bronze medalist at the USA Amateur National Tournament in Colorado   Springs, Colorado, in the 125 pound open class division. In 2008, Robb was the Ringside World Amateur Champion  in the 125 pound open class division in Kansas City, Missouri.


Real Combat Media:Guy Robb, where did you grow up, and how your involvement with boxing begin?”


Guy Robb: “My dad was trying to get me into the gym while I was in high school. I attended Grant Union High School in Sacramento. I reached the gym at age 17. I had done some street fighting (while) hanging out with the wrong crowd. So when I got there (to the gym), I was excited to learn the correct way of doing things.”


Real Combat Media: “When do you decide to go professional?”


Guy Robb: “I turned pro in 2010. My trainer all the way is Ray Woods, the father of the late Diego Corrales. (Diego died in 2007). He talks about his son sometimes.”


Real Combat Media: “You had to drive to your first professional fight in October 2010 against Jose Pacheco at Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez, which you won by first round knockout.”


Guy Robb: “It was a hell of an experience! We had to drive to Southern California, an eight hour drive, and we did not even know who we were going to fight. I felt Pacheco out as soon as the bell sounded. As soon as he tried to hit me, I countered him, and that was it.”


Real Combat Media: “You lost to Boxing 360 fighter Joel Diaz Jr. in your seventh professional bout. Yet you later were signed by Boxing 360. How did that happen?”


Guy Robb: “Mario Yagobi saw my passion and my heart. I showed my character. I made some mistakes, but you good see my good characteristics and quality in me as a fighter. I was fighting through adversity, (with) my heart and passion.”


Real Combat Media: “Guy, when do you fight next?”


Guy Robb: “In July 2013, at 122 pounds. A California bout at eight rounds”


Real Combat Media: “You’ve fought your career between 125 1/2 and 132 pounds. Why go down to 122 pounds and become a super bantamweight now?”


Guy Robb: “I know I can make 122 pounds. It’s just a matter of how I feel at 122 pounds. I can also fight at 126 pounds.”


Real Combat Media: “Are you satisfied with the level of training Ray Woods puts you through on a daily basis in Sacramento?”


Guy Robb: “I’m pretty happy where I am now in terms of my training. I just have to work on listening, relaxing, and doing what I have to do. I’m pretty satisfied with the work I do with my trainer, Ray Woods.”


Real Combat Media: “What’s the boxing scene like in Northern California?”


Guy Robb: “It’s pretty good in Northern California. Big promoters, a lot of fighters.”


Real Combat Media: “Your last opponent, John Herrera, was your first fight outside of California. Talk about that.”


Guy Robb: “Herrera was from New Mexico. The fight took place in Phoenix, Arizona. I was in training for six weeks. That bout was what Mario had lined up.”


Real Combat Media: “Who are your favorite fighters?”


Guy Robb: “I like all of the old school fighters, Aaron Pryor, Salvador Sanchez, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., all of the all-time greats.”


Real Combat Media: “Does a professional athlete have a nutritional focus?”


Guy Robb: “Yes. You eat healthier, with the right proteins. After I lost for the first time, I realized I had to live the life. Boxing is not just part time. The right foods, you eat these foods. I rest when I gotta rest. I sleep when I gotta sleep. I train when I gotta train.”


Real Combat Media: “Will your new contract with Boxing 360 get you regular bouts?”


Guy Robb: “I’ll probably get busy. I’ll stay in the gym, and every couple months I’ll get a fight.”


Real Combat Media: “Guy, what’s the game plan at this point?”


Guy Robb: “My plan is staying alive and staying busy. My plan is to get 25 fights (under my belt) before we step up to the plate (and my handlers take a step bout). Right now we’re just taking it one step at a time.”


Real Combat Media: “Do fight fans want to see bouts in the lower weight classes?”


Guy Robb: “The lower weight classes are exciting, but overlooked. For the last two years, fight fans have been getting interested in the smaller weight classes. The fights are pretty damn brutal, and that’s what people like.”


Real Combat Media: “Do Mexicans and Latin American fighters excel in the lower classes? What’s your take on the background of the better opposition?”


Guy Robb: “There’s a lot of rivalries. Cubans and Puerto Ricans have better established amateur backgrounds.”


Real Combat Media: “In your last three bouts, you won six round decisions.”


Guy Robb: “I won all of the rounds (in all three bouts).”


Real Combat Media: “Why drop Goossen Tutor as your promoter?”


Guy Robb: “I had too much of a layoff, I wasn’t getting fights. Things just slowed down. I wanted to be more busy, more active. I asked for a release and they (Goossen Tutor) granted it. I didn’t expect it to be go so smoothly. They told me best of luck, and I told them thank you.”


Real Combat Media: ” “How did you hook up with Boxing 360?”


Guy Robb: “I had met Mario Yagobi before, when I was signed with Goossen Tutor. I didn’t hook up (reconnect) with Mario till a month ago.”


Real Combat Media: “Where do you train? Who do you spar with?”


Guy Robb: “I train at the Golden State Bloodhounds Gym, more of a private gym.

I spar with local guys for the moment. I would like to have a variety of training partners. For right now, there’s good work (sparring) right here in Sacramento.”


Real Combat Media: “How have you grown as a fighter more recently?”


Guy Robb: “At first I was just fighting. That approach is not how you are going to advance. I had to start boxing in terms of my movement and my thought processes, about my attacks, my combinations. It’s more than just fighting, there’s a lot of different aspects.”


Real Combat Media: ” Since you are now fighting at 122 pounds, what’s your evaluation of Guillermo Rigondeaux’s fighting ability?”


Guy Robb: “Guillermo is a master at doing what he has been taught. Guillermo likes to use his movement to get you out of position, and take advantage of openings. He just wants to be in charge. and you cannot let Guillermo be in charge.”


Real Combat Media: “What’s next for Guy Robb?”


Guy Robb: ” I plan on working my way up the ladder, and whoever’s the champion of the world, that’s who I’ll be fighting!”


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