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Mayweather has marked Alvarez the chosen one.

By Tom Mauriello Real Combat Media Correspondent


Brooklyn, NY (May 30th, 2013)– Let me start this off by saying, Floyd Mayweather knows more about boxing then every one of us. Floyd had the opportunity to fight any fighter he wanted, but as he said on his personal twitter account “I chose my opponent for September 14th and it’s Canelo Alvarez. I’m giving the fans what they want. It will be at the MGM Grand.” He chose Alvarez, he if giving the fans what they want and there is a reason for it.  I do not yet know what that reason is. This is Floyd’s most dangerous opponent to date. A hungry opponent who has been asking to fight Floyd since he came on the boxing scene. A fighter who has the speed and power to walk through some of the top names in the division and most importantly, he has youth. I feel his youth may be his demise come September 14th.

Canelo Alvarez’s last victory was his least impressive, earning a Unanimous decision over Austin “No Doubt” Trout. I was impressed by his dramatic improvement of defense and head movement, but it seemed forced and un natural. It also came in spurts; Canelo did not stick with the movement throughout the entire fight. He was also caught and walked down by Trout’s jabs. This could have been a tactic as he would bait Trout in and try to land those hard power shots, including vicious upper cuts that hurt Trout numerous times. Dropping Trout with a huge right hand in the beginning of a round was the only time I was truly impressed by Canelo. I was shocked on how he let Trout recover from this, and that he did not finish the fight right then and there. Trout was clearly hurt, but Canelo did not go for the kill.


My problem with this fight is how frustrated Canelo seemed to be in the early rounds. He was over anxious and was not fighting his fight. If he gets these nerves in the Alamo Dome where the crowd is in your favor, what will they be come September 14th in the house that Floyd has built for himself in Vegas against the best in the sport? I’m telling you right now, if the same nervous energy comes from Canelo against Floyd as he had with Trout, there will be no coming back from it and he will be embarrassed by the living legend.

Canelo seemed very tight, and was throwing lead over hand rights with some cheese on them at Trout as Trout evaded and moved around the ring. Even when Canelo seemed to calm down and begin to move his head, Trout was the one initiating the fight and moving the pace. Canelo also seemed to be gassed going into the later rounds which in my opinion, had nothing to do with conditioning. Canelo was gassed from being tight and nervous. He came out with a point to prove and was over anxious which led to him being thrown off his game. He was still able to come home with a win due to that vicious power he possess, but my question is what happens when he cannot land that big power shot? Floyd Mayweather will not allow himself to be put into the danger zones that Trout did. He will engage only when he knows he will not be hit, he will not take chances, nor will he fall into the trap of following Canelo to the ropes were he will be susceptible to one of those vicious uppercuts. This is where Canelo can win me over. If he keeps his composure and sticks to the task at hand, and attempts to walk down Floyd and hurt him, we will see a passing of the torch and Mayweathers first career loss/


To be honest, Floyd is not coming off of a very impressive victory either. He toyed with Roberto Gurrerro for 12 rounds. He out classed him and beat him in every aspect of boxing. He even hurt Gurrerro but would not move in for the kill. Maybe it was a tune up fight, maybe Floyd was over cautious not to engage with the rough and powerful Gurrerro, but at the end of the day, Floyd’s last performance was his least impressive. It was a glorified sparring match with two high profiled fighters. I read a great tweet yesterday that said “Catch weight fights do not ruin boxing, Roberto Gurrerro PPV’s ruin boxing”. This could not be truer, and now we as fans get to see an amazing match up. Floyd has just as much to prove as Canelo in this fight. This is the fight where he can show the world why he is in the talks of the greatest of all time, and why he is the most highly paid athlete in sports today. Or we could see the demise that the boxing world and Oscar De La Hoya have been waiting years for. I feel that Floyd will use the ring, his feet and speed to out box the younger fighter. He will be constantly moving and make Canelo chase while countering him and hitting him with punches from all angles. Canelo will not be able to cut off the ring on Floyd, and if he gasses out as he did with Trout, Floyd may be able to finish him.


Canelo has the tools to beat Floyd, but he is just not ready for him yet. Canelo has amazing power in both hands, he has great speed for a big guy, and so far it seems that he has a decent beard as well. He brings all of Mexico with him for his fights, and is the pride of his boxing family. This is why Floyd has chosen to fight him. This fight will be the most entertaining fight we have ever seen Floyd in. Win or lose, Canelo will come out of this fight a much better fighter then he was before. Floyd will show him that he cannot take rounds off as a professional and conserve your power. He will be forced to fight Floyd every minute of every round. The MGM Arena will be on fire as these two stand toe to toe. The world knows that Canelo has the power to put Floyd on his back. As a Floyd fan, I know that as amazing of a fighter one could be, a 34-year-old chin will not hold up against a 23-year-old right hand. If Floyd fights the way he always has, this will not happen. Canelo has never seen speed like Floyd Mayweather, and Floyd has not tasted the power of the likes of Canelo is years. This is the biggest matchup in recent years, and everyone will certainly be on the edge of his or her seats. I am drooling at the thought of this fight and will be counting down the days to September 14th.

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