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Teddy Atlas and The Meaning on Consistency

By Robert Brizel, Real Combat Media Correspondent

 Atlantic City, NJ ( March 10th, 2013)–Listening to Teddy Atlas at ringside after the ESPN television lights had faded in Atlantic City recently,  giving a brief talk with constructive feedback to rising 12-0 light middleweight prospect George Rogers on his six round bout with Ivan Ziglar, Atlas mentioned one word in his chat which rings true in importance for everyone.




A key to victory inside the ring, and outside the ring in life, is consistency in personality, in daily routines, in goals and dreams, and in daily life. You want to always be learning and growing in everything you do, to achieve maximum ability of what a human being can achieve, a potential fulfilled. It’s just too many people are inconsistent in their approach to life.


The human approach to the ring, and a universal understanding of it, parallels a great deal to do with everyday life. Far too often many rising prospects with great potential in professional sports are inconsistent in their performances, like a stock broker who looks good and seems to have star power, but just cannot sell enough stocks and bonds to do well as a salesman the majority of the time. Inconsistently is sort of ;ike playing a good baseball game and a then bad baseball game. It’s the New York Yankees team which wins 90 or more games in a season which makes us recognize the Yankees as consistent, not just in winning but in team routines.


We remember Rocky Marciano for his 49-0 record, not because he was unbeaten but because he was consistent. We remember Satchel Paige not his wins or losses, but because he was consistent as a pitcher for over 40 years, not even reaching the Major Leagues until he was 42 years of age. Angelo Dundee was easy to reach 90.


I remember Teddy Atlas, like Emanuel Steward and Harold Lederman, as the most consistent sports analysts and commentators. Consistency is professional sports and in life may be a lost art, but is a desired place to be. The most consistent personalities last the longest.


Boxing may not have the magic and the following of years past, but what survives is a testament to consistency. It is not just boxing. In life you want to perform and achieve at a slow but sure pace. It is the inconsistencies of life which lead to mistakes which help us grow, provided they are not fatal and we learn from them.


Life my friends, in boxing, and in the rest of the world, it seems, is considerably imperfect. Perhaps the best lesson learned from Teddy Atlas is the more consistent you are in this world, in particular when it comes to athletic performance, the better off you will be in the ring, and the better off you will in this world, in the long run.


Aristotle Onassis, Steven Jobs and Bobby Fischer are all examples of well known, individualistic and dynamic personalities who made their mark on mankind, who died short of the mark, but had the potential to achieve more and live much longer.


Each morning, former World Middleweight champion Jake LaMotta, 90 years old, shadowboxes for an hour-as he has for 80 years. LaMotta, ‘The Raging Bull’, has a consistent habit. He remains sharp in mind, body and spirit.  Wow. Jack LaLanne and George Burns did their exercise routines at home for an hour every day. It can be argues their longevity was directly linked to the consistency of their daily routines.


Consistency, therefore, is a winning edge on the game of life, and is better off being recognizes sooner rather than later, when bad habits are allowed to run and cannot be broken. So, Teddy atlas has a major point to make when he cites consistency as a factor young boxers should strive to reach in their training and ring performances, and which we should all strive for in life.








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