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WBC will not allow the winner of Trout and Canelo to keep their other Belts

By Tom Mauriello

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Las Vegas, Nevada (February 22, 2013)–It seems that the time for Jose Sulaiman to step down as the president of the World Boxing Council has arrived. The positive influence this man has had on the sport is negated by the rumors of corruption and poor comments he has made in the past. Sulaiman once said “beating a lady is highly critical, but is not a major sin or crime” in response to Floyd Mayweather beating on his former spouse. Most recently, in his last blog post “Hook to the Liver” on February 17th, Sulaiman said “the WBC is mainly concerned about stimulants, including marijuana, which it is said that it is depressing, drugs that affect the mind of boxers, not to understand the limits of human endurance. We also forbid any medicine-drug that might hurt the health sooner or later of boxers”.  Now here is where it gets interesting, “I do not favor other muscle-building drug testing unless they are physically dangerous, because boxing is a unique sport that is very different from most other sports.”


So Sulaiman feels that you should crack the whip on a fighter who tests positive for marijuana, but says the WBC wont test for muscle-building drugs because boxing is a tough sport. This logic makes no sense, considering that weed is not a performance-enhancing drug nor does it have any extensive studies where it has been proven to hurt the mind, or cause depression. It changes your mind set while you are on it, and you are back to normal thoughts after a few hours. PED’S on the other hand, or the muscle building agents that Sulaiman speaks of, stay in your system for a remainder of a fight camp and gives you the an upper hand on your opponent. It allows you to make weight easier, recover faster and transform your body into a freak. Muscle building agents have also been proven to cause spikes in testosterone which leads to the scary “roid rages” certain athletes go through. You are also spiking every hormone in your body by taking these muscle-building agents, which causes defiance’s for your body later on in life because you are no longer giving your body the supplement. Shouldn’t his thought process be vice versa? Can we all agree that muscle-building agents hurt fighters later on in life, and weed just gets you high and allows you to relax?


I bring this to my reader’s attention to show you the mind set that Jose Sulaiman has towards the sport of boxing. This man clearly does not think rationally. His most recent decision as WBC president is to make it clear to Saul Alvarev and Austin Trout, that after the two current Junior Middleweight champions collide in their May 5th unification bout, that the victor will have to decide which title he wishes to keep within 15 days. Alvarez currently holds the WBC title, where Trout holds the WBA crown. The fight is being promoted as a title unification bout, but after 15 days we will not have a unified champion due to Sulaiman and the WBC not allowing their champions to hold more then one title at a time. Sulaiman has been quoted saying, “a unification with the WBA would cause his organization to lose authority and exclusivity”. Once again, I would like to understand Sulaiman’s logic behind this decision.


Rather then having a clear cut, Super Middleweight unified champion, your organization would rather strip the champion of the WBC crown, and create a new champion to keep your authority and exclusiveness. Now will that be the exclusive champion, or will all fans and writers in the boxing community see that person as a paper champion, and know who the true champion of that class is? The madness must stop! This is a manufactured rule by Jose Sulaiman. There have always been unification bouts in the sport, and the winner was able to hold both titles. A champion can only be stripped if he where to have an extended absence in the weight class where he holds said championship, avoided fighting a number one contender, or retired from the sport. It has never been the case that a champion would be stripped due to the jealousy and dictatorship of said council.


Men such as Jose Sulaiman think for themselves and not the sport of boxing. His greed is why Trout or Canelo have 15 days to revoke a certain title, nothing else. He does not wish to split royalties with the WBA, so he would rather create a paper champion and ride him until he falls. Unified champions have the most respect in the sport of boxing due to how difficult it is to become one. You are taking away a milestone from fighters who bleed and sweat in the gym to become the #1 fighter in their respected weight class. Men such as Sulaiman are ruining the sport and should step down. The winner of the May 4th bout between Canelo and Trout should do the same as Danny Garcia, and ignore the demands of the WBC. Call Sulaiman’s bluff and allow him to strip you of the gold; it may be a blessing in disguise. Situations like this is why we need a governing body in the sport, and why we need to eliminate the 4 major titles, and create one unified championship. One could only dream on that. Good luck to Austin Trout and Canelo Alvarez, no matter what happens 15 days after the fight, the boxing community will acknowledge one man as the true unified champion, and that is all that matters.




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