Garrett Wilson Interview: My Goal is Still To Be World Champion

By Robert Brizel, Real Combat Media Correspondent

In an exclusive interview with Real Combat Media, United States Boxing Association Cruiserweight champion Garrett Wilson talked about his International Boxing Federation 12 round decision loss in an eliminator bout against Russian southpaw and former European cruiserweight champion Alexander Alekseev in Galati, Romania, on February 22. Real Combat Media did a story about Wilson after the bout, and offered Wilson a fair opportunity to air his views on the bout.


In the interview, Wilson talks about the problems with the ring flooring which impeded his ability to move in the ring as he normally would against Alekseev. The argument, which persuasive, does not hold. Wilson stands 5’9″ to Alekseev’s 6’2″, a five inch height disparity. Wilson is not a jabbing fighter on the move, Wilson is a short powerful puncher. His best chance to win a cruiserweight fighter is to use his power and take his puncher’s chance. Wilson has a great puncher’s chance once he gets inside, but he cannot jab on the outside against a fighter like Alekseev who is five inches taller who can. The game plan Wilson describes below didn’t work.


In 2010, Wilson, 13-6-1 with 7 knockouts, won only one of five professional bouts, defeating only 2-4 Reshawn Scott of Philadelphia. The boxers he had most trouble with were two unbeatens, Carlos Negron and Julio Matthews, who had superior boxing skills and outboxed the shorter, slower Wilson, who could not chase them.


It defied logic that Wilson would go to Europe to gain television publicity and incur a loss against a fast technical fighter, when Wilson could have used his USBA belt to go directly for a world title shot. Another Pennsylvania cruiserweight, Andres Taylor, who had fought Wilson twice, went to Hamburg, Germany and lost to Rakhim Chakhiev in November 2012. IBF cruiserweight Steve Cunningham went to Germany twice, and lost both matches to Yoan Pablo Hernandez in 2011 and 2012. Jason Robinson traveled to Poland in 2010 and lost to WBC champion Kristof Wlodarczyk. Rob Calloway traveled to Poland and lost to Pawel Kolodziej in 2009. TIt was he list goes on and on. Europe favors its cruiserweights over American fighters.


Real Combat Media: “Garrett, why did you go to Romania to fight Alekseev?”


Garrett Wilson: “I don’t want to be one of the guys who just fight over here in America. I wanted to go (fight) abroad and showcase my talents all over the world.”


Real Combat Media: “Garrett, could you have beaten Alekseev?”


Garrett Wilson: “I had opportunities to kayo Alekseev, however I was more conscious of the movements of my feet. They kept wiping the ring floor between rounds. The ring floor had some kind of other kind of materials-not canvas.”


Real Combat Media: “Did the ring floor impede your movements?”


Garrett Wilson: “Yes, a tremendous amount. I wasn’t able to do the movements I normally do. I was treated fairly. The ring was just too slippery. Our sweat (Wilson and Alekseev) made the ring even more slippery.”


Real Combat Media: “What did you think of Alexander Alekseev?”

Garrett Wilson:Alexander Alekseev is a technical fighter, a very skilled fighter.”


Real Combat Media: “Garrett, was your cruiserweight bout the main event?”


Garrett Wilson: The main event was a Romanian heavyweight (named Christian Hammer) who stopped a Ukrainian (named Oleksiy Mazikin) in the sixth round.”


Real Combat Media: ” What was the fight environment like in Romania?”


Garrett Wilson: “It was a packed house. The bout card was broadcast on EuroSport. I think I made a lot of fans by being able to fight on their (Romanian) card. I made a ridiculous amount of fans.”


Real Combat Media: “If were about to use your feet more, as you state, what difference would it have made in the fight?”


Garrett Wilson: “Alekseev did not move too much. Alekseev stands in one spot, pinpoints his shot and throws it.”


Real Combat Media: “Did your trainer Rodney Rice see the problems with the ring floor?”


Garrett Wilson: “He definitely saw where the problem was-the sweat (on the ring floor).”


Real Combat Media: “Any problems with traveling to Romania and the time change?”


Garrett Wilson: “No. We were out there (in Romania) from the Friday before the fight.”


Real Combat Media: “Will you be making a defense of your USBA title next?”


Garrett Wilson: “I’ll fight anybody in the United   States top ten. I want to fight the top guys and get back into ratings as soon as possible.”


Real Combat Media: “Garrett, would you ever go in weight to heavyweight, or down in weight to light heavyweight?”


Garrett Wilson: “I’m happy at cruiserweight. If the right (financial) offer came through, I’d consider either one, light heavyweight or heavyweight.”


Real Combat Media: “What about some of the big cruiserweight names out there? Antonio Tarver, Danny Green, Kristof Wlodarczyk, Marco Huck, Yoan Pablo Hernandez, Denis Lebedev, Santander Silgado, Dmitro Kutcher, B.J. Flores, Mateusz Masternak and Pawel Kolodziej? Will you fight them?”


Garrett Wilson: “I was supposed to fight Pawel Kolodziej in Poland in December 2012, but he injured his ankle and pulled out. I want to fight in Europe. I want the television exposure. I want to fight international opponents. B.J. Flores seems to be hung on announcing, so I don’t think he wants to fight.”


Real Combat Media: “Are you in need of better exposure?”


Garrett Wilson: “Absolutely. I feel I could be getting better exposure. I believe I have a style that’s exciting to the fans. It’s been an ongoing fight. I just fought on EuroSport television. I’d like to be on any (boxing show on) television, NBC, HBO, ESPN, anything to show my talent, and show boxing fans I have more skill than just knocking people out.”


Real Combat Media: “Will you defend your USBA cruiserweight title next?”


Garrett Wilson: “Absolutely. I’d like to defend it as soon as possible, by May is a possibility.”


Real Combat Media: “What is your goal at this point in the game?”


Garrett Wilson: “My goal is (to be a) world champion, whatever is going get me to my world title faster. That’s the road I want to take.”





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