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Q&A with Will Rosinsky

By Jon. Campbell

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Jon. Campbell: On behalf of both myself and Real Comabt Media Radio I would like to thank you for taking the time to complete this interview. How are you today?


Will Rosinsky:  I’m feeling good today. It’s been a couple days after the fight and I’m feeling great. It feels good to rest a little and spend time with family and friends.

Jon. Campbell: Congrats on your recent victory against Otis Griffin. Talk to the fans about this fight as you did not have it all your way?


Will. Rosinsky: This fight was definitely a tough one. I said it going into the fight that Otis Griffin gave a lot of good fighters some trouble. Although I didn’t get a chance to watch all his film I knew that there would be something awkward about him, something that I would have to figure out on fight night. Te limited film I saw, there was nothing that stood out to me other than his toughness. Along with his awkward style, he was a natural light heavyweight. I would even go as far as saying he was probably close to 190 pounds on fight night. I feel the weight difference showed in the fight, especially when we were on the inside or on he ropes. I had to use my foot work and keep the fight at a distance. Although i was successful at times on the inside, it could have resulted in a losing battle in the long run.


Jon. Campbell: This was your comeback fight following your loss to former Middleweight champ Kelly Pavlik. What was it like to fight such a highly regarded fighter like Pavlik on a big card?


Will. Rosinsky: Fighting Pavlik, like every other fight was a learning experience. I try to take something from every fight. For example, while the being busier in spots was something I took from the Pavlik fight, the Griffin fight was much “grittier”. He knew how to hold, head butt, rabbit punch, elbow and get away with it. That’s nothing I’m mad at, but something I can learn to appreciate. It’s the tough fights like this that also makes you a better fighter in terms of keeping your composure and sticking to the game plan.



Jon. Campbell: Your biggest win to date was an upset over Aaron Pryor Jr., What do you think went right for you in that particular bout?


Will. Rosinsky: The main thing that went right in the Pryor fight was me keeping the right distance. I was either all the way in his chest or staying far away from his jab. There was no in the middle. Styles make fights but even more so I have to keep learning how to adapt. While I thought staying in Pryor’s chest was the best idea, I learned midway through the fight that I was able to outbox him. At times, I stayed on my feet and was beating him to the jab even though he had about an extra 6″ in height along with about 10″ in reach.



Jon. Campbell: Going back I see you had a very successful amateur career, in which you won a national title and numerous NY state titles. What was your amateur record?


Will. Rosinsky: Amateur record: 85-12


Jon. Campbell: One thing that stands out about you when you fight is your high level of athleticism, how did you develop this did you constantly take part in many sports as a kid?


Will.Rosinsky: I played many sports as a kid. I started with basketball, baseball, football and karate. Football was one of my favorite sports. As a Molloy HS student, they had no football team and I wanted to do something. I wasn’t interested in karate anymore so I decided on boxing. Boxing was just something to stay in shape. After watching guys spar day after day, I wanted to he in there myself to see where I stand. The rest is history!!


Jon. Campbell:You have fought at a number of weight divisions. Your last fight being at 175lbs and the Pavlik fight being at 168lbs. Do you wish to intend to fight at a number of divisions or is there one which you prefer?


Will. Rosinsky: I personally prefer 168 pounds in the near future with the intention to get to 160 and stay there. I know my trainers agree with that move and I’m looking forward to doing so. It’s going to be challenge just to make the weight but I’m willing to make the sacrifices. Although I fought at 178 pounds in the amateurs, it’s a big difference in the pro’s. These guys that weigh in at 175 pounds are close to 190 pounds on fight night. In this case, they are much too big for me. I will be giving my opponents an advantage if I stay at 175.


Jon. Campbell: What is your plan moving forward now you have won your comeback fight?


Will. Rosinsky: Not sure what’s next for me. I’m looking forward, as I said, on making a splash in the middleweight division. As always, I’m willing to fight anybody and we’ll see who Lou Dibella (promoter) or Keith Connolly (advisor) bring to the table. I’m in no rush but we’ll see what the future holds. If it makes money, it usually makes sense.


Jon. Campbell: What do you make of Hopkins getting another title shot at his advanced age?


Will. Rosinsky: More power to Hopkins if he can keep on fighting. As I’ve heard, he’s a gym rat. He always fights a tough fight and I think he can upset a lot of people even at an older age. I’m in no position to say anything negative about his career. I will definitely be tuned in if Hopkins fights again. I’m a fan.


Jon. Campbell: Are you a big fan of the sport yourself? Which current fighters do you enjoy watching?


Will. Rosinsky: I’m a fan of these up and coming guys making a name for themselves. Fighters like Keith Thurman, Austin Trout, and Danny Garcia. They’re all guys I remember from the amateurs and I’m happy to say I know them. Maybe I’m a little bias because we were from the same “era” but I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys do in the near future. It’s good to see the new school fighters make noise.


Jon. Campbell: Is there any social networking information which you would like to pass on to the fans?

Will. Rosinsky: Anyone and everyone can follow me on twitter @Wrosinsky







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