Team Puerto Rico Speaks

By: Eliud Vazquez Torres

Photos: Rosa Vazquez Garcia

Real Combat Media had the chance to speak with three members of Team Puerto Rico. Jorge “Machito” Maysonet Jr.(7-0, 6 KOs), Jose “Sniper” Pedraza(8-0, 6 KOs), and Orlando “Orlandito” Del Valle(16-0, 11 KOs) are all determined young men who want to reach the top of their profession. Team Puerto Rico was assembled by Universal Promotions, Gary Shaw Productions, Lou Dibella Entertainment, and Warriors Boxing Promotions. There is a lot of potential between these three fighters.

Here is what the young Puerto Rican prospects had to say:

Jorge Maysonet Jr. was interviewed first….

RCM: You are the youngest member of Team Puerto Rico and the promoters have giving you a lot of support. How do you feel about that?

JM: I feel good and satisfied that they gave me this big opportunity. They have confidence in me and we are going to do our thing.

RCM: As a son of a former fighter(Maysonet Sr.) , what are some tips that your father shares with you now that you are progressing in your career?

JM: Yes, his tips are to take the steps he took, to work hard, to be better than him. We work hard in the gym. He tells me to avoid the streets. To stay focus doing my thing, to listen to his concerns because that is important. That’s how we are going to get where we have to go.

RCM: This question is for your father. Can you tell us the pride you have now that your son is taking the very steps you took in being a fighter?

JM SR: I have a lot of pride. A lot of people are already saying that he is better than I was. I trained three or four times less than him and I got to fight for a world title. The way he is training, he is going to be better than me. He is doing a lot better than what I was doing at the time. He should be on top of a championship with God always in front of us.

RCM: Thanks for your time guys.

JM, JM SR: No problem thank you.

Jose Pedraza was the second member interviewed. Pedraza represented Puerto Rico in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijin.

RCM: Jose we want to congratulate you on your latest victory against Gil Garcia in Oklahoma. Can you tell us a little bit about that fight?
JP: Thank you. Yes of coarse, I had an opponent who had experience and had a record of five wins, 2 loses, a draw, and a knockout. He was a proven opponent and I had to apply all my resources.

RCM: What awaits for you now? Are you on vacation or are you back in training?

JP: I started training again. I took a week off to rest. We started training for my next fight that will be on June 15 in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico at the Coliseo Mario ‘Quijote’ Morales.

RCM: Thank you Jose, we will be at your fight reporting it in June.

JP: Thank you very much.

Last up was Orlando Del Valle who is the most progressed boxer of the three members with 16 fights under his belt.

RCM: Orlando, a couple weeks ago you fought in Oklahoma against Christopher Martin. What can you tell us about that fight?

ODV: The Martin fight was the best experience I had so far as a pro. Tough fighter and we came out with the win. He was slick, he was tough as we expected but we prepared ourselves for a great fight and we came out victorious.

RCM: From what we understand you will be fighting on the undercard of the Andre Berto/Victor Ortiz fight. How is your training going so far?

ODV: Actually we started camp already, we took two weeks off after the Martin fight. Am a very disciplined fighter. I don’t be hanging out, I don’t be clubbing. I just like spending time with my family. Resting and taking the time off that I really needed and this next fight we will have five weeks of strong training. Am already in shape. We do not have an opponent yet but the date is pretty sure and we are ready to go. We hope we end the year with 18 or 19 fights and hopefully we get a title shot sometime next year.

RCM: What can you tell your fans to look out for?

ODV: All I can say is thanks to everybody that is supporting me. Anyone that is hearing this make sure you tag along and follow my career. Am going to bring nothing but excitement to the table. There’s gonna be fireworks. I guarantee you that when you see my fights, you won’t want to miss none of my fights. Am a fighter that comes to fight. I like to give the fans what they deserve and am a prospect soon to be a champion.

RCM: Thanks a lot Orlandito.

ODV: I appreciate you guys for having me on.

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