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Results Are In For Mayweather Vs. Cotto & Alvarez Vs. Mosley

By: Scott Canipe

Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto

The pound for pound King, Floyd Mayweather faces Miguel Cotto for Cotto’s WBA junior middleweight championship of the world.  Mayweather is undefeated and Cotto is coming off of three impressive wins.

Floyd comes out with his belt’s and Justin Bieber carries them. Slick marketing.

Fight Time!

Round 1 – Show time! Floyd throws 2 leaping left hooks. Floyd is measuring Cotto and his jab is working very nicely.  Cotto steps in with this power jab. He closes the distance.  Cotto is on the inside and works triple left hooks to the body.  Mayweather is unfazed.  Mayweather moves laterally to the left and then to the right looking to set Cotto up. Cotto had some success when he cut off the ring!

Round 2 – Cotto looks much bigger than Floyd. Floyd is quick and elusive! Good rd for Cotto. Cotto is trying to close the distance and hammer May on the ropes!

Round 3 – Cotto comes out strong and Floyd looks to measure him and adapt to his style. Cotto is landing some nice shots.  But he cannot do it in the center of the ring, he must get Mayweather to the ropes.  Nice power jab by Cotto! Excellent, right-hand by Mayweather!  Cotto is a live dog here! Good jab by Cotto! Great action for the third round! Cotto looks to be stronger than Mayweather, but Mayweather is the consummate boxer.

Round 4 – good right-hand by Mayweather! Mayweather is looking to counter Cotto’s jab with the right-hand.  Mayweather is pouring it on in the fourth.  Cotto looks a little bit hesitant, however, he continues to press the action.  At this point Mayweather is maintaining great distance.  Now Cotto has Mayweather against the ropes and Mayweather moves out.  Then he gets back up against the ropes and Cotto continues to work body punches.  Cotto lands some great shots.  Mayweather is in a fight and he knows it.

Round 5 – When Floyd’s back is against the ropes Cotto works furiously.  Floyd’s defensive skills are unparalleled.  But pressure breaks pipes.  As long as Miguel Cotto does not get discouraged this could be a replay of the first José Luis Castillo fight.  Both men are firing.  However, Mayweather is more accurate.  Wow! I love the stylistic matchup!

Round 6
– OMG! High paced action. It is tit tat. Floyd is in a fight!

Round 7
– Floyd is dominating this rd with crisp combinations! Is Cotto getting tired?

Round 8 – Floyd is utilizing a lot of uppercuts. Floyd Mayweather is figuring out Cotto’s patterns, but then Cotto comes back and fires ripping combinations when Mayweather is against the ropes.  Both men are in tremendous shape. Damn! Cotto will not quit! Cotto just landed a triple left hook on Mayweather and Mayweather looked at him and shook his head.

Round 9 – both men come out with a lot of aggression.  They both want to win this fight and they know that they are both in a tremendous scrap! Floyd continues to throw uppercuts and right hands and lands, but Miguel will not be denied.  Cotto continues to press forward.  Every time he has Mayweather on the ropes he ripped body punches! What a fight!!!!!!!!!! Mayweather starts to hold a little bit, but then he says NO way, “Let’s fight!”

Round 10
– In the championship rounds.  Floyd appears to bring more heat, because he knows that this is a very close fight.  Cotto, however is trying to bring equal heat, but Floyd is just a little bit more quicker and more skillful.  He just caught Floyd with that power jab that the boxing community has been talking about!!! And then Floyd comes back with a straight right hand of his own!

Round 11
– Cotto looks stronger.  Cotto bores forward with his power and strength and he has Mayweather against the ropes.  Mayweather tries to move away from the ropes and to bring the fight to the center of the ring.  Now Cotto has Mayweather against the ropes again.  Excellent left hook by Cotto, followed by counter punches from Floyd Mayweather.  What a fight!  Floyd looks to be a little bit fatigued here.

Round 12 – The final round! Cotto looks very serious.  Mayweather looks like a warrior.  Both guys are exchanging tremendous shots.  Mayweather has a lot of success. OMG!  Cotto was staggered by a left uppercut!! But Mayweather, Ohohohohohho! Floyd can stop him right now.  He has to pours it on to get ! What a warrior that Miguel Cotto is!!!!!!

117 -111, 117 -111, 118 110 UD for Money Mayweather!

Floyd calls out Pacquiao! We want to see that fight!

Saul Canelo Alvarez vs. “Sugar” Shane Mosley

Shane Mosley is coming off of two terrible one-sided losses against Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather and a dreadful draw with Sergio Mora. Can the 40-year-old pull off the upset tonight when he faces the young 21-year-old lion, Saul Alvarez, the WBC light middleweight champion of the world.

The 40 yr. Shane Mosley has deep experience and puncher’s chance and that is the last thing a fighter loses – explosive power.

Canelo is easier to be hit than Pac and Floyd. Mosley says he was injured when he fought Pacquiao and Mayweather, tonight he says he has no injuries and no excuses.

Is this it for “Sugar” Shane? Can he defy the odds and beat this 21 yr old champion?

Let the best man win!

Fight Time!

Round 1
Shane Mosley is advancing and Canelo is backing up.  Both men are trying to feel each other out.  Shane is working the jab.  Canelo is feinting.  First jab and combination by Canelo. Mosley goes to the body of Canelo.  More jabs by Mosley.  Shane Mosley still has that twitchy quickness.  Left hook by Canelo that wings by and barely misses Mosley’s Chin.

Round 2
– Mosley coming forward with the jab. Shane Mosley looks to be physically bigger than Canelo Alvarez.  Canelo is taking his time.  Canelo just missed with the right-hand.  He connects with a right-hand and caught Mosley’s attention. Good body shots by Canelo.  Good left hook by Canelo that catches Mosley on the chin.  Canelo looks to be warming up at this stage.

Round 3 – both men are winging power shots!  Canelo is strong but his defense is woefully lacking.  ACCIDENTAL HEAD BUTT!!!! Canelo’s left eye is bleeding.  There appears to be a sense of urgency with Canelo as he presses forward with power shots, but Mosley fires back strong.

Round 4 – Canelo is feinting and throwing combinations. Mosely is in this fight because Canelo has poor defense. But Canelo is very strong and quick! Good left hook followed by a powerful right hand by Canelo! Mosley throws a 1-2, but Canelo comes back with the left uppercut and right-hand.

Round 5 – Canelo is feinting again, and looking to set up power combinations. Tremendous jab by Canelo but Shane fires back with shots of his own. Great exchange in the fifth round! These guys are going at it.  Shane looks a little bit fatigued at this point. Nice exchange at the end!

Round 6
– Shane presses forward and Canelo gladly meets him. Excellent 1-2 by Canelo, followed by a left hook to the body. Shane continues to try and press forward.  At this point, the fight appears to be in Canelo’s favor.  Canelo is taking over this fight. Canelo’s confidence is growing with every combination that he lands on Shane.

Round 7 – Mosely looks spent.  If Canelo would pick up the pace.  He would be the first man to knock out Shane Mosely. Mosely is trying, but he just does not have enough left in the tank to stop the onslaught of Canelo.  Great inside, short combinations by Canelo. Tremendous right hand by Canelo that snaps the head back of Shane Mosley. Shane is very weary at this point, but the warrior in him continues to press forward and throw combinations.

Round 8 – Shane pushes Canelo up against the ropes and unloads a fusillade of punches. Good right hand by Shane Mosley!!! Shane snaps the head back of Canelo .  Now Canelo backs up and Shane advances and lands solidly!

Round 9
Shane Mosley appears to be coming back in this fight.  Good right hand by Shane Mosley and a good counter right uppercut by Canelo!   It is do or die for Shane and he’s doing his very best against someone that is nearly 20 years younger than he is.  Good punches by Canelo.  Canelo is picking it up and throwing hard combinations.  Another right hand to the body.  Canelo steps in and ripped a left hook to the body followed by another left hook to the body.  Shane looks weary, but then he fires a right hook up side the head of Canelo!!! A very close round!

Round 10 – Both men coming out trying to measure each other.  Great right-hand by Canelo, followed by another one. Canelo wins this round.

Round 11 – Big left hook by Canelo! Shane keeps trying but he does not have enough to stop the Canelo’s advances.

Round 12 – Mosley keeps trying and he is winning this round. It all boils down to wants it this most.

Good fight! Both men brought it. I’m satisfied!
The judge’s scorecards are in 119-109, 118-110, 119 109 all for Saul Canelo Alvarez! He won it by a unanimous decision. Canelo calls out Pacquiao and Mayweather.

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