Joseph Kaczorowski

By: RCM Editor Anthony L. Gonzalez


ALG When did you start boxing and why ?


JK I started about 12 years ago I was overweight and I wanted to lose weight.


ALG Did you have a favorite boxer growing up ?


JK  Yes I did, The great Muhammad Ali .


ALG  Who is the best boxer out there today ?


JK  Floyd Mayweather, I think he is the best out there so far.


ALG Did you play any other sports growing up ?


JK I played basketball , Taekwondo and table tennis.


ALG   What are your career boxing highlights ?


JK  My amateur highlights were boxing for London and competing in the London ABA finals. My other highlights are winning many semi pro titles and being featured on the DVD Unlicensed Boxing.


ALG  I understand you were very self motivated and fought most of your career without a trainer. How did you do this ?


JK  I guess I was determined so I watched other trainers coach their boxers and picked up the useful points. I made myself available for sparring sessions with other     boxers and listened to the points that their trainers raised and watched a lot of fights on DVD and youtube. I’ve also trained regularly in Derreck Chisora’s camp when he is preparing for fights and sparred him and other boxers in the camp and learnt alot from them.


ALG What are your greatest strengths as a boxer ?


JK It’s the inner desire to achieve my goal that makes me so tough to finish. Defense I learnt from watching Muhammad Ali’s fights as he had a great defense. The good chin I get that as a gift from god.


ALG I watched your last few fights and saw you were robbed. Why do you think you were robbed in those decisions ?


JK  Yes I was robbed and it is very frustrating and I think it has a lot to do with politics and boxing away. Against Julius Francis I think it was political because they wanted a re-match with they have got on the 27th April 2012.


ALG  What changes are you making  in the rematch with Julius Francis ?


JK  Throwing punches in bunches with a lot more power.


ALG Julius Francis has fought the best heavyweights in the world including Mike Tyson, Vitali Klitschko and has won the UK Heavyweight title. What are his strengths ?


JHe has great evasive skills and a good defense.


AG How much longer do you want to keep boxing ? Is there more you want to accomplish in boxing ?


JK  I think this is the end of my career, I’ve done enough and its time to pass the mantel over to the next generation.


ALG  I understand you have your own personal training business and teach boxing. How would a prospective client or one of your fans reach you ?


JK  I have a website which is it has all my details and how to get in touch with me. I’m also based in LA Fitness, New Barnet.

ALG  Thank You for the interview and your time. Real Combat Media wishes you the best of luck in your rematch against Julius Francis on April 27th at the Coronet in London.

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