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Welterweights Shine In Prizefighter 23 
By: Peter Mann
The undercard for the 23rdPrizefighter Series in Wolverhampton provided an excellent start to the main event. Both the Matchroom Sports prospects scored victories as first Tommy Ghent (5-0) defeated William Warburton over four rounds before Ryan Aston (3-0) increased his status and rocked the Civic Hall with a stunning victory. Ninety seconds was all it took for ‘The Tank’ to defeat Keiron Gray, hitting him with a fierce left body-shot which Gray never recovered from.
The task was then handed over to Matthew Hatton and Kell Brook to take centre-stage ahead of the evening’s main event and provide the draw. And with John McDonald as the Prizefighter announcer the draw came out as follows;
  • Young Mutley v Mark Lloyd
  • Dale Miles v Tyrone Nurse
  • Barry Morrison v Adil Anwar
  • Dean Harrison v John Watson

The draw therefore pitted the two eldest on the card in the opening bout. With the second being a battle of the two undefeated stars, something had to give tonight.

QF1 – Young Mutley v Mark Lloyd; Mutley wins the opening fight of the 23rdPrizefighter in an even battle with Lloyd. With a split decision the final outcome Mutley took the fight to his opponent coming out explosively in the opening round, but then the pair resorted to ulterior tactics. Lloyd though finished with a bloodied nose and right eyebrow before Mutley took the fight 30-27, 28-29, 30-27.

QF2 – Dale Miles v Tyrone Nurse;The battle of the undefeated fighters saw a rather unfortunate end to proceedings as the referee called an end proceedings during the third round. Both fighters went at it hammer and tongs throughout with plenty of punches being thrown. However, the first real shock came in the second round when Miles emerged with a bleeding right brow. It was ended though in the third as Nurse carried his undefeated streak to 21-0 (3) following a clash of heads which resulted in Mile’s right eyebrow being opened. An unlucky way for Miles’ own undefeated streak to end.QF3 – Barry Morrison v Adil Anwar;The new favourite and English Welterweight champion Adil Anwar participated in the takeoff of the evening’s Prizefighter as both himself and the Scotsman, Barry Morrison, took the fight to each other in a blistering opening round. Morrison didn’t take any notice of Anwar’s favourite’s tag either and come the third round was seemingly going for the knockout but went down twice himself, tripping on each occasion. Anwar did take the fight though via a unanimous points decision 29-28, 29-28, 30-27. Credit must be given to Barry ‘The Bizzness’ Morrison though for a strong performance.QF4 – Dean Harrison v John Watson; Watson looked to put his twelve months in the wilderness behind him in this fight against Harrison. Watson was hungry though and had Harrison on the canvas from the off. Although he got up Watson had Harrison pinned in the corner and the referee had no option but to call an end to the fourth quarterfinal of the evening in the first round. With Young Mutley, Tyrone Nurse, Adil Anwar and John Watson making the semi-final line-up the final three matches promised to be off the glove. The semis see Mutley face Nurse in one and Anwar against Watson in the other.

SF1 – Young Mutley v Tyrone Nurse; two contrasting approaches and styles made for a great fight between Mutley and Nurse. Nurse moved well throughout and there were times it seemed that Mutley had no answer to his opponent. Although they would be seemingly level they both went for it in the third round, which proved decisive for Nurse who’s undefeated streak continues to 22-0 (3) when he won by unanimous decision taking all three points scores 29-28 and book his place in the final.

SF2 – Adil Anwar v John Watson; an interesting fight here with both fighters giving a good account of themselves throughout. Anwar is the stronger of the two though and so it proved, even though both fighters were hitting well. Half-way through Anwar started putting on a show for the fans and the global audience but nearly paid as Watson took advantage in landing a few hits of his own. It wasn’t enough though and in the final round some nervous moments by Watson cost him and Anwar took the fight by unanimous decision, taking all three points scores 30-27 and earn a shot at the Prizefighter title against Tyrone Nurse.

So, the 23rd Prizefighter Series came to the crunch with Adil ‘The Platinum Kid’ Anwar taking on Tyrone Nurse and his undefeated record for the £32,000 prize money and the title of Light-Welterweight Prizefighter. Both fighters have done well to get to this point and shown the strength of character needed to take the glory. Mind, I did say in my first piece that it would be either Watson (beaten semi-finalist) or Nurse that would take the glory on the night.

Prizefighter Final – Tyrone Nurse v Adil Anwar; Huddersfield (Nurse) v Leeds (Anwar) in the all, West Yorkshire final, but who will be victorious? Anwar looks the more comfortable and progressive in the final and came out in blistering form. Although Watson eased himself into the fight the end of the second would see him needing treatment on his eye and starting to look a little off the pace. Anwar also loves his showboating as he progresses to glory. The final round saw both fighters going for it though as a lot of quick punches and movement was shown but the title of Light-Welterweight II Prizefighter went to……..


Adil Anwar courtesy of a unanimous points decision, taking the title with a 30-28, 29-28, 30-27 result. Fair play to him he has been consistent throughout the evening and could have easily taken it to another level. Anwar finishes the tournament with a record of 16-1 (7) whereas Nurse’s undefeated streak is over and finishes with a 22-1 (3).


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