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Chaos In The Ring: Lazarte vs Casimero 

Photo By: Ramon Cairo



In Mar Del Plata, Argentina chaos was running rampant, as fans of Luis Lazarte acted violently after  Jonhriel Casimero of the Philippines, stopped Lazerte in the tenth round via TKO to capture the IBF Junior Flyweight Title.

Supporters of Lazarte’s were angered that the fight was stopped and they proceeded to voice their displeasure by throwing water bottles, trash and chairs into the ring. Fans rushed the ring and began to attack Casimero and members of his team, as they tried to protect themselves from the chairs that were being thrown  and the fans trying to assault them inside the ring.

The police officers that were on scene did very little to intervene and control the crowd.  Casimero and a few other team members sustain a few injuries during the chaos. The crowd was completely out of control and as it turns out, security is not required to be present during a boxing event in Argentina.

Sean Gibbons, a boxing manager, was beaten badly, he was cracked to the jaw, kicked in the head several times and possible sustained a few broken ribs. Casimero was hit on his head by a chair that was thrown at him and suffered other minor injuries along with his trainer.

The Argentinian commentator Juan Brignone was calling the fight when the chaos erupted, he was disgusted and embarrassed with how the audience acted when it was announced that the fight was being holted. Here is the video and the translation.


“Ah! A chair was just thrown in, what is wrong with you people? Let’s be good losers, what is wrong you?  This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy, they are throwing chairs, this is embarrassing, this is embarrassing what is happening, embarrassing. Let’s be careful the people are crazy, they are climbing into the ring throwing everything and fighting.” – Juan Brignone 

The only words that come to mind when watching this video is, DISGRACEFUL.


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