Boxing Breaking Results For Nonito Donaire vs. Wilfredo Vasquez, Jr. and Julio Caesar Chavez, Jr. vs. Marcos Antonio Rubio

Boxing Breaking Results For Nonito Donaire vs. Wilfredo Vasquez, Jr. and Julio Caesar Chavez, Jr. vs. Marcos Antonio Rubio

By: Scott Canipe

Nonito Donaire vs. Wilfredo Vasquez, Jr.

Nonito Donaire, the Filipino native, is considered to be one of the top 5 pound for pound fighters in the world today. Wilfredo Vasquez, Jr., from Puerto Rico, a law school student has put his education on hold to fulfill a boxing career.
Let’s get ready to rumble!

Rd 1 -Donaire and Vasquez comes out and both men look ready. Donaire is working the jab. Both men jabbing, looking for openings, trying to set up combinations. Donaire throws a feint. Donaire barely missed the counter right hand. Vasquez looks cautious. Vasquez misses a lead left hook. Donaire misses a left uppercut and straight right hand. Donaire counters with a left hook.

Rd 2 – Donaire connects with a double jab followed with a right hand. Donaire counters with the right hand and a left hook! Donaire looking very confident at this point. Excellent right hand counter by Donaire that lands hard!!! Good left hook to the body by Donaire and Vasquez misses with a counter left hook upstairs. Donaire looking so much more confident and is winning the fight at this point.

Rd 3 – Donaire looking to land something big as Vasquez backs up. Vasquez looks unsure, but is trying to jab and find a rhythm. Donaire drives Vasquez into the neutral corner with a left hook and starts ripping power shots!!! Excellent counter right hand and a tremendous left hook to the body by Nonito Donaire! Donaire is dominating this fight! It is not even close at this point.

Rd 4 -­ Vasquez must do something to get back in the fight, but at this point he is losing big time. Vasquez is starting to connect with some jabs. Donaire parries the jabs of Vasquez and counters effectively with his right hand. Vasquez misses with a very committed right hook. Total domination at this point by Nonito Donaire.

Rd 5 – Vasquez is landing some shots. Nice right hand by Vasquez! But this gives counterpunching opportunities for Donaire! Vasquez looks better, it appears his confidence is starting to rise. He nails Donaire with a solid left jab. A much better round for Vasquez!

Rd 6 – At the beginning of the 6th, both fighters faces are marked up. Vasquez opening up more with jabs. He steps in with a jab. Vasquez is getting more confident, but this may play right into the hands of the counterpunching prowess of Nonito Donaire. Vasquez is starting to connect on Donaire!!! Donaire switches southpaw, which is an indicator that Donaire has a certain level of uncertainty as he is endeavoring to stop the momentum shift of Wilfredo Vasquez. Vasquez won this round and arguably the fifth!

Rd 7 – At the beginning of the seventh round, the momentum of the fight is starting to switch to Vasquez’s favor. Wilfredo’s confidence is growing. Donaire has to do something to keep Vasquez out of this fight. They’re standing in the middle of the ring and they’re going toe to toe! Excellent action! Tremendous counter left hook by Donaire and he follows it with the right hand! Robert Garcia, the trainer of Donaire, is yelling for Donaire to throw the jab. And Donaire executes. Vasquez is giving Donaire a great fight. Ohh! Vasquez gets caught with a left hook and he’s visibly hurt at the bell.

Rd 8 – Donaire is winning the fight, but Vasquez is in the fight and is making a very nice come back from the dreadful first four rounds. Hard right hand by Donaire followed by a tremendous left hook to the body!! Vasquez can feel this power. Donaire hits very hard for a 122 pounder.  Donaire showboating (LOL!) as he puts both gloves on his knees and does a couple of squat bounces.

Rd 9 – The fight is definitely back in Donaire’s favor after the eighth round. Donaire countering effectively with the left hook and the right-hand. He is a much more superior fighter in every way. Vasquez is very good but he is facing a top 5 pound for pound fighter. OOHH! Hard straight right hand by Nonito Donaire!!! That hurt Vazquez. Tremendous left uppercut followed by a HELLACIOUS grazing left by Donaire. Vasquez goes down! He is up and smiling, but is visibly hurt. Wow!! Nice ending for the 9th round.

Rd 10 – Vasquez has Donaire against the ropes and is trying to work combinations. Donaire is bobbing and weaving and fighting effectively off of the ropes. Donaire spins out and brings it to the center of the ring. Ohh, nice right hand by Wilfredo Vasquez! There is an exchange of left hooks, both men connect, but Donaire’s landed with greater power. Hard right hand lead by Vasquez. Counter right hand by Donaire! Donaire with a left uppercut, a right-hand, another right-hand! At the end of the bell, Vasquez counters with a right hand of his own! Excellent ending for the 10th round!

Rd 11 – Donaire is winning the fight, but you cannot dismiss Vasquez. He is still a live dog. Donaire throws a double jab followed by right-handed misses. Donaire continuously throws the double jab followed by a straight right hand, but he is more accurate when he counter punches off of shots coming at him from Vasquez.

Rd 12 –  Donaire is keeping range and will not allow Vazquez to come on the inside. Vasquez lands a nice left jab. Donaire is not pressing the action, almost as if he is injured in some capacity or is just playing it safe in the last round. But he is definitely winning the fight. Vasquez lands with a hard right hand! Donaire misses a wild right-hand. Vasquez has Donaire in the blue corner! These guys are exchanging! Toe to toe action in the final seconds of the fight!!! Good action!

Doniare wins it via split decision.



Julio Cesar Chavez , Jr. vs. Marco Antonio Rubio.
Chavez is following in the shadow of his legendary father, Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr. this could be his toughest fight to date. Tonight we could see what Chavez is made of. Rubio is coming off of a ten fight winning streak with nine of those fights by way of knockout. It should be very interesting.

It’s rumble time!!!

Rd 1 – Both men feeling each other out. Good right hook to the body by Chavez. Rubio looks slower than Chavez. Both men are trying to figure each other out. Excellent 1 -2 followed by a left hook to the body by Chavez. Rubio a little low with the left hook. Chavez misses a right hook over the top of Rubio’s head.

Rd 2 – Just before the beginning of the second round Rubio’s corner instructs him to step in with the jab. Let’s see if he follows his corner’s instruction. Rubio is trying to step in with the jab. Chavez backs Rubio to the ropes and lands a snappy right hook to the body. Nice left hook to the body by Chavez! Chavez looks visibly bigger as he weighed in tonight at 181 pounds! 21 pounds over the middleweight limit. At the bell, Chavez Jr. has Rubio against the ropes and lands a couple of shots.

Rd 3 – Good jab to the body by Chavez! Tremendous left hook to the body by Chavez! Chavez is definitely stronger than Rubio and his punches land with more authority. Chavez constantly dips low to get himself into position to rip the left hook to the body. Nice one-two by Chavez. Hard right hand by Chavez! Chavez is just so much more stronger at this point. But Rubio tries to fight back at the bell.

Rd 4 – Not much action. Chavez is definitely the bigger fighter, he is almost a cruiserweight at this point.

Rd 5 – Chavez backs Rubio into the corner! Chavez unleashes a fusillade of body punches! Rubio is hurt by that assault of body shots! Rubio throws a low blow and Chavez, Jr. feels it. Nice counter right hand by Chavez! Chavez throws a nice right-hand, however, it does not have the same affect as his left hook did. Rubio was in the corner and is getting teed off on as Chavez unleashes shots with full leverage and power! Chavez moves left, Chavez moves right, and shoves Rubio with his left shoulder. Chavez ducks a right-hand from Rubio.

Rd 6 – Rubio comes out and is trying to work the jab, but there is no commitment behind it. He just doesn’t have the power to fend off Chavez. Rubio throws another low blow!!! Chavez backs Rubio against the ropes and rips combinations. Chavez throws a left hook and Rubio counters with the right-hand. Rubio looks to be a little more confident at this point. But then he hesitates and allows Chavez to get back into the fight. Chavez fires hard at the end of the round.

Rd 7 – Chavez is clearly winning this fight. Chavez backs Rubio against the ropes and lands left hooks to the body and head. Chavez connecting with some short powerful shots on the inside! Rubio looks very reluctant at this point. Chavez needs to step it up, for he could stop Rubio. Ohh, Rubio lands with the right-hand as Chavez boars in.

Rd 8 – Rubio is trying to keep Chavez off of him, but he does not have the power to do it. Chavez continues to go straightforward catches him with inside shots. Ohh, nice left hook by Chavez! Chavez gets warned by shoving a left elbow in Rubio’s mouth.

Rd 9 – If Chavez would press his attack more, he could stop Rubio. Both men look fatigued. Chavez backs up and Rubio presses forward, but Rubio simply does not have the power to hurt Chavez. Now Chavez presses forward, but looks tired. He is plodding forward at this point.

Rd 10 – Both men are fatigued and are somewhat sloppy in the 1oth round. Not much happening of significance. Chavez getting tagged on the inside toward the end of the round.

Rd 11 – Good toe to toe action and Rubio connects. Chavez backs Rubio against the ropes, but he just appears to be sluggish. Chavez does not have the steam on his punches that he did earlier in the fight. But then he begins to rip combinations against Rubio, while Rubio is against the ropes!!! Chavez unleashes a tremendous assault, an assortment of right hooks to the head and left hooks to the body! And Rubio stands and fires back!!! Wow! Those exchanges left the crowd cheering wildly!

Rd 12 – Let’s see what these men have left? Both appeared to be rejuvenated in the 11th round. Now it’s time to lay it all on the line. Rubio comes out with ripping combinations. Chavez answers with combinations of his own. Chavez backs Rubio in the corner and unleashes a barrage of powerful punches. Rubio throw some punches but they do not have the power that can keep the onslaught of Chavez at bay. These guys continuously go back and forth. The 12th round is the best round of the fight!!! Rubio came on strong in the end, but it appears to be a little too late.

Here is the decision:

Julio Caesar Chavez, Jr. wins a unanimous decision!




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