By: Scott Canipe
By: Anthony L. Gonzalez

Chris Weidman vs. Demian Maia

Rd 1 – Maia starts out in the conventional stance. Both guys are feeling out process in the first minute. Maia is throwing right leads working the southpaw stance trying to figure out the rhythm of Weidman. Weidman tries a superman punch and missed. Good head movement by Wiedman. With one minute left in the first round Wiedman appears to have the edge in the standup. Wiedman takes my Maia down. They get up and Maia gets a good left knee in clinch. Rd one to Wiedman.

Rd 2 – Nice takedown by Wiedman. Some ground and pound, Maia gets up. Stand up again. Wiedman looks good at this point for taking this fight on 11 day notice. Good right hand shot to the body by Wiedman. Wiedman is more confident in the standup, Maia can’t find a way to connect solidly. Good straight left hand by Maia! Another good left hand by Maia followed by a right uppercut. Wiedman’s mouth is open. Wiedman goes for the takedown, but Maia stuffs it, now they’re in the standup again. Oh, nice shots by Maia! Maia is coming back, but Wiedman just took him down hard! Wiedman is going for the guillotine but is not in proper position. Rd 2 to Wiedman

Rd3- Wiedman landed a good inside right leg kick. Wiedman takes Maia down. Wiedman’s is the butterfly guard. Maia escapes and gets in the standup . Maia needs a knockout at this point. They’re in the standup again. Both fighters looked visibly fatigued. Technique is gone at this point. Both fighters look a little sloppy because of the fatigue. The crowd is booing. Maia needs a knockout but he’s not going for it. Wiedman’s 11 day notice for this fight is visibly apparent because of the fatigue . Maia looks tired as well, possibly, because he was originally training for Michael Bisping and he did not have enough time to adjust to Weidman’s style in training .

Official scoring – Chris Weidman wins by SD. Still unbeaten but not the most exciting performance. Chris will need to improve a lot more to fight the top tier guys.

Chanel Sonnen vs. Michael Bisping

Rd 1- Both fighters come out blazing with powerful shots in the standup. Bisping catches Sonnen with the right hand. They’re in the clinch against the cage. Both fighters are vying for position. Sonnen tries a lead right hand, nice shot to the body by Sonnen. They’re in the clinch. Sonnen takes Bisping down and rains left hands to the head. Bisping gets up on his feet. Good right hand by Bisping! Now Bisping is looking for the takedown. Good fight so far.

Bisping has Sonnen up against the cage. They exchanged right hooks. These two have an element of animosity for each other and it’s showing in Octagon. A lot of time is being spent in the clinch. They break away and are in the standup. OHHH! Bisping lands a hard combination. Bisping is doing very well in the clinch. Nice round! Sonnen wins it early and but Bisping comes back late.

Round 2- You can tell that Bisping has prepared well for the clinch and he is getting the better of this position. They’re both are throwing short hooks inside. Bisping doubles with a left hook to the body and a left hook to the head. But Sonnen comes back with a take-down! Sonnen takes Bisping down. OHHH! Sonnen lands a great combo as Bisping is trying to get to his feet. It’s Tit for Tat!

Round 3- POWER DOUBLE take-down by Chanel Sonnen! Bisping is DOWN. If Sonnen can move to a dominant position he could possibly submit Bisping. Bisping defends with wrist control. The fight has been close, but the momentum is shifting to Sonnen’s favor! He has Bisping’s back! But Bisping spins out and Sonnen is now in full mount. Oh, now Sonnen is in the single guard. Good Fight! Sonnen is in control, but Bisping scoots out from the guard and he as able to stand up and get a double leg takedown and was able to land some hard shots to head of Sonnen!
Close fight!
Official scoring – Chanel Sonnen is the winner by UD!

Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis

Both fighters are feeling each other out at this point, trying to gauge each other’s rhythm. Davis is obviously the bigger man. They’re in the clinch. Rashad looking to utilize his superior striking ability. Rashad threw a combination and landed on Davis. Davis tried to counter with a takedown but Rashad stuffed it. They’re back in the standup. Davis tries to exchange but Rashad counters with a left hook. Rashad looks a little bit more confident at this point. Davis trying to throw some punches. Nice exchanges. Rashad is sharper. But both men have not landed anything significantly. Davis tried a nice move: a superman punch followed up with an attempt take-down, but Rashad defends well. Now Rashad takes Davis down as Davis attempted an inside leg kick. Rashad blocked it and takes Davis down! Davis is in a horrible position. Rashad has side control!!! There’s 20 seconds left! There’s many things that Rashad could do with this. WOW!

Rd 2- Davis tried a right head kick that missed by a mile! The experience of Rashad Evans is readily apparent as he is schooling Phil Davis. They’re in the stand-up, Davis is an amazing athlete, but the experience of “Sugar” Rashad Evans is the dominating factor at this point. Davis looks a little bit unsure at this point. They exchange and Rashad gets the better of it.  Davis lands a right knee, but Rashad counters with a right hook. They are in the clinch and Rashad rips combinations! At this point Rashad is in control and is schooling young upstart. With 20 seconds left Rashad has Davis in the side mount and he is dominating.

Rd 3 – In the standup, Rashad is superior. WOW! He just stuffed the NCAA legend’s takedown attempt! Now Davis flipped the script, but Rashad comes back! Nice wrestling! Now Davis has Rashad’s back.

Back to the standup, now the clinch. Davis looks fatigued. Good fight! Davis looks hurt. Rashad is throwing consecutive uppercuts, now Davis takes Rashad down via double leg. Now they’re back up in the clinch. Both men are little bit fatigued.

Rd 4 -Good fight in the windy of Chicago. Rashad feints in the standup. Davis looks tired and he is telegraphing most of his shots. Nice shotgun jab thrown by Rashad Evans! Ooohh, Rashad hooks off the left jab! They are in the clinch and Davis landed some nice knees. Now Rashad takes him to the ground and both men are exhibiting some good wrestling skills. Rashad has Davis’ back. Davis stands up. Davis is getting outclassed by Rashad, but he is still trying. Great counter right hand by Rashad Evans! Davis staggers backward!!!

Rd 5 – Standup again. Rashad is looking to counter Davis’ kicks. Oh, it happened. Davis threw a kick and Rashad countered by taking him down! Davis has got to dig down DEEP! OOOHHH! Nice right hand by Rashad! Davis is obviously hurt and his knees buckled! You got to give Davis credit, he is still fighting when visibly hurt by a much more experienced veteran. Rashad is schooling the young lion.


The scores are in. Rashad Evans wins it by a UD!

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