Mission Statement:

The broad objective for Real Combat Media is to facilitate boxing and MMA news to the masses. Our intent is to provide this news in an honest and fair fashion. Our reporting will be respectful toward the business people, promoters, managers, publicists, trainers, and most importantly the fighters. In essence, we have a special niche in the combat sport’s marketplace.

The following clearly elucidates who we are, why we are conducting enterprise, what we are going to do for the fighters, combat sports business people, and the public in general.

  1. Real Combat Media is a unique conglomerate that is working diligently to provide the fighting industry with a powerful, talented, and optimistic approach with regard in reporting news about combat sports. We are comprised of a highly gifted and confident team that that is putting forth an industrious effort that will surpass expectations.  Each member of the team possesses a burning passion for MMA and boxing.
  2. As stated above, Real Combat Media’s objective is to supply information to the public by respecting everyone involved in both the business side and the actual competitors. Even though the fighter is the crux of the whole combat sport business model, the fighter needs the fans and business people to ensure that he or she fulfills the highest level of success. As such, our reporting will be fair and honest to all involved.
  3. Real Combat Media is committed to the fighters, business personalities, and the public. We offer win-win-win relationships so that everybody is happy and content with the way in which our reporting is conducted. Real Combat Media endeavors to promote a fail proof policy to affect the highest level loyalty. The information that we address will be up to date, accurate, and equitable.