By: MMA Writer Anthony L. Gonzalez

Saturday night, the UFC holds a free event on Fox at the United Center in Chicago, IL featuring the co main event Michael Bisping vs. Chael Sonnen.

Chael Sonnen (25-11) vs. Michael Bisping (22-3) features two of the most controversial trash talkers and two of the most elite fighters in the UFC today. Whether you like these fighters or not, these fighters talk a big game and most of the time they back their words up. The winner of this fight will probably fight Anderson Silva this Summer in Brazil for the UFC Middleweight Championship.

Michael Bisping, age 32, fights out of Manchester, UK. He is riding a 4 fight win streak and coming off a dominating TKO victory performance over Jason “Mayhem” Miller last month at the UFC TUF 14 final. Michael Bisbing also has one of the best records in UFC history and has only been finished in a fight once. He was finished in 2009 by a devastating KO by Dan Henderson at UFC 100. Bisbing has one of the best records in UFC history and has notable victories over Jason Miller, Dan Miller, Matt Hamill, Chris Leben, Yoshihiro Akiyama and Jorge Rivera.

Michael Bisping is a Freestyle fighter who does everything well. He is solid on the ground and he has a solid standup. Bisping started out as Kickboxer for a short time earlier in his fight career. Bisping also possesses great fitness and cardio capacity. He has almost no weaknesses in his game. But his only weakness might be his Ko power. He makes up for that by being very intelligent and usually always finds a way to win because of his solid preparation skills.

Chael Sonnen, age 34, fights out of West Linn, Oregon. Sonnen who call himself “The American Gangster”. He has one of the most charismatic personalities and is one hardest workers in the UFC today. Sonnen is the most sought out interview in the UFC. Sonnen always gives great interviews and provides a lot of comedy for the fans. But at times, he appears a little delusional and calls himself the current Middleweight Champion. The current champion is Anderson Silva. Chael lost to Silva in 2010 by Triangle Choke submission. Sonnen dominated that fight and was about 30 seconds away from the winning the title, but became over aggressive and fell into Silva’s Triangle and tapped out. Sonnen has notable victories over Nate Marquardt, Dan Miller and Yushin Okami. He is a winner of 4 of his last 5 fights and recently destroyed the US military hero Brian Stann at UFC 136 in October 2011.

Chael specializes in Greco Roman Wrestling and is very strong. Chael took 2nd in the World at the Greco Roman Wrestling World Games in the year 2000. Chael also was a NCCA All American Wrestler at the University of Oregon. He is a pressure fighter who likes to use his Greco Roman Skills and take fighters down and likes to use his exceptional ground and pound skills to finish his opponents. His main weakness is he is vulnerable to submissions. He has been submitted 8 times in his career.

Keys to victory :

Bisping’s keys to victory are he needs to use his Kickboxing Skills to score points and stay on the outside. He has to avoid Sonnen’s clinches and needs to give himself room to fight. He does claim he will be able to submit Sonnen if he is taken down. He will have to win the rounds and use his anti wrestling skills well to win.

Sonnen needs to put constant pressure on Bisping and hurt him right away. He needs to be very aggressive and avoid making any mistakes and must relax on the ground to avoid any of Bisping’s submission attempts. If he does not make any mistakes, he should win.

Personally, I am looking forward to this fight the most on the free Fox event, because the winner gets Anderson Silva. This fight will definitely not disappoint and the fans will enjoy this fight.

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