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Thursday, May 30, 2024 – With the concept catching fire among fight fans, Week Nine of Team Combat League’s exciting second season featured two doubleheaders in two locations on the same night.


In the opening leg of the night’s first doubleheader, a close match throughout held at Gas South District in Duluth, Georgia, the Bobby Benton and Austin Trout-led Houston Hitmen (2-2) outlasted last year’s champs, the Benny Roman and Ryan O’Leary-coached NYC Attitude (1-3), by a final team score of 230-225.


Looking to rebound from a 226-224 loss at home to the Las Vegas Hustle on May 9, The Hitmen came in with an invigorated focus and a consistently high work rate that allowed them to edge out several very close rounds in the eyes of the judges against a New York team that fought well in defeat.


The only knockdown of the night was scored by the night’s first star, Isaac Torres of Houston, who dropped New York’s Marcell Davidson once in their Round 11 fight with a chopping right hand. While Davidson made it to the final bell, his trip to the canvas cost The Attitude an extra point, making the round 10-8 for Torres and tying the team scores at 104-104.


“I feel great,” said Torres, post-event. “We came here and took care of business and did what we had to do. Now it’s time to go home and enjoy my birthday. My birthday was on Wednesday. In regular boxing, you have to rely on yourself. Now, we’re relying on the whole team. We feed off each other and try to hype each other up. It’s really cool. I’m enjoying the ride and I’m going to keep going. We came out here and did our thing. It’s all about Houston. H Town!”


Houston’s Kanye Dillan Gee and NYC’s Ariel Lopez split a pair of entertaining scraps in Rounds 9 and 23 and in a battle of previously undefeated female fighters this season, Houston’s Samantha Ginithan moved her record on the season to 8-0, 1 KO by taking a 10-9 round over New York’s previously unbeaten former world champion Alicia Napoleon (TCL 4-1) in Round 13. The impressive Ginithan also defeated New York’s Feifilimai Faiva 10-9 in Round 5.


The round judged “Fight of the Night” occurred in Round 16, when heavyweights Nagy Aguilera of Houston and Earl Newman of New York engaged in a heavyweight back-and-forth for the full three minutes, with Aguilera taking the 10-9 nod.


Houston’s Jahyden Britton was voted the third star of the night for his 10-9 victory in Round 9 over a tough Tre’Vaughn Jones of New York. The Attitude’s Ryan Pino was judged the second star for his two 10-9 wins over Houston’s Todd Manuel.


“Everybody did great tonight,” said jubilant Houston coach, Bobby Benton. “Even the rounds we lost; everybody did great tonight. Houston Hitmen Baby!”


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Thursday, May 30, 2024 – In the second leg of the first doubleheader of the night, coach Sam Arnold’s Atlanta Attack (1-2) successfully defended their home ring advantage in the Gas South District in Duluth, Georgia, and gained their first team victory of the season with a narrow 227-226 win over coach Herman Caicedo’s Miami Stealth (3-1).


Understanding the TCL assignment, Miami’s Opeyemi Adeyemi and Atlanta’s Javon Woodard put on a battle that was later named the “Fight of the Night”, as they went toe-to-toe with power-punching abandon for three minutes to begin the event.


Adeyemi, who got off to a very fast start in the round, was judged the winner 10-9.


Miami’s Amber Summers scored the first extra point of the match in the very next fight by knocking down Atlanta’s Martyna Krol on her way to the 10-8 score in Round 2. Summers met her match in Round 18 in the form of Atlanta’s Mona Ward, who took a 10-9 round back from Summers in the critical Money Rounds.


Atlanta’s speedy Ariele Davis looked spectacular in dominating Miami’s Logan Holler 10-9 in their Round 13 matchup.


The third star of the night was Atlanta’s Money Powell as he turned the tide of his 10-9, Round 7 loss to Miami’s Yunieski Gonzalez with a crucial 10-9 victory over Gonzalez in Round 21 to help seal his team’s win.


Voted second star of the night, Miami’s Victor Abreu put the final score in jeopardy late by knocking out Atlanta fighter, Javon Woodard, with a single overhand right for a 10-7 Round 22, which brought the Attack’s four-point lead down to just a single point at 208-207 with just two fights left. The capable Abreu also had a 10-9 victory over Atlanta’s Randle Canaday earlier in Round 9.


Atlanta heavyweight Devon Young was voted the night’s number-one star for his entertaining victories over Miami teammates Aleksei Dronov in Round 8 and Nestor Santana in Round 19. Neither of Young’s wins came easy and both his fights were heavily appreciated by the crowd in Atlanta.


“I feel great. We came here and did our thing tonight,” said a happy Young, post-event. “Look at all you beautiful fans. I’m happy we put on a show. It’s great to be on this team. All my teammates push me to go harder and I’m just here to back them up. You gotta turn it on quick and be smart and be ready to fight in Team Combat League. This is the best league in the world right now.”



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Thursday, May 30, 2024 – In the night’s opening matchup of the second doubleheader, this time at Thunder Studios in Long Beach, California, Tony Mack’s Dallas Enforcers (1-2) won “The TCL Battle of Texas” by taking a comfortable 10-point 175-165 victory over AC Bryant’s San Antonio Snipers (0-3).


Dallas’ Eric Howard and San Antonio’s Leondric Johnson shared a fan-friendly engagement to open the festivities in Round 1, with each having their free-swinging moments before Howard emerged victorious 10-9. The furious action continued in Round 2, when female fighters Alexis Araiza Mones of Dallas and Tianna Schroeder representing San Antonio got down to business for a full-round rumble, won by Mones 10-9.


In a surprising twist, 40-0 professional boxing veteran Abel Mendoza was dropped for a short count from the flying fists of San Antonio’s Richard Howell, giving Howell an extra point for his team and a 10-8 victory in Round 3. To his credit, Mendoza returned in Round 18 to cap off his team’s resounding victory with a thrilling 10-9 win against San Antonio’s dangerous Javier Fernandez. Their dramatic battle was later named “Fight of the Night.”


San Antonio’s Joshua Oxendine appeared to injure his arm while already taking heavy fire from opponent Jalen Moore of Dallas in their Round 4 encounter, to the point that referee Ray Corona waved the contest to a halt and gave Dallas a 10-7 outcome. The end came just as the score was tied at 28-28 after three fights and put Dallas up 38-35. Oxendine’s departure would cost his team another 10-9 bye round when their scheduled rematch in Round 13 had to be cancelled. Moore was later named first star of the night for his dominance.


Dallas fighter Briana Carrera was named third star of the night for outslugging San Antonio’s Mahogany Gaines in Round 5. Andre Ewell’s cut eye forced a 10-10 bye round in his scheduled Money Rounds rematch showdown with Leondric Johnson.


Continuing to impress was Dallas slugger Avoran Graham, who outslugged San Antonio’s eventual “Fight of the Night” recipient Javier Fernandez by a score of 10-9 in Round 11. Graham then returned to also best The Snipers’ Richard Howell in Round 19. The hard-punching Graham and his aggressive style appear to be built for Team Combat League stardom as he continues to shine.


“I told them to stay disciplined and loyal to the game plan,” said Dallas coach Tony Mack. “Do not give up. Just because we lost our last two fights, we’re not losers. I told them not to get comfortable with losing. I told them ‘Let’s stay disciplined and let’s just win!’ I love my team. They work hard, and they deserve this win. They’ve been putting in work for months and months. We came together as a team and worked together, and we bonded.”


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Thursday, May 30, 2024 – In the main event matchup of TCL’s second doubleheader of the night at Thunder Studios in Long Beach, California, Manny Robles’ LA Elite (2-1) rounded into prime mid-season form by scoring a comfortable, yet closer than the scores indicate, 231-222 victory over Jeff Mayweather’s Las Vegas Hustle (2-2).


The two teams put on a sensational round-one duel to begin the night that saw Las Vegas’ Ryan Allen come out hot against a game Osvel Caballero of LA.


Caballero, however, weathered the storm and came back with his own fire mid-round and then the pair engaged in a back-and-forth toe-to-toe struggle down the homestretch. The Elite’s Caballero was eventually given the 10-9 victory. Caballero later defeated Sean Brewer in Round 18, 10-9. The two impressive performances led to Caballero being awarded the night’s first star.


Despite the Vegas team’s loss, bright spots for The Hustle continued to be slippery Cuban southpaw Darian Castro, who impressed again with his world-class skills in two fights against established world-class contender Ryan Martin in Round 4 and Round 21 (both scored 10-9 for Castro). Additionally, Vegas’ Samoan heavyweight giant Patrick Mailata continued to shine in Team Combat League, as his heavy-punching style led him to two victories over LA’s Michael Pirotton, both scored 10-9.


Vegas heavyweight Ryan Diaz was named the night’s second star for knocking down and defeating Los Angeles’ Bernardo Marquez by a 10-8 score in Round 15.


Los Angeles’ power-punching Brayan Leon took a 10-9 win over Las Vegas’ Cristian Pinder in Round 7 and returned to knock Pinder out in the penultimate Round 23 for an additional 10-7 score late in the matchup. Leon was named third star of the night for his strong efforts.


The Fight of the Night honor was awarded to one of the two battles fought between Vegas slugger Konrad Kaczmarkiewicz and the Elite’s popular Raul Salomon. Both matches were won by Salomon 10-9.


“I’m very proud of my boxers,” said LA coach Manny Robles after the brawl. “They all showed up and they all fought hard. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, but I keep telling them this is not a race, this is America. One fight a week, one competition at a time. We had a draw against Boston and a loss against Philly – that makes you better and builds true character. We are able to lose and come back a stronger team. This is a team effort. Everybody sees boxing as a one-on-one sport, but as you can see, we all support each other in representing LA.”