Also Featuring Daniel Jacobs, Shane Mosley Jr.,

Amado Vargas, Devin Cushing, Manuel Correa,

Chris Avila & Anthony Pettis


Presented by Fanmio PPV Takes Place Saturday, July 6

from Honda Center in Anaheim, California

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ANAHEIM, CA. – June 6, 2024 – Combat sports superstars Nate Diaz and Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal exchanged heated trash talk before a scuffle ensued between the fighters’ camps at Thursday’s press conference in Anaheim, raising the stakes and tensions even more ahead of their pro boxing light heavyweight showdown that headlines a Fanmio PPV event on Saturday, July 6 from Honda Center in Anaheim, California.


The press conference also featured two-time world champion Daniel “The Miracle Man” Jacobs and exciting contender Shane Mosley Jr., who will meet in the co-main event, unbeaten prospect Amado Vargas, the son of former longtime boxing champion Fernando Vargas, who faces Sean Garcia, the younger brother of boxing star Ryan Garcia, in an eight-round lightweight attraction, lightweight contenders Devin Cushing and Manuel Correa, who face off in a 10-round bout, as well as Diaz’s teammate and all-action brawler Chris Avila and MMA legend Anthony “Showtime” Pettis, who will duel in a six-round light heavyweight fight.


Tickets for the live event are on sale starting at only $25 (plus applicable fees and taxes) and are available through Ticketmaster. A limited number of VIP packages which include the best ringside seats, all-inclusive hospitality in Honda Center’s exclusive Impact Club, the opportunity to step into the ring after the fight, VIP access to the weigh-in and more.


Fanmio will present the event in association with Diaz’s Real Fight Inc. and Masvidal’s Gamebred Boxing Promotions.


The 10-round 175-pound light heavyweight fight headlines a pay-per-view available now for pre-order at FANMIO.com/ppv and FANMIO.com/DiazVsMasvidal for $79.99. Fans can also purchase through the Fanmio App, which is available globally via smart televisions and mobile devices via Apple iOS and tvOS devices, Android Mobile, AndroidTV, Roku, FireTV, Vizio Smart TV, Google TV and Chromecast.


Here is what the fighters had to say Thursday from Brewery X Biergarten Patio at Honda Center:




“I came here to whoop ass and do my thing. I hope y’all watch!


“I feel like I’m sick of this (stuff). I’m ready to fight. I’m ready for the show to go on.


“He better hope he gets the knockout. If not, he’s getting (messed) up.”




“I’m ready to get in there July 6, take care of business, knock this (guy) out and go chill with my family. Let’s get to it!


“At the end of the day, all that matters is that I’m in shape and like I said earlier, it’s not going to the judges. And not because of a cut, or nothing, but because of a clean KO. That’s what I’m training for.


“I’ve gotten more time to hone in on the craft, sharper at boxing, every day work on getting a little bit better, craftier and more efficient. All that just means more violence come July 6. On July 4, come celebrate the United States’ birthday and on July 6 come see me end him.

“I’m meaner. I’m faster. I’m more explosive. And when it comes down to it, I think I’ve got the best hands in MMA. On July 6, I get to prove that. No questions, no nothing. We’re going to find out. There’s none of that jiu-jitsu (stuff), none of that hugging, it’s just straight hands.”




“I’m just happy to be a part of this card with so many champions, so many up-and-coming future stars. It’s an honor and a privilege and come fight night you guys are going to see why this is such a big card.


“I’m fighting the likes of Shane Mosley Jr. who’s an up-and-coming guy that’s very talented. I look forward to showing you guys, with all of the experience that I have, why I’m called the ‘Miracle Man’. I’ve been off for two years and now I’ve taken the time to get my mind, body and spirit intact. You guys are going to see the effects on fight night. I appreciate all the love, but you guys are going to see the return of the ‘Miracle Man’.


“I knew I wanted to finish my career with a bang. So this is representing the next step in me getting that Hall of Fame plaque.


“I’ve been a fan of Shane Mosely Sr. for my entire career. I’ve seen his son fight, but when you talk about levels and you talk about what it is that I bring to the table, obviously I see myself being the victor in whatever way or fashion that victory comes. It’ll be an honor to step into the ring with the son of a legend, but it’ll stop there because he’s not his dad.


“I know exactly what I’ve been doing and what works. I know what my team has been cultivating… I just want to say that I’m looking forward to July 6 and the West Coast is in for a treat for sure!”




“Like everybody has been saying, this is going to be an incredible card and an incredible night. Please don’t miss it. I’m blessed to be on this card fighting a legend. This man is a two-time middleweight champion. Most people can’t become a champion and he became champion twice. I’m excited to be a part of this event.


“This is by far the best fighter that I’ve been in the ring with. Nothing but respect. I have to raise my game. I have to be better. And to become better you have to put yourself in situations like this. Adversity shows the man to himself, so that’s what I’m doing, and this is my chance.


“Whatever happens, I’m going to become better because of it. And my goal is to become a legend as well. So I need to get in there with another legend if that’s my pursuit. So when they said you can fight Daniel Jacobs, I said, ‘Wow, yes! Absolutely, of course.’”




“I’ve been training my ass off. My dad has been putting me through rigorous training, and I can’t wait. You guys are going to see the improvement from the beginning of my career to where I’m at now and I can’t wait. Watch July 6 on Fanmio PPV. Let’s go!


“I’m a competitor. He’s a competitor. He’s looking to win. I’m looking to win. At the end of the day, there can only be one winner and that’s going to be me. I’ve been training really hard and I’m confident in the training that I’m putting in. Like I said, you’re going to see a different me, more skillful, more on-point. I just can’t wait. My pops has been getting me great sparring and I’m ready for this fight.


“Any man that puts on a pair of boxing gloves has a chance. So I’m preparing like I’m going to fight Mike Tyson. At the end of the day, I’ve got to be well prepared. My father and my team are making sure of that. On July 6, I’m going to put on a hell of a performance. Thank you to the fans and to everybody that’s here. Watch me go 11-0!”




“I’m ready to put on a show. I’m going to kick his ass on July 6. All that running your mouth, you ain’t going to do nothing. I know everybody don’t know my name, but come July 6 I promise y’all won’t forget it. Devin Cushing, remember it, because I’m coming to steal the show.


“Three piece and a soda, that’s what he’s getting. I’m going to bust his ass up. I’m going to beat him up. I’m going to drown him. I’m going to knock him smooth out.”




“This is a huge opportunity for me. I’m ready to stand up and do what I do for my hometown. I hear him talking a lot of crazy, but you have to stand on that. You have to show us. We’re going to see. He hasn’t fought anybody yet. He fought a bunch of bums and he’s feeling himself. But you’ve seen who I fought. I fought Olympians with less than 10 fights on my record. So I’m not scared to fight anybody. I’ve been that way my whole life, and now he’s going to find out the hard way.


“It was all good back there. He was being friendly and then he came out here trying to act in front of the cameras. You know how they play, but we’re going to show him.


“Fans can expect fireworks. I’m always coming forward. If you look at any of my fights, I’m pressing the action no matter what. Win or lose, I’m coming forward.”




“I’m out here doing my thing right now. I’m planning on keeping the streak rolling and keep whooping ass. I’m training hard and I’m here to represent and get my hand raised.


“I know he’s game, but I’m game too. I box for real and I’ve been boxing for a while. So I train for real and I train in boxing. I plan on knocking this fool out, too.”




“This is a big opportunity on this card with all these guys, some of the legends I grew up fighting with. California, I know you guys are out here supporting us. Chris, I appreciate you taking this fight and we’re going to have a good fight.


“I’ve been sparring some of the best boxers in the world to get ready for the championship MMA fights I’ve had, and it shows. In my first fight, I fought Roy Jones Jr., so I couldn’t just go out there and knock him out. He’s a much bigger guy than me. Avila is more my size, so I can go out there and knock him out, and that’s what we’re training for.


“I think that extra month just added motivation. Both of us are ready to go. We were ready to go last weekend. So this extra month just adds that motivation to get the knockout on both ends. So look for a good fight from both of us.”



Diaz vs. Masvidal will headline a Fanmio PPV event as combat sports superstars Nate Diaz and Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal square off in a pro boxing grudge match on Saturday, July 6 from Honda Center in Anaheim, California.


“LAST MAN STANDING: DIAZ VS. MASVIDAL” is set to provide July Fourth Weekend fireworks marking the first time two UFC superstars will go toe-to-toe in a pro boxing ring.


The pay-per-view will also feature two-time world champion Daniel “The Miracle Man” Jacobs taking on exciting contender Shane Mosley Jr. in the 10-round super middleweight co-main event, unbeaten prospects Amado Vargas and Sean Garcia meeting in a eight-round lightweight attraction, lightweight contenders Devin Cushing and Manuel Correa competing in a 10-round battle, plus all action brawler Chris Avila dueling MMA legend Anthony “Showtime” Pettis in a six-round light heavyweight fight.


Follow the conversation leading up to this unique boxing duel on all social media platforms with the hashtag #DiazMasvidal and through @Fanmio, @NateDiaz209 and @GamebredFighter on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) to stay tuned for more exciting announcements leading up to July 6.

Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal Brawl Footage