Drunk or Not, Tyson Fury Seeks Redemption in Usyk Rematch

Editorial By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Boxing Correspondent

London, UK (June 15th, 2024)– Given his history of battling substance abuse, and with the December 21, 2024 rematch date with destiny against undefeated two division world champion Oleksandr Usyk, former World Boxing Council World Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury might not have a future after being tossed drunk from a local pub in his native United Kingdom hometown of Morecambe.

True, Fury has tried to prove he is getting ready in video footage released since then, but it is hard to take Fury seriously. Usyk has Fury’s number. Tyson Fury stated on Instagram “Usyk, listen up. I’ve conquered everything in boxing, titles, records, the lot, but I’ve never had to come back from a loss. On December 21st (2024) in Riyadh, in the heart of the (Saudi Arabian) kingdom, the king is coming to reclaim his crown. Usyk get ready for the king. The path to redemption is mine. I know what I have to do. I saw my shortcomings. You (Usyk) best believe I am inevitable.”

Alexander Krassyuk, Usyk’s promoter, responded to Fury’s taunt on social media by stating “Let’s have a beer.” One cannot fault Krassyuk for not taking Tyson Fury’s public statements seriously.

The one thing this reporter knows for sure is Tyson Fury does not know his shortcomings, nor does he have control over himself. The only inevitable factoid of the moment is Fury has not dealt with reality well after losing his share of the heavyweight title. This brings to mind and begs the question as to who the true heavyweight champion ever was or is. Usyk behaves like a respectable heavyweight champion. Fury is not impressing the world his statements can be backed up by disciplined training in his comeback rematch attempt.

Former world champion turned Sky sports commentator Johnny Nelson questioned whether Fury has the heart and appetite to prepare for a rematch. Nelson stated “I believe Tyson Fury, (given) the realization of what has happened to him, will kick in slowly but surely. I don’t believe Tyson Fury will fight Oleksandr Usyk next or again. AS flabby mess, Fury’s statements spear to be no more than an inflated bag of hot air. I don’t think he’ll (Tyson Fury) get in with Usyk again. I think he’ll retire because of the fashion of his defeat, and he’ll just be struggling to deal with it.”

Nelson was undefeated his last 21 European, cruiserweight and heavyweight world title bouts, and so far, Nelson is right on the mark. After making his analogy, Tyson Fury turned up disheveled and drunk at a neighborhood bar, and got tossed out the barroom entranceway door onto the sidewalk, a pathetic caricature of his once proud championship self.

Usyk, a disciplined world champion, will be in even better physical condition for the Fury rematch. Fury’s drunkenness is-at the moment-seen as not a good omen for a former world champion seeking the victory lane. Over a century ago, John L. Sullivan, a former heavyweight world champion and former drunkard turned prohibitionist, dedicated his life to abolitionism. Fury is not being viewed seriously at this point, and seems headed on a path of self-destruction which could get him knocked out for the first time in his career.

Tyson Fury, in a new video, says he is counting down the days till he can get his redemption. The two videos, drunken Fury and sober Fury, are contradictory. Usyk will not be making a social call when he returns to Riyadh. Fury has forgotten boxing’s golden rule: don’t behave like a drunken fool. Fury, like Deontay Wilder, is a big dude but not a skilled technical boxer on the scale of Usyk. Fury requires more than just physical conditioning. Fury requires technical skill. Fury is not that kind of boxer.

Fury has power, and he needs to do the type of training work to give him an even money chance in the rematch. For the moment, redemption seems distant despite the bookies. Fury is a -130 sentimental favorite (bet 130 dollars, win a hundred dollars), while Usyk is +100 (bet one hundred dollars, win one hundred ten dollars). To this reporter, not odds, but seriousness is the key edge at this point. Fury does not take himself or his training regimen serious enough. Usyk takes his closed camp training regimen very seriously. When Usyk says he will beat Fury in a rematch, then have the discipline to go back down to cruiserweight and reconquer the division, Usyk means it. If Fury means to conduct serious business in the rematch, he will have to prove his redemption in the ring on December 21, 2024, if he can. Or not.