Munib Alsalmani Scores Devastating Knockout on MotorCity Llinas MMA Card

By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Boxing Correspondent

*Photo Credit: Robert Brizel, Real Combat Media

Detroit, Michigan (April 13th, 2019)– In the co-main event of a 13 bout Carlos Llinas Productions card entitled MotorCity Cage Night V at SoundBoard Theater in MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit, Michigan, on Friday night, April 12, 2019, bantamweight Munib ‘Murder’ Alsalmani of Dearborn, Michigan scored a devastating first-round knockout win at 36 seconds of the first round over Usama Rahman of Detroit, Michigan.

The card featured three amateur bouts, and 10 pro bouts. Amateur bouts are fought at three rounds, three minutes each. Professional bouts are fought at three rounds, five minutes each. Championship bouts are fought at five rounds, five minutes each.

Tewn profesisonal bouts, three rounds, three minutes each.

With a capacity crowd chanting “Murder! Murder!” with many Yemeni MMA fans screaming their cheers while filming the brief sadistic display of power on their cellphones at ringside, Alsalmani missed with a round kick as the bout began, doing a 360 and briefly winding up on the floor before getting immediately back up again. Alsamani let punches and kicks fly, and Rahman almost immediately fell to the canvas unconscious on his back knocked out in a brutal pool of blood. It appeared Rahman’s nose was broken, and his face was carved him half. The ringside doctor tendered to Rahman immediately.

It took considerable before Rahman arose, and was placed on a stool, with Alsamani and others looking on with concern. Alsalmani, now 3-2, whose record is deceiving, was ranked as high as tenth in the tenth in the state of Michigan at flyweight before moving up to bantamweight. Rahman fell to 1-5. Alsamani is worthy of better opposition.

One ringside official summed up Alsalmani’s win in style with complete wonder. “This was crazy!” noted the official, after watching Alsalmani’s dismantling of the opponent and brief devastation.

Result: Munib Alsalmani KO 1 Usama Rahman, Bantamweights (0:36)
Asamani knocked out Rahman unconscious on his back in a pool of blood. No count.

In the other main event bout of the evening, heavily favored welterweight Marco ‘The Hybrid’ Smallman, 4-1, of Pontiac, Michigan, needed just 2:27 to knock out a much taller and more experienced Jason ‘The Asian Persuasion’ King, 7-5-1, of Knoxville, Tennessee.

King tried to wage a technical war, and use height and reach advantage to score with leg kicks to Smallman’s shins. It ultimately appeared Smallman was not persuaded, as Smallman proceeded to close the gap, and trap King along the cage, then use a combination of punches and kicks to knock out King cold and the side of the cage on his back at 2:27 of the first round. There was no blood, and after several moments, King recovered and was a gracious loser in defeat. There was a wide disparity between the abilities of the two fighters. Obviously, not a close bout. King closed the 13 bout show out in vicious fashion. The ringside doctor, like Rahman in the previous bout, immediately tended to King.

Result: Marco Smallman KO 1 Jason King, Welterweights (2:27)
Smallman knocked out King unconscious on his back along the cage. No count.

Brief stop in the action before the main event to allow a stare down between area light heavyweights Taylor Duerr and James Ballard, who will fight each other in the eight round Carlos Llinas boxing card main event at SoundBoard MotorCity in June 2019. If promoter Llinas is smart, this bout will be fought for the vacant USA Michigan State Light Heavyweight championship. The last title holder of the belt was Llinas middleweight Darryl Cunningham of Detroit, Michigan, who won the Michigan light heavyweight belt in November 2008 in Royal Oak, but vacated it in 2009 when he went down in weight class.

Cage Night V SoundBoard at MotorCity Casino Undercard Results

Referees: James Lee and Brandon Gallo

John Chalbeck TKO 2 Lou Houck, Welterweights (2:14)

Chalbeck, Key West, Florida, and Houck, Saginaw, Michigan, made boxing and MMA history. This was the first time two men who are both pro boxers, having faced each other in the ring professionally as boxers (won by Chalbeck) rematched inside the MMA steel cage. Chalbeck won this confrontation as well, sitting atop Houck landed punches unanswered until the referee stopped it. Needless to say, the rivalry made it apparent whether it is boxing or MMA, these two professional fighters just don’t like each other.

Floyd Jones KO 1 Ali Rahal (Pro Debut), Middleweights (2:44)

Rahal, of South Lebanon, appeared in condition, and started well boxing and kicking at a distance. At some point, Jones, 2-0, Southfield, Michigan, fighting on the ‘B’ side, trapped Rahal along the cage, and a combination of punches, kicks and a choke at close distance immediately sent Rahal down and out on his back along the cage. Rahal was out, and slow to recover. The ringside doctor immediately tended to Rahal, who soon arose but appeared woozy. Rahal apparently still could not believe he had been knocked out.

Christina Ricker Win 3 Larkyn Dasch (Pro Debut), Hillsdale, Michigan, Female Flyweights

In the probable fight of night, Ricker, 2-2, Knoxville, Tennessee, fighting from the ‘B’ side, had shadow boxed for over four hours the morning of this bout inside the steel cage, was well-trained, disciplined, and wanted this win began. She got it, but it was a weird one. For one, the debuting Dasch had superior boxing ability, and surprisingly outjabbed Ricker in all three rounds as a female boxer moving from left to right, and right to left, in rapid circles. The confident Ricker, however, had vastly superior MMA skill. Once the rounds were well underway, repeatedly took Dasch down and scored points with takedowns, and superior MMA ring generalship on the canvas. Dasch was game, it was just Ricker at a game plan, and it was Ricker’s superior floor game. Dasch struggled defending herself with Ricker on the floor, and actually had a few nice reversals, but it wasn’t enough to win. Dasch gave a good accounting of herself, and was well prepared. Ricker was just better.

Result: Christina Ricker Win 3 Larkyn Dasch, Female Flyweights
Scoring: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 Ricker. Real Combat Media scored it 30-27 for Ricker.

Daniel Winston TKO 1 Quinten Bozell, Bantamweights (1:31)
Area bantamweight Winston, 4-2, Waterford, Michigan, made short work of last-minute substitute Bozell, 0-2, of Battle Creek, Michigan, who tried but was outmatched.

Shannon Goughary KO 2 Tabitha Watkins, Female Atomweights (4:32)

Female Atomweight fighter Goughary, 3-2, Knoxville, Tennessee, scored a terrifying knockout over the bloodied and battered Watkins, 3-2, Greyling, Michigan, after leaving her on the floor and taunting Watkins to get up. Watkins struggled to get up, then got knocked out. It wasn’t pleasant to watch the end, as Goughary obliged and finished her.
Gouhgary was the first fighter of the night to win on the ‘B’ side of the MMA card.

Justin Street KO 1 Joel Berman (Pro Debut), Flyweights (2:19)
Justin ‘The Nightmare’ Street, 3-3, Westland, Michigan, took the debuting and inexperienced Berman, Howell, Michigan, down and out with punches and kicks.

Jared Chalvin TKO 2 Cory Baker, Lightweights (1:51)

In a brutal war while it lasted, featuring multiple takedowns, and straight up boxing, Chalvin wore last minute substitute Baker down, and took him down and out with head and body shots. Baker has MMA skills gave a great first round give and take, but ultimately was not in the same condition which Chalvin was, which proved the difference.

Ty Wildmo TKO 2 Justin Lawson, Middleweights (2:01)

Undefeated Wildmo, 3-0, St. Johns, Michigan, used takedown flips and choke to break down Lawson, 0-2, Saginaw, Michigan. Wildmo tossed Lawson around like a ragdoll.

Amateur Bouts, Three Rounds, Three Minute Rounds

Eric Jacks (Pro Debut) TKO 2 Jake Moinicken (Pro Debut), Welterweights (2:16)

Pro debut for Jacks, Shelby Township, Michigan, and Moinicken, Monroe, Michigan.
Jacks took down Moinicken, stretched him and beat him up defenseless for over a minute before the referee finally stopped. Moinicken was given every chance. Good stoppage.

Tristen Canada Win Split Decision 3 Joseph Echols (Pro Debut), Heavyweights

Canada, 2-1-2, Detroit, Michigan, and Echols, opened the card. Canada took down Echols in the first and third rounds, which proved the difference. The second round was fairly close, and perhaps could have been scored even or gone either way for either combatant.

Scoring: 30-27, 30-27 Canada. 29-28 Echols. Real Combat Media 30-27 Canada.
Echols was warned by referee James Lee for holding the cage and hitting.




Robert Brizel - Head Boxing Correspondent
Robert Brizel - Head Boxing Correspondent
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