Prince Armin Mrkanovic Wants Prince Badi Ajamu For UBF All America Title War!

*Armin Mrkanovic photo courtesy Ardon Sweet Science Gym-photo attached
*Prince Badi Ajamu photos courtesy BoxRec-photo attached

By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Boxing Correspondent

Atlantic City (June 6th, 2018)– In a Real Combat Media interview exclusive, ‘The Bosnian Prince’, former MMA fighter turned cruiserweight boxer Armin Mrkanovic, 8-3 with three knockouts, Queens, New York, is calling out Mis Downing Promotions and cruiserweight Prince Badi Ajamu for a ‘Prince Versus Prince’ vacant Universal Boxing Federation All America Cruiserweight title eight round war at The Claridge in Atlantic City, New Jersey!

Ajamu, 29-4 with fifteen knockouts, Camden, New Jersey, has won two recent eight round decisions in Atlantic City over veteran Edgar Perez. Mrkanovic, coming off a six round decision win over Nicholas Gavin last month at the Amazura Concert Hall in Queens, fought for the vacant UBF All America cruiserweight title a year ago in West Virginia against Josh Himes. Mrkanovic, who still claims he was robbed of the eight round decision against Himes, still wants to win the UBF belt, and thinks Ajamu is in his way.

Armin Mrkanovic: “Experience the greatness of The Bosnian Prince!”

Robert Brizel: “You recently had a six round decision comeback win over Nicholas Gavin in Queens. Tell about that.”

Armin Mrkanovic: “Nicholas Gavin, tough dude. I was looking for a knockout. The guy stood in there and took all the head shots. The fight should have been stopped in the first round. They wouldn’t stop it and let him take a beating. He (Gavin) stood in there for six rounds. It was my comeback fight. I decided to get my feet wet.”

Robert Brizel: “Do you seek possible rematches with Rayford Johnson or Rayshawn Myers?”

Armin Mrkanovic: “I’m not interested. I know I won those (bouts). It’s not going to bring nothing back (to fight them again). I know I beat them both, so it doesn’t matter. There’s nothing I want from them.”

Robert Brizel: “You fought Josh Himes last year for the Universal Boxing Federation All America Cruiserweight title, and you were robbed of the decision in West Virginia. I just completed an interview with Sherman ‘The Tank’ Williams, who claims he got robbed of a second round TKO win over Evander Holyfield in West Virginia after cutting Holyfield above the right eye with a legitimate overhand right hand punch. You may have seen his bout with Holyfield on YouTube. In Holyfield’s corner, his trainer Tommy Brooks said Holyfield had been headbutted, and the referee and the ringside doctor awarded Holyfield a No contest. West Virginia is what we would call a questionable venue for boxing. Would you agree?”

Armin Mrkanovic: “It’s not even a questionable venue. West Virginia is a place where fighters are spoon fed opponents by Tommy Wilson (Armin’s personal opinion), giving his fighters a pacifier (automatic wins over opponents) and keeping them happy. In terms of my bout with Josh Himes, the promoter robbed me. Himes is not willing to give me a rematch (of our eight round bout in 2017, in which Himes won the decision). Himes took a beating in our bout. I have had harder sparring sessions than Josh Himes.”

Robert Brizel: “Your bout with Himes for the vacant Universal Boxing federation All America cruiserweight title. That belt is now vacant.”

Armin Mrkanovic: “My belt is vacant. That’s my belt which I won (deserved to win, and got robbed of).”

Robert Brizel: “As you read, last week Prince Badi Ajamu, a former world light heavyweight champion, won an eight round comeback bout at cruiserweight by decision in Atlantic City. Would you like to fight Prince Badi Ajamu for the vacant UBF All America Cruiserweight belt in an eight round in Atlantic City next?”

Armin Mrkanovic: “If he is in my way, if that’s what it takes, of course.”

Robert Brizel:Prince Badi Ajamu is a fighter with a significant win record, 29-4-1 with 15 knockouts, while your record is 8-3 with three knockouts. Ajamu has 34 fights experience, whereas you have considerably less experience than that, only 11 fights experience. Prince Badi Ajamu has been on the ring off and on since 2001, though he was off from 2010 to 2016. So would you be interested in a fight, prince against prince? Which prince do you think would win?”

Armin Mrkanovic: “The Bosnian Prince is the ONLY prince the people love. THE Bosnian Prince will win. Put it this way, the better man will win, and the better man will ALWAYS be The Bosnian Prince.”

Robert Brizel: “Ajamu stands six feet tall, while you stand 5’11”, so…..”

Armin Mrkanovic: “That doesn’t mean anything. Styles make fights. I’ll fight Ajamu anywhere in neutral territory where nobody gets gift (decisions) gifted. Anywhere they (the promoter and the public) want to see a real fight and a real winner.”

Robert Brizel:Prince Badi Ajamu did not get a gift against Willis Lockett.”

Armin Mrkanovic: “I understand he didn’t. I’m not saying anything. He doesn’t want a gift, I don’t want a gift, so let’s fight in neutral territory.”

Robert Brizel: “How would you feel about fighting Ajamu in Atlantic City?”

Armin Mrkanovic: “Fine. I’ve been there (in Atlantic City) a few times before. I love Atlantic City.”

Robert Brizel: “Tell me about your MMA background.”

Armin Mrkanovic: “I was a kickboxer with Chuck Norris for a long time. I fought with Bellator, and then a changed over to boxing.”

Robert Brizel: “If you are able to win the vacant UBF All America cruiserweight belt over Prince Badi Ajamu, would you then call out Josh Himes for a rematch?”

Armin Mrkanovic: “I’ve been calling him out for the rematch since the day I left West Virginia. Josh Himes is not responding.”

Robert Brizel: “When do you want to get busy next?”

Armin Mrkanovic: “Next month. If Prince Badi Ajamu is the man standing in my way to get what’s mine, then let’s do it.”




Robert Brizel - Head Boxing Correspondent
Robert Brizel - Head Boxing Correspondent
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