Philadelphia Lightweight Jerome Conquest Interview: On The Comeback Trail

By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Boxing Correspondent

* Photo Credit: Peltz Boxing

In a Real Combat Media interview exclusive given ringside at SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, popular southpaw lightweight Jerome Conquest, one of Philadelphia’s favorite and finest fighters today, discussed his recovery from a leg injury which incurred recently during roadwork training, the cancellation of his scheduled hometown bout with fellow Philadelphia lightweight southpaw Tyrone Crawley Jr., and his burning desire to heal and return to the Philadelphia ring for a comeback later in 2018.

Robert Brizel: “Tell me about the cast on your left leg, and how it all happened, if you had any surgery, and what the whole story is. Boxing fans want to know.”

Jerome Conquest: “I was getting ready for my bout with Tyrone Crawley Jr. for the WBF Inter-Continental Silver Lightweight title (scheduled for) June 8 at the SugarHouse Casino. It (the leg injury) happened during training. I was running wind sprints, (as) part of my training on Sundays, and I tore my Achilles (tendon). My Achilles gave out. I incurred the injury on a Sunday, I did the surgery on a Monday, and we’ll see what the timeline is (now for my recovery). They (my doctors) gave me a timeline of three to four months (to fully heal), but I’m giving myself one to two months (expected recovery time).

Robert Brizel: “You had a loss in your last fight (to Tyrone Luckey), as did Tyrone Crawley Jr. (to Anthony Mercado), yet you (still) seem very much on the comeback trail. Was the Crawley fight a fight you were very much looking forward to?”

Jerome Conquest: “Me and Tyrone Crawley Jr., we are friends. It isn’t a fight I was looking forward to, but it was a fight (match) where my manager and my trainers loved the fight, because we are both coming off of losses, and they (both fight camps) say neither one of us is a big puncher.”

Robert Brizel: “I don’t know about that. I’m familiar with your loss to Moldovan fighter Piotr Postol (inactive since 2016, but scheduled to fight again on May 26, 2018, in Fresno, California) and Yonkers fighter Victor Vazquez (who was stopped in the seventh round of his last bout by Josue Vargas on April 21, 2016, in Brooklyn). Would you like a rematch with Victor Vazquez?”

Jerome Conquest:“I asked for a rematch with Victor Vazquez, and he said no mas (no more). Right now I’m worried about my weight class, 130 pounds.”

Robert Brizel: “I was familiar with Tyrone Luckey early in his career. He started well, then had a downturn. Tell me about your bout with Luckey.”

Jerome Conquest: “The Luckey fight result was because of me. I got caught with a good shot., and I don’t feel as though referee Gary Rosato should have stopped it. Rosato did his job. I can’t be mad at Rosato. That loss won’t set me back. I’m looking forward.”

Robert Brizel: “Do you think you will ever fight a rematch with Tyrone Luckey?”

Jerome Conquest: “Not really. I did not even want that fight in the first place. I shouldn’t even have been fighting him. I didn’t want to fight someone who is 8-8-3. Tyrone Luckey is something like a journeyman. I didn’t want to fight a journeyman. I wanted to fight a contender with a winning record like me, somebody who had no losses. I asked for Ray Lampkin, who is 11-1. I was gonna fight Tyrone Crawley, who is 8-1. Those are the king of records I want. I want to fight 11-0 fighters. I don’t want (to fight) them journeymen.”

Robert Brizel: “What did you learn from the Tyrone Luckey fight?”

Jerome Conquest: “To keep my hands up, move, keep my hands up, and stay out of the corner. It was a mental mistake. I was going through a lot. My brother just died that week. My brother had the flu and passed away that week. I (also) had the flu two weeks prior, and I had a torn rib cage. There was nothing I complained about. This is my first time ever telling anybody that (my circumstances surrounding my last fight with Tyrone Luckey). I don’t want to use any excuses. I just got caught with a good shot.”

Robert Brizel: “What is your timeline for recovery?”

Jerome Conquest: “They told me three to four months, but I’m trying to cut that (the recovery time) in half. I will try to be back in the ring for September or December. I’m not going to go over my doctor’s head.”

Robert Brizel: “Are you able to do any kind of training now despite the leg?”

Jerome Conquest: “I do all upper body work. I’m still working on the upper body. I still have to do some kind of exercise (during my leg recovery period). I can’t just sit around and do nothing waiting for my leg to heal.”

Robert Brizel: “Do you think your fight with Tyrone Crawley Jr. will be rescheduled?”

Jerome Conquest: “I just spoke with (King’s Promotions promoter) Marshall Kauffman, and he says that’s the fight that he wants (for me next). Marshall Kauffman (still) wants that fight, so I guess that’s the fight I’m going to get next. Between September and December, I’ll be back.”

Robert Brizel: “There’s a lot of fights at 2300 Arena in Philadelphia tonight, but yet you are here at SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia (instead).”

Jerome Conquest: “I’m here supporting my man Alex Barboza, and Mykal Fox. I’m here supporting them two guys. I understanding there is boxing at 2300 Arena, but….”

Robert Brizel:“Friends are more important than Floyd (Mayweather Jr.).”

Jerome Conquest: “Yes. If Floyd shows up (at 2300 Arena) so see is fighter fight on Showtime, good for him. I’ve been in the same gym with Floyd before. I’m not star struck.”

Robert Brizel: “Is Floyd a disciplined athlete?”

Jerome Conquest: “Yes, Floyd is a great athlete. His work ethic is 1000 percent when he is in training camp, even when he’s not in training camp.”

Robert Brizel: “Floyd’s disciplined every day, like Bernard Hopkins.”

Jerome Conquest: “Yes.”

Robert Brizel: “Do you think Bernard should fight again?”

Jerome Conquest: “No. I think Bernard has the heart, I just don’t think he should fight again. He has nothing to prove to anybody. Bernard doesn’t even have to prove anything to himself. He did everything a fighter can dream of doing. Bernard should never have taken the Joe Smith fight to begin with. He should have just went on with his legacy. That’s just my personal opinion.”

Robert Brizel: “Do you miss being out of the ring these last few months? Does it (inactivity) take a lot out of you?”

Jerome Conquest: “It takes a lot out of you. Sitting around the house? I can’t do it.”




Robert Brizel - Head Boxing Correspondent
Robert Brizel - Head Boxing Correspondent
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