Heavyweight Ike Ibeabuchi: The Top Secret Interview Files Part IV.

By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Boxing Correspondent

Authorized for publication by Ike Ibeabuchi, the four part interview series was conducted with Ike Ibeabuchi during his period of release to Gilbert, Arizona in early 2016. He remains in custody in Arizona in 2017 while various appeals and legal issues related to his probationary status remain to be resolved. The legal activities do not necessarily and perhaps do not relate to his later legal case in Nevada, to which he refers to.




Robert B: “Can you clarify the actions of the State of Nevada?”

Ike Ibeabuchi: “If the State of Nevada will consider the actions of the Supreme Court of Nevada, I will be very much cleared (my record).”

Robert B: “Explain the reversal of your conviction twice in the Nevada Supreme Court?”

Ike Ibeabuchi: “Reversal (would ordinarily) mean a person would get a new trial. The state did not opt to go to trial. My conviction should therefore be expunged.”

Robert B: “Meaning?”

Ike Ibeabuchi: “Going back to the beginning of time, I am innocent! All I did was solicit prostitution. In Clark County Nevada, that is prosecuted. I confessed to NRS 201.354 prostitution, which is not allowed as a matter of law, and not what they claimed I did/ The status allowed only what happened by matter of law. I called a call girl from The Mirage (Hotel and Casino).  Wouldn’t go shy about confessing to what I did as a matter of law, versus the punishment Nevada gave me.”

Robert B: “What were the missing facts to the puzzle which entrapped you?”

Ike Ibeabuchi:“Unbeknownst to me, she had pled guilty to prostitution in 2001. I would have won my case because the state would have lost its (star) witness in 2001 (my accuser). She had been convicted. The state did not reveal that information to me when I gave an Alford plea (I didn’t admit my guilt but I avoided going to trial). They were legally bound to do so (reveal all of the facts regarding their witness against me, which they knew) in constitutional practice to reveal any information in conflict to my case. If she was a prostitute when she testified in state court-[and she said she wasn’t a prostitute-[(then) she’s a liar (gave false testimony). I never testified. She was protected by immunity. In 2001, she was convicted of prostitution (previously, before she testified against me). I didn’t know about her prior convictions when I pled guilty in Nevada in November 2001.


Reader’s Note: Ike Ibeabuchi was picked up for a hearing for probation violation by the State of Arizona on an old warrant on April 14, 2016, which is either related to the same case, or a different previous one. He will next appear in Arizona State Court for a non-witness violation hearing next month.




Robert Brizel - Head Boxing Correspondent
Robert Brizel - Head Boxing Correspondent
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