Armin Mrkanovic Interview: Highway Robbery in West Virginia UBF Title Bout

By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Boxing Correspondent


The Bosnian Prince, cruiserweight Armin Mrkanovic, has a record of 7-3. At 37, he has not realized his potential. Much like Manny Pacquiao’s highway robbery loss last weekend to Jeff Horn in Australia, Mrkanovic came out on the short end of the stick this past weekend as well. On June 24, 2017, Mrkanovic got robbed in an eight round decision loss to 10-2 Josh Himes in a Universal Boxing Federation All-America Cruiserweight vacant title bout held at the West Virginia State Penitentiary at Moundsville.


Himes appeared to win the first two rounds. Then it was all Mrkanovic. In an exclusive  interview with Real Combat Media, Mrkanovic stated his viewpoints on the deserved win he did not get.


Robert Brizel: “Why did they call you the Bosnian Prince?”


Armin Mrkanovic: “A friend of mine who was a fighter said I was more of a romantic, and said we gonna call you the prince.”


Robert Brizel: “Did your good looks help you with women?”


Armin Mrkanovic: “My fighting got me there.”


Robert Brizel: “You were out of the ring over 28 months after you defeated Dave Valkeo. Why?”


Armin Mrkanovic: “My major issue was people pulling out on me, and not getting me the right fighters.”


Robert Brizel: “Do you have a promoter now?”


Armin Mrkanovic: “I have someone I am working with (who is) not a promoter.”


Robert Brizel: “In 2012 you lost a majority decision in four rounds to Rayford Johnson. Would you fight a rematch if you could?”


Armin Mrkanovic: “Yes.”


Robert Brizel: “How did the West Virginia fight with Josh Himes come about?”


Armin Mrkanovic: “I got a call from someone in West Virginia to fight a local guy for a belt, and since it was for a belt, it sounded interesting to me. So I looked at a tape of the proposed opponent, and I had no doubt I could beat the guy (Josh Himes).”


Robert Brizel: “How was the bout scored?”


Armin Mrkanovic: “77-75, 79-73, and 80-72 for Himes. If I was blind, I would never lose eight rounds to him.”


Robert Brizel: “At 37, do you think your career is over?”


Armin Mrkanovic: “No, it’s not. It’s not even close to being over. I have so much more fight left in me.”


Robert Brizel: “Do you think won every round in West Virginia?”


Armin Mrkanovic: “I won at least five of the eight rounds. That’s being generous.”


Robert Brizel: “Do you think the fight was fixed?”


Armin Mrkanovic: “It was home cooking.  His corner told me the worst the bout could have been was a draw.”


Robert Brizel: “Do you think Josh Himes will give you a rematch?”


Armin Mrkanovic: “I asked him for a rematch right away. Himes told me it was a war, and he doesn’t know, and he walked away (from me in the ring after the decision was announced).”


Robert Brizel: “Would you ever fight again in West Virginia?”


Armin Mrkanovic: “If worse comes to worse, and I’m going to get a rematch in West Virginia against Josh Himes and that’s the only option I have, I’m going (back) to West Virginia. I want to expose this fighter. If there were any doubts that I beat somebody, I would want the chance to prove them wrong. I need this (fight result) to be made right.”






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