The 2016 New York Open Judo Team Tournament

By Syl Peterkin, Real Combat Media Judo/MMA Correspondent 

New York, NY (March 19th, 2016)– On March 20, 2016 the New York Athletic Center will be hosting the New York Open Judo Team Tournament.  The tournament will include high level grapplers from Israel, Germany, France, Georgia, USA, and Canada.  Featured Judoka include 2012 and 2008 US Olympian and BJJ Black Belt Travis Stevens (under John Danaher), 2012 Olympic Gold Medal and 2012 World Champion Kayla Harrison, 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist and Silver Medalist in the 2013 World Championship Marti Malloy, French team member and 2014 World Champion Clarisse Agbegnenou.

Victory in this tournament format is determined by the results of individual matches via points, or quality of wins added up for total points.  Last year tickets for the New York Open were sold out, but are still available for this year’s event.  This year’s event is sponsored by New York Athletic Club (NYAC), Dr. Arthur Canario, BitLanders, Suez North America, and Adidas.

If you are unable to attend you can still stream the event via this authorized link for free:


Tickets are available for the Monday workout (clinic) at NYAC, 7th Floor, March 30th, 6:30 – 8:30 for $30.00.  At this clinic participants will have the opportunity to learn from and perform techniques on high level Judoka including Olympians and World Champions.

Sign up is available via this link:


Be sure to read up on the post tournament reviews and highlight videos in the coming days.

You can view some high lights and high level techniques from last year’s New York Open at the video links below.

Explosive Drop Shoulder Throw from Cuban Player


US Win Via Pin


Kayla Harrison vs. Cuban player – Arm bar Finish


Garry St Leger Turnover into Arm bar Finish






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