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Deja Vu All Over Again
Kovalev Stops Pascal at the End of the 7th
Results from Centre Bell
The Krusher
Photo Credits: David Spagnolo/Main Events

Kovalev Defeats Pascal Again in Laugher. Is Andre Ward Next?

By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Boxing Correspondent   


Montreal, Canada (January 31st, 2016)– HBO commentators Bernard Hopkins and Max Kellerman seemed in agreement after the HBO televised card at Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada, after the main event on Saturday evening, January 30, 2016. Andre Ward, they reasoned, had the right talent and ring generalship to defeat Sergey Kovalev at 175 pounds. WBC Light Heavyweight champion went after Kovalev in the ring after the bout ended, trying to make some noise for the ultimate unification match which has yet to take place.


Kovalev, 29-0-1 with 26 knockouts. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, scored a seventh round stoppage last night of Jean Pascal, 30-4-1 with 17 knockouts, Laval, Canada, in a pathetic rematch of their first encounter at Bell Centre in March 2015, an eighth round stoppage win by Kovalev. Pascal trainer Freddie Roach, seeing no offense from his fighter, who was taking a huge beating, stopped the contest in the corner.


The only way to beat Kovalev is to take the fight to him. A solid defense is also necessary to guard against his power shots. Pascal failed to take any initiative to take the fight to Kovalev. Realizing this, Kovalev immediately took control on the ring and took the fight to Pascal, putting pressure on him, cutting off the ring and walking him down. Pascal went into a defensive shell. This proved a bad strategy against Kovalev’s high offensive output.


Officially, Kovalev knocked down Pascal for the first time in his career in round three with a chopping left hand. Unofficially, Kovalev also knocked down Pascal with a jab in round one, but referee Michael Griffin incorrectly called it a slip.


Raining power shots on Pascal like an expert marksman meticulously shooting the bullseye on a target, Kovalev had Pascal cowering on the ropes looking for a way out by the end of round five, taking a frightful beating. It was the same story in round seven. By bout’s end, Kovalev had landed 168 of 412 punches (40%) to Pascal landing 30 of 208 punches (20%). One hard left hand punch by Pascal early on actually found Kovalev’s face. Kovalev did not move, though, and the force of Pascal’s blow-which landed solid-sent Pascal strangely staggering forward past Kovalev across the ring instead.


Kovalev landed 108 punches to the head and chin area, to only 20 punches in the same area by Pascal. In the rematch, Pascal had landed only four punches per round. Pascal had asked Roach for one more round after the sixth round. In reflection, the extra round only made matters worse than they already were.


Former WBA and WBC World Super Middleweight champion Andre Ward, 28-0 with 15 knockouts, Oakland, California, is scheduled to fight on March 2, 2016, in his hometown of Oakland, California, against Cuban fighter Sullivan Barrera, 17-0 with 12 knockouts, Miami, Florida. This will be Ward’s first bout at 175 pounds light heavyweight, a 12 rounder which will enable Ward to gain a new world ranking at light heavyweight if he wins-and go after Kovalev in the higher weight class in 2016 or 2017.


WBC World Light Heavy weight champion Adonis Stevenson entered the ring after Kovalev’s victory, and tried to make some noise for a unification match, but that prospect continues to remain a remote possibility.


Result: Sergey Kovalev TKO 7 Jean Pascal (3:00), Light Heavyweights

Kovalev retains the IBF, WBA and WBO World Light Heavyweight titles

Referee: Michael Griffin. Kovalev knocked down Pascal in the third round.

Pascal’s trainer Freddie Roach retired his fighter in the corner after round seven ended.               


On the undercard, Canadian Middleweight champion Francis Lafreniere scored a minor upset and won the vacant IBF International Middleweight title with a ten round unanimous decision over Renan St. Juste.


Bell Centre Undercard Results


Francis Lafreniere Win 10 Renan St. Juste, Middleweights

Lafreniere wins the vacant IBF International Middleweight title


Dmitry Mikhailenko Win 10 Karim Mayfield, Welterweights

Mikhailenko wins the vacant USBA Welterweight title


Steven Butler Win 8 Antonio Hoffman, Super Welterweights

Montreal, Quebec, Canada:  Undefeated Unified WBO, WBA and IBF Light Heavyweight World Champion Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev (29-0-1, 26 KOs) retains all three of his titles as he makes short work of former light heavyweight world champion, Jean Pascal (30-4-1, 17 KOs), again.
The crowd was deafening as Michael Buffer announced Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev and Jean Pascal and everyone at Centre Bell was on their feet. Through the first five rounds Pascal weathered the flurry of punches handed out by The Krusher. However, by the fifth round Pascal seemed to be barely able to stay on his feet. Pascal’s trainer Freddie Roach stopped the fight just prior to the start of the eighth round.
Pascal and Kovalev
Photo Credits: David Spagnolo/Main Events
After the fight Kovalev said, “I don’t think Freddie Roach changed him at all. He was actually easier for me. I hurt his ego the most because they stopped the fight when he was sitting in the corner on the bench. I hurt my left hand a little from a very hard punch. I broke his nose, maybe that is when I hurt my hand. I don’t like him. I punish him. Merci! I love you Canada!”
Pascal and Krusher
Photo Credits: David Spagnolo/Main Events
Pascal added, “Regardless of what he is as a person, Sergey Kovalev is a great champion. I give him all the credit he deserves. This is the first time he showed he is a clean athlete and I was pleased to prove this by paying for his VADA drug testing. I will be back and better than ever, but as always I know my performances dictate my narrative so I will let my next fights do all my talking. I feel like I let myself, my team and my close family at Interbox down, but we will continue to work together and build our companies, our fantastic market and, God willing, my next title fight in the process. Thank you to all my fans that came out to support me. I will be back. Don’t worry guys.”
When asked about a potential fight with Andre Ward, Kovalev said, “I am very happy this fight will happen.” He also added that in the mean time there is one more fight he wished would happen when he said, “I want to unify all four titles. I want to fight Adonis Chickenson.”
Mikhaylenko and Mayfield
Photo Credits: David Spagnolo/Main Events
The HBO World Championship Boxing telecast began with a 10-round welterweight battle for the vacant USBA Welterweight Title between Dmitry “They Mechanic” Mikhaylenko (21-0, 9 KOs) of Gelendzhik, Russia and Karim “Hard Hitta” Mayfield (19-3-1, 17 KOs) of San Francisco, California.
Mayfield came out of the gates swinging so hard he nearly fell over. Both fighters threw wild punches in the first two fast-paced rounds. The Mechanic dominated through nearly the entire fight. He secured the USBA Welterweight Title and two judges scored his unanimous decision victory a perfect 100-90 and the third judge gave one round to Mayfield 99-91, keeping Mikhaylenko’s undefeated record in tact.
The Mechanic
Photo Credits: David Spagnolo/Main Events
After the fight, Mikhaylenko said, “It was a lot of hard work in the ring. Mayfield was tougher than I thought he was going to be. He hung on me too much but I was able to throw more punches. I am happy with my performance.”
Mayfield added, “He is tough, very durable. He was able to absorb my punches. He took some good shots from me, but he was able to recover very well. Really tough guy. Future champ. You need more time to prepare for a guy with Mikahaylenko’s style. I would like a rematch and have the proper time to prepare.”
Lafreniere and St. Juste
Photo Credits: David Spagnolo/Main Events
The Canadian pay-per-view telecast began with a scheduled 10-round bout for the IBF International Middleweight Title between Renan St. Juste of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti and Francis Lafreniere of Quebec, Canada. The packed crowd at the Centre Bell was hyped for this fight from the first bell. This fight was a battle with both fighters trading big shots. At the close of the ninth round, Lafreniere unloaded a flurry of punches on St. Juste and the crowd exploded. These two warriors continued to trade punches until the final and brought the crowd at Centre Bell to their feet. Even with the referee deducting a point in the eighth round, Lafreniere still won by unanimous decision (99-90, 97-92, 97-92).
Mielewczky and Bouchard
Photo Credits: David Spagnolo/Main Events
The final swing bout of the evening came after the main event. It featured welterweights Sebastien Bouchard (12-1, 4 KOs) of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada against Damian Mielewczky (9-2, 7 KOs) from Piaseczno, Poland in six rounds of action. All three judges scored the bout in favor of Bouchard 59-55, 50-56, 50-56.
Dalkhaev and Salazar
Photo Credits: David Spagnolo/Main Events
Undefeated super bantamweight prospect Vislan Dalkhaev (5-0, 1 KO) of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, kept his perfect record in tact. He defeated Alan Salazar (5-2, 2 KOs) of Mexico City, Mexico by a perfect unanimous decision; all three judges scored the bout 40-36 in favor of Dalkhaev.
Diaz Knocks Down Gomez
Photo Credits: David Spagnolo/Main Events
Super lightweight Joel Diaz Jr. (21-0, 17 KOs)  of Palmdale, California made quick work of Abraham Gomez (13-21-3, 5KOs) of Guadalajara, Mexico. Diaz stopped Gomez at 1:45 of the second round and Diaz grabbed the victory via TKO.
Theroux and Garcia
Photo Credits: David Spagnolo/Main Events
Welterweights David Theroux (9-1, 6 KOs) of Sorel, Quebec, Canada and Juan Armando Garcia (12-3-2, 5 KOs), of Michoacan, Mexico were scheduled to face each other for 6 rounds of action. However, after Theroux delivered a brutal knockdown in the third round. Garcia managed to get back to his feet and resume the fight. Then seconds later he was in trouble and the referee stopped the fight. Theroux was declared the winner by TKO at 2:46 of the third round.

Csala and Chaney
Photo Credits: David Spagnolo/Main Events
Heavyweights Cassius Chaney (6-0, 4 KOs) of New London, Connecticut and Zoltan Csala (9-5, 7 KOs) of Hungary were scheduled for four rounds of action. The 6″6′ Chaney towered over his Csala. Chaney dominated his opponent until he knocked him down at 2:52 of the third round and the referee stopped the fight.
Cassius Chaney
Photo Credits: David Spagnolo/Main Events
After the fight Chaney said, “I feel like I learned more tonight. He was a tough opponent. He came to push me and I think that I could have done better. I could have eased my way into it. I threw a lot of bombs early. I give myself a D. I have a lot to learn. I will continue to get better and continue to improve, but the important thing is: I got the win. That was the first time I have ever been booed in my life but they cheered for me in the end.”
Butler Knocks Down Hoffman
Photo Credits: David Spagnolo/Main Events
Quebec, Canada native Steven Butler (14-0-1, 11 KOs) sought to make quick work of Antonio Hoffman (13-1, 9 KOs) of Angola in the second fight of the evening. Butler scored his first knockdown in the first round of the contest. The super welterweights were scheduled for eight rounds of action. Butler came out of his corner with a vengeance in the second round. The next several rounds were uneventful until Butler scored a hard knockout just before the end of the eighth and final round. Hoffman managed to get back on his feet before the bell rang to end the fight. Butler handed Hoffman his first career loss via a unanimous decision victory with two judges scoring the fight 78-72 and one judge scoring it 79-71.
The Terminator Steps Away After Knockdown
Photo Credits: David Spanolo/Main Events
In the first fight of the evening, Virgilijus “The Terminator” Stapulionis (17-3-1, 13 KOs) of Lithuania faced Laszlo Fazekas (27-24-1, 17 KOs) of Hungary for a scheduled ten-round junior middleweight battle. “The Terminator” knocked down Fazekas twice in the first round. He started the second round with another quick knockdown of Fazekas. Stapulionis landed his fourth knockdown in the second round and the referee stopped the fight.
Fazekas and Stapulionis
Photo Credits: David Spagnolo/Main Events
“I felt good. I had good training, and I have a good team. When I go to ring I know I am ready. I go to the ring only to win. He was not a better opponent. He was a good fighter. I have good training every day and I know I am strong. I want to thank my coach, Robert Garcia, and my team, Main Events and my manager, Egis Klimas.”
*All records have been updated to reflect tonight’s results.

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Main Events was founded in 1978 by the late Dan Duva and is now run by his widow Kathy Duva. As one of the top promotional companies in the world, Main Events has promoted boxing legends Evander Holyfield, Arturo Gatti, Lennox Lewis, Pernell Whitaker and many more. Currently, Main Events promotes WBO, IBF and WBA Light Heavyweight World Champion Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev. Main Events is committed to promoting quality fights that boxing fans want to see.
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