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Shelley Vincent Interview

By Pattee Mak, RCM New England Correspondent

Super Bantamweight Shelley Vincent aka Shelito Vincent (13-0-0, 1 ko) who currently resides in Rhode Island isn’t afraid to step up and fight in remembrance of her mom and for her fans. She won her last bout by majority decision during the main event on 11-7-2014 against Jackie Trivilinoc (9-8-3) at the Twin River Casino. After 10 rounds the Judges scored the bout98-92; 96-94 and 95-95. Shenow holds the Universal Boxing Federal (UBF) World Female super bantamweight title.

Pattee Mak: Your last fight you won by Majority decision. Do you feel Ed Scunzio who scored the bout 95-95 was a fair score?

Vincent:Yeah I thought that I won [rounds] 5-10. 5th on I controlled an landed better shots. She won round 1 for sure. Two I thought I won,an 3 was close or vice versa. 4th I came out strong landing big shots. 5th as well. I had her winning 3rdand I’d give her 4th cause it was close but me winning 6th hands down. People aren’t used to seeing me get hit. But I knew from day one, I was in a war. Hats off to Jackie. We both put on that night. I always liked Jackie an respected her. I remember watching her winning nationals when we were both amateurs. Girl she fought that night was a beast too.

Pattee Mak: You are currently signed with CES. They have a fight coming up on February 13th at Mohegan Sun and March 13th at Twin River Casino. Will there be a possibility that you will be on one of those cards?

Vincent:I’ll be back in the ring either March or April. The team is working on a lot of huge things. My next fight will definitely be my first title defense of the UBF World Title. Since I got back from Cali, I been sick off and on. Finally back in the gym 100% an can’t wait to get it on.

Pattee Mak: We need to get you 100% better. Currently you are training with Peter Manfredo, Sr. Whom else from your gym should people keep a close eye on?

Vincent: Besides myself, this will be my biggest an best year. I promise all my supporters an friends, an family that. Also everyone look out for my big, lil bro Cassius [Chaney] for making noise in the pro’s. We both from the same city. Kid’s a beast, two time national champ making noise an bout to turn up the heavyweight division. Thomas [Falowo] just got a huge win on ESPN and Toka Khan Clary making major moves as a top prospect over there at Top Rank. Support all my brothers an Team Manfredo.

Pattee Mak: Thomas looked phenomenal during his last fight against Russell Lamour. He should have been the main event. There has been from time to time buzz surrounding a fight that you want to happen between you andHeather Hardy (12-0-0, 2 kos). I know you’ve drove to watch her fight live. You’ve called her out. There was even some chatter that the last card CES they had, you both could possibly be on it. BUT unfortunately it didn’t come together. Can you tell me the reasons why?

Vincent:Well besides she scared… I don’t know P… It’s crazy. We offered her $8,000.00 to fight. Final offer. Then $12,000.00 cause someone said they would throw in the other $4,000.00 she demanded. Guess they thought we was negotiating Sergio Martinez lol. But that’s unheard of for women in the U.S. All I know is it looks bad. She has a WBC junior belt an I clearly challenge her an she says no.And we offered her great money. Which supports the fact she just don’t want to bang. “HEATY” I say HARDLY!!! Luke warm I’ll take.

Pattee Mak: I’d love to hear her side as to why she didn’t take the $12,000.00 presented to her.

Pattee Mak: Do you feel that this fight will ever happen?

Vincent:Not until it’s forced, unfortunately. What a great fight for the east an women’s boxing too.

Pattee Mak: Hopefully one day it’ll happen. Your signature is the Vendetta mask. Tell me how this came about and will you be wearing it to the ring during your next fight?

Vincent:He died the day my mother died an born two days after me. “What they did to me was monstrous and they created a monster” so many similarities. But also I don’t fight for myself, I fight for the kids that are like me, my mother, the sake of the sport, equality for women. Behind the mask were all different but with it on, we’re all the same…. We’re all fighting a fight. Now V is for Victory. V is for Vincent. Fight night MASK ON FOR THE CARNIVAL, A VENGENCE!!!!!!

Pattee Mak: Are you still selling the masks and will it be autographed? If so, how can someone purchase same?

Vincent:The team sells them there $5.00 a pop. An inbox me anyone interested. There also available fight night at the Havoc table.

Pattee Mak: During one of your previous fights you always seem to shake up the crowd and be spontaneous in being you. During another ring walk, I believe it was Foxwoods, you came to the ring in a straight jacket. Tell me about this.

Vincent: Most people think I wore it cause I’m cocky an crazy. An there 100% wrong. I mean don’t get me wrong we all a bit 730. Especially me fight night. But I wear it to symbolize the way women are tied down. The sport. It’s a Man’s World. I WILL break that barrier completely down. I promise you that lil gals.

Pattee Mak: Anyone who knows you has to know that you are incredibly giving and very approachable. I have never found you cocky but we all a bit crazy at times. 🙂

Pattee Mak: HAVOC!!! They are well known in boxing. Tell me about their role with you.

Vincent:First of all I want to thank Tito an Uncle Dre for believing in an with me. I’m blessed for that huge support. I’m part of Team Havoc. An what a group of great talent, best in the game men to be associated with. I especially love Danny Jacobs story an feat. He’s an amazing fighter an everyone knows my ties to cancer due to my mother. Also Sadam Ali just had a huge win on HBO. Pretty sure [Curtis] Stevens could knockout a horse. Just an amazing talented stable of men.

Pattee Mak: Boxing has become your family and you are always helping kids. Tell me more about the fundraiser that you are putting together. Date, venue etc etc.

Vincent:Me an the team are working on a fundraiser to help send the local young ladies, the winners to National Tourny’s. They always send the men, so I’m going to help the girls. I wish I had this when I was taking my trips. I really sincerely care for kids because of my past. An this will hopefully draw more young ladies Into.
The our sport and help it build. I train women at Striking Beauties the first all women’s boxing gym. An helping women in a male dominated sport really ignites an feeds my passion more. I will make sure these girls get this help it was hard for me to get, due to being a female. Also I help my manager Kimberly Cronan Gifford at her gym, The Fitness Factory with the woman. I will also be creating a fund for kids.

Pattee Mak: I believe it’s great what you are doing for the upcoming future female boxers. The next generation.

Pattee Mak: Thanks so much for filling me in on what you have been doing recently and your upcoming fundraiser. I wish you the best in your boxing career and I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming fights.

Vincent:Thank you mamma. See you soon. Please you know you my favorite #lighthairedgal.

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