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Italy versus Puerto Rico! Featherweight Floriano Pagliara Interview: l Will Beat Jose Del Valle

By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Boxing Correspondent

In a Real Combat Media international interview exclusive, former Italian Super Featherweight champion Floriano Pagliara, who will fight for the first time in New York City since October 2012 after fighting three bouts in Italy last year, stated he will fight and he will win his six round bout against tall 6’2” Jose Del Valle of Puerto Rico at Resorts New World Casino Aqueduct in Queens, New York, on Saturday, September 20, 2014, in the third floor sporting event area, on a New Legend Boxing card promoted by Felipe Gomez and Kevin O’Sullivan.

Pagliara, 35, 16-6-2 with seven knockouts, Brooklyn, New York, won the Italian Super Featherweight title with a 10 round decision over Nicola Cipolletta in Toscana, Italy, in July 2013. Pagliara will face the always dangerous 3-7-3 Jose Del Valle of Corozal, Puerto Rico, who is coming off an upset six round split decision win over 9-0 Terron Grant at Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, Maryland in July 2014.

Pagliara is managed by Rich Komissar, and trains at Gleason’s Gym with note boxing trainer Don Saxby. Pagliara’s conditioning trainer is Stefano Ravalli.

Real Combat Media: “How’s your training coming along? How long have you been in training for your upcoming fight?”

Floriano Pagliara: “I have been training hard all week, for the body and for the mind. I am training hard, and working with my trainers and manager. I have been in serious training for two and a half months.”

Real Combat Media: “When did you come back to Brooklyn from Italy?”

Floriano Pagliara: “I have always lived here in Brooklyn because I love America and (being an) American. I just went back to Italy for (my last three) the fights. America is the last of opportunity. I like the mentality of the country. They give you the chance to be what you want to be, and do what you want to do, it doesn’t matter what. This country gives you what you deserve.”

Real Combat Media: “From 2010 to 2012, you were undefeated in six consecutive fights. Why did you go to fight in Italy, the country of your ancestors?”

Floriano Pagliara: “Because my nickname in America is ‘Mr. Italiano’, and I went back to Italy to win the Italian title.”

Real Combat Media: “Is Italy similar or different from the United States?”

Floriano Pagliara: “Different. In Italy there is too much Mafia (style control). If your father is a doctor, you can become a doctor. If your father is a dentist, you can become a dentist. If you don’t know somebody, you can’t do anything.”

Real Combat Media: “You beat Angelo Ardito to retain your Italian Super Featherweight title last October. Why did the Italian Commission reverse the decision?”

Floriano Pagliara: “I don’t know exactly what happened. I don’t take diuretics. I’m walking around at 125 pounds. I am a clean person. I don’t need to rematch with him (Ardito). Everything was great in Italy (for me and my experiences there). I brought 1000 to 2000 people to my fights in Italy to watch me fight. However, the Italians wanted me to stay (live in Italy and train in Italy permanently), and not just come to Italy to fight. That’s why they (the Italian Athletic Commission, I believe) took my Italian title away.”

Real Combat Media: “At age 35, do you want to fight for a world title in the near future?”

Floriano Pagliara: “Yes. I don’t want to waste more time. I want to work for a big title shot.”

Real Combat Media: “Are you afraid to fight tall fighters?”

Floriano Pagliara: “No. Del Valle is a tall guy, 6’2”. He’s dangerous, as he just beat a 9-0 fighter. My hands will be high for defense. I’m a great technical fighter and puncher with great experience and many styles of boxing. I will win.”

Real Combat Media: “Will you defeat Jose Del Valle?”

Floriano Pagliara: “I’m gonna win. I’m gonna fight and I’m gonna win. That’s all. We’re gonna talk in the ring (when it’s over).”

Real Combat Media: “Would you like to fight for a WBC or WBA regional belt? Felipe Gomez and Kevin O’Sullivan, the New Legend promoters, have done belts for Rafael Vazquez and other fighters>”

Floriano Pagliara: “It would be good. My focus right now, I just want to go into the ring to fight. I’m going to be fighting for a belt soon. I have a couple more good years left (as a boxer). I feel young inside. I feel great. Age doesn’t mean anything.”

Real Combat Media: “What does each fight you fight mean to you?”

Floriano Pagliara: “Each fight is history, we think like that in Italy. We fight each guy three times, and each time is a different result. My opponent, Jose Del Valle, has three wins, seven losses and one draw, and just beat an undefeated guy with nine wins. A fighter’s record doesn’t mean anything.”

Real Combat Media: “How will you fight Del Valle, an opponent over six feet tall?”

Floriano Pagliara: “Hands up, and open high. I can fight technical style, as the puncher, I do all kinds of boxing. My trainers will tell me how to fight Del Valle the night of the fight. I can fight any kind of style. I fight very nice (proficiently).”

Real Combat Media: “Best wishes for success, Floriano.”

Floriano Pagliara: “Thank you.”




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