Vic Drakulich’s Awful Reasoning for his Disqualification of Diego Chaves

By James Lopez, RCM LA Boxing Correspondent

Los Angeles, CA (August 6th, 2014)– The Nevada State Athletic Commission gave an explanation to the press on why Vic Drakulich issued a disqualification this past Saturday on the Diego Chaves vs Brandion Rios bout. According to the NSAC, “they clinched, and Chaves threw an elbow to the throat or the forehead and Vic issued the disqualification.” Given this explanation, this has to be one of the worst disqualifications that have been seen in recent years in a prize fight. If one reviews the 9th round at the 1:45 mark where the clinch took place, there was absolutely no forearm from Chaves to the head of Rios.

People in the media have discussed, Chaves was gouging in the eye of Rios so he deserved a disqualification, or Rios was being dirty by shoving his head into Chaves’s face during clinches. If any of these matters were the reasoning of the disqualification maybe one can see why Drakulich stopped the fight, but this wasn’t the case. The NSAC told the press, they will review the bout on Monday to discuss what Drakulich did right and if he did anything wrong. If the NSAC does not realize how terrible the disqualification of Chaves is when reviewing the bout, then there might be a bigger issue involved.

Vic Drakulich’s stoppage could have possibly derailed Chaves’s career for the time being. Chaves was earning 25K for this fight and Rios was earning 925K. Even the purses of each fighter on the undercard were larger than Chaves’s. Jessie Vargas earned 125K and Anton Novikov earned 105K. This fight was suppose to catapult Chaves’s career and lifestyle if he came out victorious. At the time of the disqualification two of the three judges had Diego Chaves winning. Robert Hoyle had it 75-74 for Chaves, Jerry Roth 75-74 for Chaves, and Patricia Jarman had it 75-74 for Rios. This was not a fight of the year contender, but it was still a good fight with a lot on the line, and up for grabs in the last two rounds. Unfortunately Drakulich had to ruin a good fight.

Even Vic Drakulich’s first two point deductions issued in the fight were questionable.First Drakulich deducts a point from Chaves in the 3rd round for clinching, and then deducts a point from Rios in the 5th round for spinning Chaves during a clinch to change positions which prompted Chaves to fall.This referee has proven he didn’t just ruin a good fight with a disqualification, but was controversial throughout the whole bout. The fight was dirty, but the point deductions came off of a harmless spin and clinch, and then the ending of the fight came from a forearm to the head that never occurred. Most boxing experts were wrong with predicting this was going to be a fight of the year contender, instead it happened to be the worst referring job of the year.





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