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Rob Diaz of Havoc Interview: Poacher Promoter Hamir Gonzalez of Colombia Fought Santander Silgado without Permission

By Robert Brizel, Head RCM Boxing Correspondent

Havoc Boxing Promoter and CEO Rob Diaz, in an exclusive interview with Real Combat Media, declared Havoc cruiserweight Santander Silgado an idiot for taking an unauthorized fighter in Russia without permission while under contract to Havoc, losing to Rakhim Chakhiev, and blowing three world ratings in the process.

According to Diaz, unscrupulous Colombian boxing promoter Hamir Gonzalez misrepresented himself to Silgado, got Silgado to sign a contract illegally, and then worked Silgado’s corner alone as Silgado lost a 12 round decision to Rakhim Chakhiev on May 30, 2014, in Moscow, Russia. Silgado showed up blubbery at 215 pounds, 15 pounds out of shape over the cruiserweight limit, to Chakhkiev’s 199 ¾ pounds.

Colombia, which remains a dangerous country today due to a civil war ongoing, is a place where Havoc Boxing cannot go to pursue legal action against Hamir Gonzalez.

For the record, a ‘poacher’ in the human sense is one who steals something clearly belonging to somebody else.

Rakhim Chakhkiev versus Santander Silgado Russian bout on Daily Motion

Real Combat Media: “Who is Hamir Gonzalez?”

Rob Diaz: “He’s a poacher from Colombia. He represents himself as an international matchmaker. He sent out emails to other promoters claiming to represent Santander Silgado, Who is under contract to Havoc Boxing. Gonzalez also claimed to represent super middleweight Alexander Brand of Columbia, who is under contract with Samson Lewkowicz of Sampson Boxing. Gonzalez also has claimed to represent Alejandro Berrio, who belonged to Dr. Mario Yagobi and Boxing 360.”

Real Combat Media: What happened after Silgado and Gonzalez got to Russia to fight Chakhkiev?”

Rob Diaz: “Hiram Gonzalez worked Silgado’s corner alone in Russia. It was a circus. You are a 25-1 fighter, close to a world champion, and you show up to fight with no corner 15 pounds overweight.”

Real Combat Media: “If Silgado is signed with Havoc, had did he sign with somebody else illegally?”

Rob Diaz: “Silgado signed another managerial contract. I asked him for a copy of the ‘contract’. I never got it. Gonzalez never got back to me. Silgado was sold to the highest bidder.”

Real Combat Media: “Will you give up on SIlgado now?”

Rob Diaz: “We have too much invested in him. We have to settle our differences. I haven’t spoken to Silgado since his last fight. I don’t feel the need to. I lost respect for him. You are a title contender. You are gonna sneak off to Russia with a matchmaker in your corner? Columbia is lawless.”

Real Combat Media: “What happened to Silgado’s world rankings at cruiserweight?”

Rob Diaz: “Silgado was rated WBC number 10, WBA number 12, and WBO number 14. He gets talked into one cash out fight, and now he’s worth nothing.”

Real Combat Media reached out to Chicago promoter Bobby Hitz, and Pennsylvania matchmaker Mike Melendez, who were apparently also taken in several weeks ago by Hiram Gonzalez, who tried to match Alexander Brand with Hitz fighter Don George for the vacant IBO World Super Middleweight title in Columbia. Gonzalez even got signed contracts, but did not come up with airplane ticket money for the Don George camp.

Real Combat Media: “Bobby, you had Don George supposedly ‘signed’ to a contract to fight Alexander Brand in Columbia, apparently another poached fighter. You could have won the vacant IBO Super Middleweight title anyway, but it could have created litigation as Brand did not belong to Hiram Gonzalez.”

Promoter Bobby Hitz: “Hiram Gonzalez doesn’t seem strange to me at all. There are more guys like that (poachers of fighters) than anybody else in this boxing business.”

Matchmaker Mike Melendez: “It’s like any other business in the world. You have people whohave completely no business sense for a sport, in every aspect of life, no matter.Baseball, basketball, boxing, you are always going to have those poachers that disrespect the sport in such a way that all they are looking for is the money sign, and they don’t respect the sport. All they are doing is looking for the money. Dollar sign, no matter who they hurt in the process. And you have that in every aspect of life, basketball, baseball, or in any sport, you are going to have poachers. That’s just the way it is. It’s sad. You have to be able to differentiate and separate the good from the bad. Understand?”

Real Combat Media: “So how do you categorize Hiram Gonzalez, the poacher of fighters?”

Matchmaker Mike Melendez:”Hiram Gonzalez is a loser. You’re going to have that in every aspectof the business. Whether you like it or not, whether you appreciate it or not. Hiram Gonzalez the poacher is an a#*hole. No doubt about it. I think he should be stripped of his matchmaker’s license, and he should be banned.”




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