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Amir Roadrunner Khan Outpoints Collazo in Stinker, Floyd Wins Majority Decision, Maidana Feels He Won

By Robert Brizel, Head RCM Boxing Correspondent

Las Vegas, NV (May 5th, 2014)–Former WBA World welterweight champion Luis Collazo brought a plan to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 3, 2014, into his 12 round preliminary bout against Amir Khan in the main event before Floyd Mayweather Jr. fought Marcos Rene Maidana.

However, trainer Virgil Hunter, replacing Freddie Roach, had Collazo’s number. Collazo, banking on Khan’s glass jaw to land one big shot, headhunted all night with his hands down, unafraid of Khan’s power. Khan, a technical fighter, used his jab to perfection and got on his bicycle, running for his life side to side the whole fight. Collazo landed a few good shots, but Khan’s sometimes glass jaw held up, and his legs remained good.

To Collazo’s embarrassment, Khan knocked him down in the fourth with a chin shot, knocked him down in the tenth with a body shot in the tenth, and then knocked him down again while Collazo wanted to get the attention of the referee. By this point, Collazo, who had to get up from a nine count in round 10, appeared to want out of the bout, but Khan lacked the power to finish him.

Khan’s strategy of holding Collazo, holding him behind the head, and leaning and pushing down behind Collazo’s head, had good effect. Muhammad Ali used this technique against George Foreman, and Khan wore a frustrated Collazo down with it. In round ten, Collazo hit Khan in the nuts while Khan had him in a headlock, causing Collazo a point deduction. Khan continued to hold and also got a point deduction from referee Vic Drakulich. More points deserved to be deducted from Khan from his illegal tactics.

In fairness to Khan, who earned a shot at the aging Floyd Mayweather Jr., Collazo did not front an offense because he went headhunting all night. Perhaps Collazo won the last round as Khan was mostly on the run. Khan played the part of ‘The Roadrunner’ leaving only the question as to whether or not, and when, the roadrunner would run out of gas. Collazo played the part of ‘Wile E. Coyote’, looking to catch his adversary, but winding up at the ending of the bout looking like he was holding the bomb when it exploded.

Result: Amir Khan Win 12 Luis Collazo, Welterweights

Khan wins vacant WBC Silver and WBA International Welterweight titles

Collazo was down in the fourth round and twice in the tenth round.

Collazo lost a point for low blows. Khan lost a point for holding behind the head.

Scoring: 119-104, 119-104, 117-106 for Amir Khan. Referee: Vic Drakulich

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Win Majority Decision 12 Marcos Rene Maidana (Main Event)

Mayweather retains the World Boxing Council World Welterweight title

Mayweather wins the World Boxing Association Super World Welterweight title

Scoring: 114-114 Draw. 117-111, 116-112 for Mayweather. Controversial decision.

Referee: Tony Weeks. Overall a clean world championship bout, with no point deductions.

Floyd was cut over the right eye from an accidental head butt in round four, requiring serious work by master cut man Rafael Garcia.

Maidana appeared to win the first three rounds, the fifth round, and rounds 11 and 12.

Round four appeared close. Floyd. Who started slow, clearly won rounds five through ten.

After the bout, Floyd offered a rematch to Maidana if boxing fans wanted it. Close bout.

It was the first time in five years since Sugar Shane Mosley did it in 2009 that the World Boxing Association Super World Welterweight title was awarded, as two world titles were at stake. Maidana-perhaps-won the first five rounds by bullying the aging Floyd into the ropes, and hitting him with a chopping overhand right to the top of the head to score points. After the fifth round, Floyd took the bout more so to center ring, where he outworked Maidana in lively exchanges. Maidana won the last two rounds on aggression as Floyd tired. Despite the wide margin for Floyd on two scorecards, the 114-114 scorecardof judge Michael Pernick appeared close to correct.

Maidana threw 858 punches and landed 221. Floyd threw 426 punches and landed 230. Maidana holds the distinction of having thrown and landed more punches than any of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s other 45 opponents, and considering Maidana’s brutal savage victory over Adrien Broner in his previous fight, it was to be expected.

After falling behind early, Floyd credited his ability to make key midfight adjustments to regaining control of the tempo and the action in the later rounds, as he brought the bout off the ropes and back to Floyd territory in center ring, where his reach advantage reasserted command.

“A true champion can make adjustments,” noted Floyd. “It was a tough fight. I decided to stay in there and give the fans what they wanted to see.” Known by his nickname of ‘Money’, Floyd gave the fans their money’s worth, as Maidana unexpectedly took Floyd early on a brief trip to rope-a-dope hell.

Maidana, not bitter after the bout, nonetheless claimed he clearly won the bout. As Maidana came on strong in the last two rounds, Floyd had to have won at least seven of the first ten rounds to claim the win, and at least two of the first five. Maidana’s claim to glory was the first three rounds and the last two rounds, but two of the judges just did not see it that way.

MGM Grand Undercard Results

Adrien Broner Win 10 Carlos Molina, Light Welterweights

Broner wins vacant WBA International Light Welterweight title

Please note this Carlos Molina is NOT Light Middleweight champion King Carlos Molina

J’Leon Love Win 10 Marco Antonio Periban, Super Middleweights

Love down in fifth round. Opening broadcast bout on Pay-Per-View for Mayweather card.

Anthony Ogogo TKO 3 Jonel Tapia, Middleweights

Ogogo, now 6-0, is a British middleweight prospect.

Ronald Gavril TKO 3 Tyrell Hendrix, Super Middleweights

Gavril, now 8-0, is a Romanian super middleweight prospect fighting out of Las Vegas.

Ashley Theophane TKO 4 Angino Perez, Welterweights

Lanell Bellows TKO 2 Thomas Giffords, Super Middleweights

Ladarius Miller TKO 3 Richard Colas (Debut), Welterweights





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