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Lightweight Osnel Charles RCM Interview and Trainer Arnold Robbins Win at Harrah’s


By Robert Brizel, Head RCM Boxing Correspondent


Using a lightning fast jab and moving side to side, Atlantic City lightweight Osnel Charles and master trainer Arnold Robbins won an eight round split decision over Victor Vasquez in the preliminary bout to the main event at Harrah’s Casino in Chester, Pennsylvania, on Friday evening, March 21, 2014, promoted by Joey Eye Boxing Promotions. Charles, now 10-8-1, Atlantic City, New Jersey, dominated against Vasquez, dropping him with a body shot in the second round of this rematch of their 2011 bout, also won by Charles. Vasquez, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, fell to 16-9.


Real Combat Media: “I spoke with you about creating 45 degree angles, what we call in boxing a ’Y Out’ approach to create space and angles for your punches, rather than standing in front of your opponents like you were in your more recent fights. Did your trainer Arnold Robbins agree with my advice?”


Osnel Charles: “Yes he did, and we worked to create angles in this bout and we were successful. I knocked down Vasquez with a body shot in round two.”



Real Combat Media: “Creating angles works.  Looking back, which were the best rounds of the fight?”


Osnel Charles: “In the sixth and seven rounds were the best rounds of the fight. We stood toe to toe in the center of the ring and just traded heavy shots. It was like a phone booth fight, slowing him down with body shots and counter punches, taking the air out of him like a balloon slowing him down, popping the air out of the balloon.’


Real Combat Media: “Did you win the eighth and final round?”




Osnel Charles: “We both were going at it like it was the first round, so it was a very well even fight. We both had our second wind. In The eighth round I was stronger than him. I finished stronger than him.”


Real Combat Media: “When will you fight next?”


Osnel Charles: “I have spoken to my promoter Russell Peltz. Hopefully in May 2014, that’s what we and my trainer Arnold are looking at.”


Real Combat Media: “You also defeated Philadelphia fighter Vasquez in 2011. In your view, did Vasquez fight a better or worse fight the second time around?”


Osnel Charles: “I think he (Vasquez) fought better the first time than the second time. I was catching 95% of his flat punches. Vasquez had some new trainers. When you hit with flat slap punches, it isn’t effective. It isn’t going to work. His face was all bruised, cut and lumped up by the end of the bout. Everything.”





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