Don King Beware! Cruiserweight Rico Hoye Calls Out Guillermo Jones!

By Robert Brizel, Head RCM Boxing Correspondent

In a stunning new development sure to send shockwaves through the boxing establishment, in a Real Combat Media international exclusive, cruiserweight contender Rico Hoye, currently in the midst of fighting monthly as he charts his comeback to the top of the division, has called out longtime World Boxing Association World Cruiserweight champion Guillermo Jones of Panama to fight him in 2014, in a Real Combat Media international exclusive interview with Rico Hoye and his current Chicago adviser Rich Spilatro.


No divisional fighter has previously had the audacity and nerve to call Jones out. Hoye is scheduled to fight Raymond Ocheing for the Universal Boxing Federation vacant All-Americas Heavyweight title at the Masonic Temple in Detroit, Michigan, on January 10, 2014. Hoye will then fight an opponent to be determined for the Universal Boxing Federation vacant International Cruiserweight title at Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on April 25, 2014. According to Hoye, the April bout could easily be changed to be for the Universal Boxing Federation vacant World Cruiserweight title. At one point, Hoye was ranked first in the world at light heavyweight by the International Boxing Federation, and was also world ranked in the top five by the WBA, WBC, and WBO.


Based in Houston, Texas, the Universal Boxing Federation received BoxRec official recognition last week. Osumanu Adama, Amanda Serrano, Cindy Serrano, and now Rico Hoye are among the world class fighters who have appeared in UBF world class sanctioned bouts. The UBF maintains its respectability by relying solely on the BoxRec worldwide and national ratings to determine boxer eligibility for different levels of title fights. The UBF website states sanctioning fees for world title bouts are currently waived, so other than hosting the UBF official, there is nothing to stand in the way of a proposed Guillermo Jones versus Rico Hoye bout if Don King would agree to put it together.


Hoye, 24-3 with 16 knockouts, Phoenix, Arizona, and Jones, 39-3-2 with 31 knockouts, Colon, Panama, could ultimately prove to be a far more difficult matchup than the now aging 41 year old Jones can handle at this point in his career. Jones was well on his way to losing his WBA world cruiserweight title bout on points with Denis Lebedev in Myakinino, Russia, on May 17, 2013, at the time he finally stopped Lebedev late in the eleventh round.


In October 2013, Jones was stripped of the WBA world Cruiserweight title for testing positive for a diuretic. However, the fight result in Jones’ favor in Russia still stands.


Nathan Cleverly of Great retain will face Illunga Makabu for the interim WBA World Cruiserweight title on the undercard to the Gennady GGG Golovkin versus Osumanu Adama WBA-IBO World Middleweight title bout in Monte Carlo, Monaco, on February 1, 2013. With the WBA full Cruiserweight title in chaos, it isn’t known who the WBA would oblige to fight the winner of Makabu versus Cleverly.


Real Combat Media: “Rico Hoye, is this for real? You are calling out Guillermo Jones? You can beat Guillermo Jones?”


Rico Hoye: “Yes, of course I can Guillermo Jones! I can beat anybody in the world.”


Real Combat Media: “Rico, you believe your fighting style will give Guillermo trouble?”


Rico Hoye: “I like Guillermo Jones. I think he’s a highly educated and crafty fighter. I think it’ll be a chess match.”


Real Combat Media: “You are confident enough to state to the boxing establishment and the world you will beat Guillermo Jones?”


Rico Hoye: “I will beat Guillermo Jones. In a bout between the two of us, I’d win! Jones has been around for a while. He’s very skilled. He’s smart enough with (his) speed and power to make you (the other fighter) run into his shots.”


Adviser Rich Spilatro: “”There’s no doubt in my mind Rico Hoye is a technically sound fighter. He got one of the best jabs, possibly one of the best ever, and he hasn’t lost his hand speed.”


Real Combat Media: “Has Inactivity hurt Rico since he appeared in a number of bouts on on ‘The Contender’ television series in 2009? Those were five round bouts.”


Adviser Rich Spilatro: “Rico having four years off benefited. Taking time off from boxing, his body regenerated, it took four years off from age to his body. He’s refreshed.”


Real Combat Media: “Guillermo Jones has been in some brutal and difficult wars, including Denis Lebedev. You think Guillermo Jones time has come?”


Adviser Rich Spilatro: “In boxing, they say you are as good as your last fight. Jones beat Lebedev, but the Lebedev win was a sign. Jones tested positive for a diuretic, so the fight result which should have been overturned. Jones was behind on points against Lebedev, a fighter whose only noteworthy wins were over Roy Jones Jr. And James Toney, two aging fighters.”


Rico Hoye: “Against Guillermo, I’ll use whatever game plan (is necessary). If he wants to box on the outside, I’ll box on the outside. If he wants to bang on the inside, I’ll bang on the inside.”


Real Combat Media: “Rico Hoye, do you believe you have the power to knock out Guillermo Jones?”


Rico Hoye: “How strong is my power? I think I punch pretty good. In my 24 wins, I have 16 knockouts. I have knocked out the people I was supposed to. I’m confident I can beat Guillermo Jones.”


Real Combat Media: “You are confidently stating you can beat Guillermo Jones?”


Rico Hoye: “Of course I can beat Guillermo Jones! If not, I would not be in this (the boxing) business.”


Real Combat Media: “Do you think the age of Guillermo Jones, 41 years old, is a factor in your thinking you can beat him at this point in his career?”


Rico Hoye: “In this day and age, fighters like Jones are lasting a lot longer than they did in the past. I will still beat still Guillermo Jones.”


Real Combat Media: “Do you think Guillermo Jones is slowing down now due to his age, and this factor will make it easier for you to beat Guillermo now?”


Rico Hoye: “Obviously, I’m younger and faster than Jones. I can beat Guillermo Jones. As a fighter, though, I won’t know the extent of my advantage until the actual fight begins. You don’t know how fast you are until you are in the ring with the other fighter, and the two of you gauge each other’s speed.”


Adviser Rich Spilatro: “I think Rico Hoye will beat Guillermo Jones. Rico Hoye is a world class fighter. Both Hoye and Jones are world class fighters. When you mention Guillermo Jones, you have to respect him and his accomplishments in the ring. Jones has not only had tons of regional titles, he’s fought a who’s who of boxing. Jones worked his way up the right way. Two of his three losses were split decisions experts thought Guillermo won, including his fight with Steve Cunningham.”


Real Combat Media: “If your fight with Guillermo Jones went to the scorecards after 12 rounds, you actually believe you would outpoint Guillermo Jones?”


Rico Hoye: “I think I could. I can beat Guillermo Jones.”


Real Combat Media: “Guillermo Jones relies on his power to win fights. Your answer to stop him?”


Rico Hoye: “I think Guillermo Jones relies on skill to win his fights. I think his power increases because he has (lures) his opponents into running into his power shots.”


Real Combat Media: “How would you neutralize Guillermo’s unique ability to get other fighters to run into his power shots?”


Rico Hoye: “He may fight me differently than he fought Denis Lebedev or any other fighter. I have to be prepared for anything. I have to be prepared for any adjustment Guillermo will bring into the ring. I have to be prepared to many any necessary adjustments. As a fighter, you have to (be prepared for everything).”


Adviser Rich Spilatro: “Rico Hoye will beat Guillermo Jones. If Jones got knocked out by David Noel, think about what Rico will do to him. David Noel was a nobody, a grocery bagger. If a grocery bagger could not out Guillermo Jones, just imagine what a Midwestern fighter will do to Jones.”


Real Combat Media: “How will the Rico Hoye team beat the Guillermo Jones team and Don King?”


Adviser Rich Spilatro: “Late in the fight, the game plan will go to Rico because of the advantage we’ve got. We’ve got the better team in Chicago. We’ve got Wasfi and Cynthia Tolaymat, trainer Fearless Fernando Hernandez, Rico’s also got his own trainer in Phoenix.”


Real Combat Media: “If Don King approves of fighting Guillermo Jones versus Rico Hoye and accepting your challenge, your team would agree to the bout in the near future?”


Adviser Rich Spilatro: “We will definitely be interested in Rico fighting Guillermo Jones. We’re calling him out. Rico’s scheduled for a few fights right now. When we’re finished with them, we will definitely fight for a world title.”


Real Combat Media: “Rico, if Guillermo Jones and Don King agree to fight you, would you be willing to do a Universal Boxing Federation sanctioned 12 round vacant cruiserweight world title bout with Guillermo? The UBF received international BoxRec recognition last week. I see you are fighting for two UBF regional title belts in your next two bouts.”


Rico Hoye: “Yes I would fight Guillermo Jones for the new UBF world title, which is now officially BoxRec approved. I’m currently scheduled to fight the UBF regional bouts first before moving for their world title belt.”


Real Combat Media: “Rico, Guillermo Jones is afraid of you now?”


Rico Hoye: “Don King seems to be in a situation he’ll fight his fighters against anybody.”


Real Combat Media: “What’s next for Rico Hoye?”


Rico Hoye: “I’m fighting Raymond Ocheing at the Masonic Temple in Detroit, Michigan on January 10, 2013. I’ll fight once a month, as much as Chicago Fight Promotion, Rich and I can come to agreement. I will fight once a month till the telephone rings for a world title fight. I will keep knocking at the door at the top.”


Adviser Rich Spilatro: “Rico weighed in at 216.6 pounds for the Brandon Winner fight last month, his opponent weighed in at 237.6 pounds . We expect to come in at the about the same weight for the Raymond Ocheing bout coming up, around 217 pounds for Rico.”


Real Combat Media: “You would agree to fight Guillermo Jones right now if Don King agrees and you come to terms? Seriously?”


Rico Hoye: “Guillermo Jones? Whenever, however, wherever we can make the fight happenb, we’ll make it happen. I want to fight every top cruiserweight in the world in 2014. Let’s make it happen! Guillermo Jones is a former world cruiserweight champion. I can beat Guillermo Jones. If Don King and Guillermo Jones want the fight to happen, then make it happen! I will fightand beat anybody including Guillermo Jones.”


Real Combat Media: The Chicago based managerial and promotional team of Wasfi and Cynthia Tolaymat are planning some ESPN televised cards in 2014. Would ESPN be a good venue for staging a cruiserweight bout between Rico Hoye and Guillermo Jones?”


Adviser Rich Spilatro: “Anything’s possible.”


Joseph Awinongya is the Illinois based trainer of Osumanu Adama,  Chicago Fight Club Promotion fighter who will fight Gennady Golovkin for the WBA and IBO World Middleweight title in Monte Carlo in the main event in February 2014 televised on Germany SAT1. Awinongya, a former cruiserweight contender, lost an eight round decision to Steve Cunningham in 2002. Jones lost a ten round decision to Cunningham in 2005. Awinongya discounted the age factor, noting Jones and a number of older experienced fighters can very much still fight past their prime, contingent on their gym discipline.
Trainer Joseph Awinongya: “I think Guillermo Jones still has skills and opportunity, I think he’s more hungry than before. He wants to do something with his life. He’s reached a point where he doesn’t have a choice. It’s how you stay in the gym, you have to take care of your body, it has nothing to do with age. His age has nothing to do with it, it has to do with your mind. Bernard Hopkins just won a fight, Roy Jones Jr. just won a fight, Antonio Tarver is doing good and is going to fight. They are all fighting again. Glen Johnson just won. “


Awinongya gave his view on the possibility of Rico Hoye fighting Guillermo Jones.


I think for Rico Hoye, Guillermo Jones is a big challenge for him (to fight) if he wants to go to the top. Rico Hoye is in his peak now, so he would have to work hard to defeat Guillermo Jones. Rico Hoye versus Guillermo Jones would be a good fight. Don King would do that fight, because ESPN gonna show Jones over here, a Don King fighter. You don’t see Jones on television a lot, ESPN is good exposure for Don King and Guillermo Jones. Chicago Fight Club manager Wasfi Tolaymat, and his wife, promoter Cynthia Tolaymat, are planning some ESPN shows and represent Rico Hoye, so they would have to call Don King to make a proposed cruiserweight fight between Rico Hoye and Guillermo Jones happen in 2014.”

CFC Manager Wasfi Tolaymat: “We would love this fight! Rico Hoye versus Guillermo Jones, we could do it!”





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