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Rockem, Sockem Nite. Manfredo wins by TKO, Gingras a Bloody Mess.

By Pattee Mak, RCM Correspondent- Ringside

*Photo Credit: Pattee Mak

Lincoln, RI. (November 23, 2013)– Super middleweights Peter Manfredo, Jr. of Providence, Rhode Island took on Richard Gingras of Lincoln, Rhode Island. So much in common with both these fighters. They are very familiar with Twin River and in fact both of their last fights were at this same venue and both were on the TV show “The Contender”. The final weight, 169 for both.
Gingras came to fight. Right at the opening bell Gingras kept backing up Manfredo against the ropes. Toward the end of the round both fighters exchanged punches.

By round 2 Gingras developed a welt underneath his right eye . Manfredo developed a welt near his right eye. This is a rockem, sockem fight.

Round 3 Gingras took control of the fight, backed up Manfredo against the ropes and landed a right. Manfredo got off the ropes but Gingras walked him down and backed him once more and unleashed his lefts then rights. Thank God for the bell.

Round 4 blood has appeared on right eye of Gingras.

Round 6. Gingras gets caught with a head butt and gets cut above his left eye. Gingras’s corner had work in store for them.

Round 7 Gringras is taking a beating from an upper cut to a left and right hook since the opening bell. Gingras is walking into punches and just standing square on.

Round 8 Gingras has a ton of heart and is taking a beating. After Manfredo landed a left and right combinations Referee Joey Lupino stops the fight and Gingras wobbled to his corner. What a great main event, with two tough fighters. The final time, 1 minute and 33 seconds into the round. Manfredo wins the bout by tko.
The last time Gingras was in the ring there was an upset after the scores were called. Originally the scores were read wrong and in the end it ended up a majority draw against Vladine Biosse.
Manfredo increases his record to 40-7-0 and Gingras decreases his record to 13-4-1.

Other Bouts:

Co-Main Event: Lightweights Jaime Clampitt vs. Dominga Olivo. Clampitt whom I interviewed prior to the fight (Click here for the interview ) discussed with me that this would be her farewell fight 6 rounds and it went the distance. Both tough competitors but Clampitt out boxed Olivo in the end. Clampitt developed a large welt on the right side of her face above her eye. Clampitt was victorious by UD. Judges scored the bout 59-55; 58-56 and 58-56.

Heavyweights: JESSE BARBOZA of Hyannis, Mass. vs. ARTHUR SARIBEKIAN of Cranston, R.I. Barboza weighed in at 242 and Saribekian who hasn’t fought since 2003 weighed in at 233. During round 2 Barboza controlled the round backed Saribekian up into the corner and landed a overhand right which brought Saribekian to the canvas at a slow moving pace. The fight ended at 1:15 into the round.

Middleweights: KJ HARRISON-LOMBARDI of Providence, R.I. vs. MIKE RODRIGUEZ of Springfield, Mass. Harrison-Lombardi stood 5’11, while Rodriguez stood 6’3. Rodriguez who was making his pro debut gave his all but didn’t complete the task while Harrison-Lombardi kept backing up Rodriguez up against the ropes and chased him around the ring. Winner Harrison-Lombardi by UD. Judges scored the bout 39-36; 39-36 and 38-37.

Light Middleweights: Ethan Pena vs. Antonio Marrero. In round 2, referee Johnny Callas warned Pena of a low blow on Marrero and in round 3 Pena once again hit Marrero with a low blow and the referee deducted one point against Pena. Winner Pena by Split Decision. Judges scored the bout 38-37 for Pena, 38-37 for Pena and 38-37 for Marrero.

Venue: Twin River Event Center, Lincoln, RI

Promoter: Classic Entertainment Sports (CES)

Event: “Pride and Power”




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